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Horrible Gut Feelings That Turned Out to Be True

8. Voice In My Head

I was in my early twenties, alone, driving on a major highway. In the lane to my left was a semi. Right behind my right ear, I heard a frantic, “Get away from the truck!” It wasn’t super loud, but it was authoritative, so not even questioning my sanity I put on my brakes and let the truck get several car lengths ahead.

Within 5-7 seconds probably, one of the truck’s tires blew out, and the truck swerved hard into the lane that I was in. Had I still been next to the truck I would have been pushed down an embankment doing 65.

I wouldn’t call it a gut feeling because I swear on everything that I am, I heard that voice in my ear. Zero explanation, but I’m okay with that because somehow I avoided a major accident that could have been devastating.


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