Horrified Parents Abandon Newborn in Hospital For His Look, Woman Immediately Asks Them A Question

On a sunny October day, 1985, a beautiful baby boy was born. His parents, who were eagerly waiting for their first child, were over the moon. Unfortunately, it didn't last for long. Soon they would receive some shocking news - the pregnancy didn't go as planned. 

The doctors told the young couple that the baby named Jono Lancaster had Treacher Collins Syndrome. This meant that Jono would never walk or talk. Hearing that, Jono's parents made a decision not to keep the child. When the boy is only two days old, they put him up for adoption. At that time, none of them knew that the karma would get back to them, and soon they would have to learn a painful lesson.

Social Services

After Jono’s parents gave him up for adoption, the social services came and got into the process of finding a family for Jono. Soon ENOUGH - they found a foster home for Jono and a lady called Jean took him in. 

Jean was a woman in her mid-sixties. All her kids were grown up and therefore, stayed away from home. She lived alone and had so much love to give - hence she started fostering. When Jean got to know the truth about Jono’s parents, she was disgusted. As they say - the world is a small place. In this case, it indeed posed to be true!

A Warning

Jean did not hesitate for more than a second to agree when the social services reached out to her. Before she agreed, social services warned her about Jono’s appearance and the disorder he was suffering from. Treacher Collins Syndrome patients have extreme difficulty walking, hearing, seeing, and sometimes even breathing. They also look different because they do not have certain facial bones.

 She dismissed them and just asked them one question, “When can I take him home?” The moment Jean saw Jono at the hospital, she picked him up and felt a connection building with him instantly. It was all building and building until it came to a crashing halt ...

Jono gets a lot of love

Jean was the best foster parent Jono could ever wish for. She went out of her way to make him feel special. Jean was always available for Jono - she took him to school and doctor appointments.

However, life wasn't easy for Jono as it would seem. Because of his odd appearance, Jono was subject to constant bullying. Jean helped him cope when Jono's classmates bullied him. Of course, she was no less than a mother figure. But when Jean took an unexpected decision in May of 1990, Jono was completely taken by surprise. 

An Unexpected Surprise

It was May 18th, 1990 - the sun was shining right in the middle of the sky. The day was somehow felt with this aura of hope. Was this a sign that good things were about to come? 

Well, it indeed was! On May 18th, 1990, Jean officially adopted Jono. She was the happiest woman on the planet that day and Jono could not stop thanking his stars for finding a mother as amazing as Jean.

Jono reaches out to his biological parents

Although Jono was extremely happy living with Jean and never missed his biological parents, there was one question that constantly nagged him. He always kept wondering "why his parents left him like that' and "did they not miss him."

He talked to Jean about this, and she suggested why doesn’t he reach out to them. Jono was a little apprehensive about the idea initially but then he decided to go ahead with it.

His biological parents’ indifference

Jono reached out to his parents but to his disappointment, he did not receive any response. On Jono’s behalf, even the social services tried reaching out to them. They sent his parents letters, progress reports, and some photos. 

Just like before, the parents returned the letters. Now they also had two other kids of their own. After these repeated attempts which went on for five years, Jono finally gave up on his parents.

Jono was bullied

Young teenage boys can be excessively aggressive, and Jono was often at the receiving end of their meanness. In school, his classmates would pick on him because he looked different. 

As Jono grew up, he began to realize he was different from other kids his age, and this sometimes bothered him. The kids in school would run away from him yelling if they touched him, they would catch his disease.

Even adults bullied Jono

Jono was used to kids bullying him and it hardly affected him. But if he saw adults making fun of him, that used to hurt him the most. One day, Jono and Jean were going to the museum a couple of days after his facial reconstruction surgery. 

While on the bus, Jono saw a couple pointing at him and making fun of him. He was extremely hurt but he hid his feelings. Later he saw Jean talking to the couple with tears in her eyes which made Jono feel much worse.

It becomes difficult for Jono

Although Jono hid his feelings, self-doubt crept in, and he often thought why did this happen to him. Why could he not be normal like other kids? 

As he grew up, Jono started hating his face and avoided looking at himself in the mirror at all costs. He felt everyone around him was growing up, finding girlfriends, fulfilling their professional dreams but Jono felt stuck and isolated.

He becomes more introverted

Jono had a couple of good friends. But whenever they invited him to spend time with them on vacations and have fun in life, he always said no because his fears about his appearance would creep in. 

He started believing he is undeserving of love and affection. Instances like girls proposing to him on a dare made things more difficult for him and he stopped socializing completely.

Jono’s friend Ben

Jono had a friend called Ben, who worked in a bar. Ben was extremely good-looking and was dating one girl or another. 

Jono also wanted to have a life like Ben. One day Ben asked Jono to come and work with him in the bar, at first Jono was hesitant but then he eventually agreed.

Jono started working

Soon Jono got his uniform and started working with Ben at the bar. Ben made him believe that he could have a life just like other boys his age, go out get drunk, make new friends, and enjoy life. 

The first day at the bar was extremely scary, the shift lasted for three hours and he remembers all the customers laughing at him. He was very hurt and wanted to disappear under the bar table, but he was also proud of himself for finishing the first day at the job successfully.

Ben pushes him

The moment Jono reached home after the job; his mom was eagerly waiting for him. He told her briefly the number of hours he worked and the money he made and quickly retired to the room. He felt very isolated and even thought nobody would care if he stopped living.

 He did not want to go back to work but Ben did not let him give up. Ben explained to Jono that it is very important for him to stop feeling sorry for himself and keep working.

Jono continues working

Taking Ben’s advice sincerely, Jono showed up at work every day. People did not stop making fun of him. 

Every laugh and whisper Jono heard in the bar he thought was directed towards him. He kept digesting all the humiliation until one guy showed up at the bar and helped Jono in a very unexpected manner.

The guy on steroids

On a random day a muscular guy, probably on steroids walked into the bar and asked Jono to prepare a drink for him. The man scared Jono and stared right into his eyes. Jono asked him what he wanted to drink.

 Very unexpectedly, the man said, “Before you prepare my drink, I have one question to ask you. What is up with your face?”

A simple conversation

Jono could hear all the people standing nearby snickering. However, Jono kept a straight face and said, “I have Treacher Collins Syndrome and I was born deaf, I use hearing aids.” Jokingly the man said, “I wish I had those. 

I have a wife and she talks 24/7, that way I could just switch her off.” After saying that the man started laughing loudly and Jono realized the man was not laughing at him but with him.

A turning point in Jono’s life

That episode of a simple conversation turned out to be a turning point in his life. From then on Jono started focusing on the good and the positive aspects of his life. 

In his early 20s Jono finally started accepting himself and stopped shying away from his reflection. Gradually he turned into an extrovert from an introvert and started making friends and soon he even made a girlfriend.

A girl walks into the bar

One night a great girl walked into the bar wearing skinny jeans and a lot of boys fancied her. Jono was also attracted to her but never thought he would be able to talk to her. 

However, unexpectedly a few minutes later, the girl casually walked over to him and asked, “Hey Jono! How are you? Do you want to go out and grab a drink?” Jono couldn’t believe this was happening.

Jono starts dating her

Jono, despite not being able to believe this was happening, said yes. They started going out and she kept reminding Jono that he is a cool guy.

 This helped Juno build self-confidence and feel like any other regular guy. They dated for a few months and then the girl left for a backpacking trip across Europe.

Jono continues dating

Jono enjoyed the time they spent together and did not get sad when she left. He believed if it is meant to be they would get back together when she returns. 

On the brighter side, the girl helped Jono kickstart his dating life. A few months later he left his job at the bar and joined a gym as a personal trainer. There he got an opportunity to meet many other girls but out of all one stood out the best.

Jono meets Laura

The day Laura walked inside the gym for the first time, Jono’s eyes fell onto her, and he was instantly attracted. At the same time, Laura also noticed Jono and found him very interesting. 

Gradually over the days, they started talking and spending time with each other after the gym. Both of them fell in love with each other and considered themselves lucky to have found each other.

Jono becomes a vocal advocate

As time progressed, Jono became more and more confident about himself and was no longer ashamed of himself and his face. 

He then decided to become a vocal advocate for others affected by Treacher Collins in hopes to help them and make things a little easier for them. He soon became a very famous vocal advocate and started traveling the world speaking with Treacher Collins patients.

Media coverage

Jono became very good at what he did and soon started attracting a lot of media attention. It was a long road for him and Jono never thought he would be able to reach where he is today, but he made it happen with his mental strength. 

The people did not change but Jono changed himself and he now hopes to make all patients inculcate this change for the better. He strongly believes with the right attitude everything is achievable.

Important to spread awareness

Life can be very difficult for people like Jono without any fault of theirs. Hence, it is important to spread awareness about medical conditions to let people become more sympathetic.

 If people would not have been this cruel Jono would have a lot less time to accept himself. We, therefore, have to become self-aware and also help other people around us be aware for the betterment of everyone.