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12. Cockroach Attack

I worked at a hotel in Florida, a fairly upscale place. One day after a particularly bad string of thunderstorms, I went to clean the pool. They had an actual pool guy they called from time to time, but only when the pool was really bad. When I first looked at the pool, I brought the manager outside and told him I felt like it was out of my scope. The pool was covered in debris. Leaves, plants, mulch, dirt, etc…  

He told me he thought I could handle it, though, so I was like, whatever, guess I’m scooping this thing out with a net all day. So I start scooping, probably had been scooping for an hour or so, when this girl comes to the pool in her string bikini and asks if it’s swimmable. I ask her if she really wants to swim in that, and she just kind of shrugged and decided to lie down in a sun chair until I finished scooping the pool out.  

We started making small talk, and finally, she said she just wanted to dip her legs in. She does so and after about 10-15 seconds, I notice some weird-looking things swimming around in the pool, and they’re coming RIGHT FOR HER FEET. I scream ‘YO GET UP… GET OUT. GET OUT NOW.’ She looks at me like I’m crazy, but gets out.

I point and she looks down and about… oh.. 10-12 of these giant cockroaches are now gathering near the wall where she was soaking her feet. She freaked out and ran off, and I assume went back to her room.

I went and got the manager, told him to either call the pool guy, or I’d do it himself because I wasn’t working with these monsters. He actually opened one of the pool filters and came across about 15 or so MORE of them in the filter. It was a sight you don’t really unsee.


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