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Hotel Horrors

11. Mental Decline

I worked at a hotel for about a year. It was usually pretty good. Some people would stay at the hotel for weeks or a month at a time for business reasons. But there was this one old lady that had been there even before I started working that just stayed in her room all day, occasionally leaving to go down the hill and pick berries or something along the street. Maybe get food or other supplies. Idk. She really wasn’t a problem other than not letting people into her room. 

About January of 2015, she started acting weird. Like yelling at people walking by her room, calling down to the front desk, and being angry about things that had never happened. This goes on for about a week, and then she just goes off the deep end.

She starts standing outside of her room, yelling at people that entered her sight, no matter how far away they were. She would call down to the front desk, but now she would say eerily creepy things like, ‘You shouldn’t have done that. You’ll be sorry for that. I can find you.’ And then she’d hang up. 

Eventually, after about two weeks, we forcibly ejected her after her credit card was declined. She threw a fit and had to be removed from the premises by her son. Let me tell you, going into that room was like entering hell. 

Stains all over the carpet, blood, and feces spread across the walls in the bathroom, blood on the mattresses, empty cans everywhere, jarred foods that stank to high heaven, boxes sealed shut, some with black ooze dripping out of them. Light bulbs stacked in the corner, all in perfect condition but not used in the lights. It was horrible. Found out she went off the deep end because she had been denied her pills for some kind of mental thing.


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