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Horrible Gut Feelings That Turned Out to Be True

32. Always Trust Your Gut

When I was in grade twelve I never really texted (I had a Blackberry, enough said) and always kept my phone on silent, and usually in my purse. One night I was sitting downstairs and I got this urge to put my ringer on.

I went to put it on and realized I had a text from my friend that was sent around five minutes before. It said, “ash, would you care if I died?” I answered right away, beyond worried, and he texted me back saying he had just taken a ton of pills and booze, and that he was sorry.

I called 911 on my home phone and my friend on my cell, and stayed on the lines until the ambulance picked him up. I learned the next day that he almost didn’t make it, and had I not called 911 right away, he probably wouldn’t have pulled through. After that, I always keep my ringer on, and I always trust my gut.


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