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Hotel Horrors

10. Room 303

My wife used to work night audit at a hotel on the Oregon coast. She experienced quite a bit there with guests and the unexplained. Mostly room 303 was their least rented room. Whenever she walked past it at night, the alarm clock in the room would go off. Housekeeping would claim that it was unplugged.  

The front desk has a logbook of guest complaints, and most of those complaints were about room 303. Some examples are: pounding on the walls, feeling watched, seeing people, phone or alarm going off, TV turning on or off, bathroom light going on or off, hearing whispers or breathing, and many more.

Not of the unexplainable, but she had creepy guests try and pull her into their rooms, invite her to parties, call her at all hours of the night. I can’t imagine how stressful it would be to be there alone at night.


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