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Horrible Gut Feelings That Turned Out to Be True

3. I Was Right

By the time I was 13, my mom had been battling cancer for a year and a half. It was a few days after my birthday, and she was due for an IV port surgery the following morning. Just a simple day surgery, right?

She came to my room to say goodnight, and I freaked out. For some reason, I knew this surgery would not go well ( this is after she had lung surgery and multiple bouts of chemo and radiation on her chest and brain). She reassured me that it was fine and that we would go bowling a few days later.

She never returned home. During the surgery, her remaining full lung collapsed, and it went entirely downhill from there. Just over a month later she passed away.

I have no idea what caused my fear of that being the end, but unfortunately, I was right.


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