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13. Room #8

Before I was born, my parents decided to move to the coast and open their own little seaside hotel. The first thing to do when they moved in was to clean all the rooms, so they took half each to speed things up.

My mum told me this story when I was little: She was in room #8 doing some vacuuming when the whole carpet started ‘rippling’. When I was little, I didn’t think this sounded scary at all, as I just thought that maybe the carpet had got caught on the vacuum or something, and so I never really thought about it again.

Fast forward to about a month ago: I remembered this old story and made fun of my mum a bit for thinking it was creepy when it was obviously explainable. She looked confused and told me I must not have understood her when I was little…

Apparently what had actually happened was that the entire carpet had rippled in a constant fluid wave-type motion, and all the furniture AND HERSELF had been lifted up and down off of the floor for about 10 seconds.

She then screamed bloody murder at my dad down the hallway and told him they were selling the place before it had even opened… He managed to convince her otherwise, but she never went back into that room. 

It scares me more because my mum doesn’t believe in the supernatural or anything like that, and she doesn’t have any other creepy stories at all, just this one that she doesn’t like to talk about often.


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