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Hooters Stories That Went Way Too Far

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Working as a Hooters girl is not as glamorous as one might imagine. 

While the job of a Hooters girl may have some advantages, including promotional work and flexible hours, the harassment they endure is not worth it. 

They are expected to maintain a specific image and constantly be on display for their customers, which can be taxing on their mental health. 

These stories share the real-life experiences of Hooters girls, read on and see for yourself.


Another Day Another Dollar

Hooters’ wait staff does not make a lot of money, especially in the United States, where they rely on tips to make ends meet. 

A former Hooters employee revealed that the girls made a paltry $2 per hour, which is not enough to cover transportation costs to work. 

However, the job occasionally offers promotional work, such as driving around in a golf cart or posing for pictures with customers, which pays better.

Most of the girls realize that it is a right of passage and try to stick it through to the big tippers.


Beauty Matters

Hooters have a certain image they want their employees to uphold, which can be quite restrictive.

They prefer their waitresses to be clean-cut and appear like a “good-time girl,” with no visible tattoos or piercings. 

The job advert specifies that the ideal Hooters girl should have the “Ability to Maintain Attractive Fit & Image.” 

Nonetheless, the company also expects its staff to be more than just pretty faces. They encourage their employees to talk about college and appear intelligent.


Physical Fitness

It’s no wonder that Hooters has a reputation for having some questionable hiring practices. 

After all, when the job you’re applying for requires you to maintain an attractive appearance, it’s easy to see why someone would be looking at you very closely.

This particular Hooters employee recalls their interview differently than most. 

They were asked to hula hoop and after they completed the task, they were hired without any further questions. It’s difficult not to feel a bit uncomfortable here.


Brains and Beauty Combo

It’s not uncommon for companies to employ secret shoppers to make sure their establishment is running as it should. 

In the case of Hooters, this means sending someone to check up on waitstaff, making sure they’re seated, and seeing customers in a timely manner.

It looks like Hooters is pretty serious when it comes to their secret shoppers. 

According to this next story, several good waitresses lost their jobs due to the fact that they didn’t impress the mystery shopper.

They were not particularly prompt or knowledgeable about their service which made them receive a low evaluation. Better keep an eye out for that mystery shopper girls!

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Alpha Ladies Hooters

Even though Hooters demands a lot from their waitstaff, many former employees still seem to have had a good time working there. 

Sure, there are bound to be a lot of creeps and oddballs in such an environment, but it can also be a fun and rewarding experience, especially when surrounded by like-minded women.

This particular Hooters employee worked with the chain for a total of six years, feeling like they were in a sorority. It makes sense as to why being a Hooters girl is seen as a shared connection.

A few of the girls even decided to apply to college together which made their bond even stronger. It goes to show that many of the girls had bigger dreams than just being waitresses. Go, ladies!

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Peeling Shrimp for an Elderly Man

At Hooters, you have to accept that there will be some creepy customers. 

After all, the waitresses wear tiny uniforms. Despite this, it is also true that there can be some more lucrative customer interactions.

This former Hooters employee once got paid $100 for peeling an elderly man’s shrimp for him. 

Even though this may not seem creepy, it was still worth it for the money. The waitress took it in her stride and even said that she had done the same for her grandfather with Alzheimer’s, so it’s cool. What a nice girl.

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Hooters Paid for College

Hooters has a college reimbursement program that rewards staff members who pursue higher education. 

Employees who have been with the company for six months are eligible for the scheme.

At the end of each semester, college students submit their grades to Hooters. These are taken into account, along with the number of course hours, work hours, and GPA, and rewards can reach up to $1,000. 

This is a great motivation for many of the girls who get waitressing jobs to pay for their studies. At least Hooters cares about education and this makes it a bit easier for them.


Weird Customers and Greasy Appetizers

Working in the service industry means you come across a lot of strange people. Hooters is no different, with customers who have dedicated albums of photos with the Hooters girls from different locations. 

In order to create a sense of homogeneity between its branches, Hooters has a set greeting that waitresses must perform when they approach a table. 

This includes introducing themselves, writing their name on a napkin, offering customers Hooterade, and tempting them with some greasy appetizers like Bacon Wrapped Wings, Lots-A-Tots, or Chicken Chips.

So the next time a waitress greets you, say hi and smile!


Only Salads

At Hooters, staff members are provided a free meal while they are working. 

However, considering the fact that the staff must maintain their appearances, profit is prioritized over their appetites. 

This means that instead of enjoying a meal of wings and cake, staff are only allowed to have salads or wraps. It’s not ideal, but that’s the way it is. 

Many of the girls appreciate the free meal, but long hours on their feet require a more substantial meal for them to do their job with flare. Best to bring your own lunch then!


Time for a Singalong

Waitstaff at Hooters are expected to sing for customers on special occasions. 

Depending on the branch, the song can vary from “Happy Birthday” to “The Chicken Dance”.

Unfortunately, most Hooters girls don’t enjoy singing in front of customers and are even willing to give up their tips to avoid it. 

But the ones that do usually get tipped very well and even make a few friends along the way. It’s worth the momentary embarrassment if you’re getting paid!


All About The Fam Man

Hooters has no age restriction policy, and it isn’t uncommon to see small children in the restaurant.

The waitstaff are often asked to pose for pictures with babies, which may seem strange to some, but there must be a reason why this particular Hooters is so family-friendly.

Some of the branches have kids’ play areas which makes them a popular venue for kids’ birthday parties. Many people don’t know that this is where most Hooters get their revenue from.

It isn’t ideal for a children’s birthday party, but which little boy doesn’t want a pretty girl in his pictures?

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For Hooters Girls Only

Hooters girls must remain as unique and mysterious as possible, so the uniform is treated with the utmost respect. 

No Hooters girl is allowed to be seen outside of the restaurant in her uniform, nor can she lend it to her friends for costume parties. 

That would ruin the mystique surrounding the Hooters brand. And they want to remain top-notch.

One girl lent her fend her uniform for a Halloween party, and she got seriously reprimanded for it. Keep your clothes to yourself!

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The Fine Art of Hooters

This former Hooters employee mentions a particular customer who was quite unusual. 

This customer would look up Hooters girls on Instagram, draw them, and then give the portrait to the woman in question. He was some sort of street artist who was quite popular on Instagram.

While his intentions may have been good, it was still a very strange thing to do. 

It brought a lot of free advertising to the brand Hooters but many of the girls were freaked out by the guy and eventually asked him to choose a different bar for a muse.

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As Real as it Gets

Hooters is a great place to watch sports matches. 

It’s covered in large TVs and they even offer special bundles during games. 

According to this former employee, UFC fans are the best sports fans to host, as they are big tippers, while WWE fans are known to be a bit more thrifty.

Hooters girls would wait for big sports nights because this is when they get their biggest tips. Some guys even leave tips as big as the bills and the girls aren’t complaining.

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Passing the Pickle

Working at Hooters can be a fun experience (but this one depends on how you view it). 

This former employee revealed one of the weird games the staff would play while working at the restaurant. During a pickle race, one woman would run with a pickle in her mouth and then pass it to the next person, like a relay. 

It may seem like innocent fun, but many girls complained that they found the game to be an invasion of their privacy and personal space.

They stopped playing the game so often and found less ways of putting the girls on the spot. It’s certainly one way to keep things interesting.

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Looking Out for Each Other

It’s no secret that working at Hooters can be tricky. Many strange characters try to take a chance.

In one instance, a customer came in and started spraying the restaurant’s wooden stools with a spray bottle. 

Without any managers around, a server ended up getting severely burned after using one of the stools. It was some poisonous chemical the mentally deranged man was spreading around.

However, the staff banded together and called the police, showing their unwavering support for each other. Keeping an eye out for criminal customers has become part of the job now.

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No Changes Allowed

This former Hooters girl experienced firsthand how dehumanizing the chain can be. 

During her job interview, she asked for a size medium uniform but was refused and given a size small instead. She struggled to fit in her uniform as she always had a weight problem.

Her superior then took a picture of her as if to use it as an attractiveness yardstick.

She felt belittled and left before even completing a week of work there. You go girl!

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Dressed to the Nines

Women working at Hooters must look a certain way, and this means more than just wearing tank tops and orange hot pants. 

Hooters girls must also wear a minimum amount of makeup, have their hair down and styled, and have their nails a particular range of colors. 

At first many of the girls enjoy dressing up and looking good, but the hours of hair and make-up every day tend to take its toll on them. Their jobs are already so demanding and

It seems like a lot of work just to go to work! 

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It’s a Hooters XXXS

Hooters doesn’t provide the option of wearing a size medium, so the only sizes available are XXXS, XXS, XS, and S. 

This is, of course, because Hooters doesn’t want to accept that it would hire anyone that actually wears a size medium or large.

This has caused bad issues for many of the girls calling the brand chauvinistic and discriminatory. 

It is a battle that is still in the courts today, but up till today, you will still have to be a tiny lady if you want to be a Hooters waitress.


More Than a Pretty Face

Being a Hooters girl isn’t all fun and games. 

This former Hooters employee reveals that she was paid under three dollars an hour, and had to work in sweltering temperatures while trying to maintain her appearance. 

She was hired to serve drinks at a major golf day event and it turned out to be a nightmare.

To make matters worse, her less-than-perfect-looking male bosses would suggest she lose weight.


Hooters Judge and Jury

What’s more, Hooters employees aren’t allowed to sue the company for harassment. 

Instead, the restaurant created its own internal justice system, aptly named “Hooters Court.” 

Obviously, all the laws drawn up are to the advantage of the Hooters company, so the girls don’t stand a chance. Many of them waste their own hard-earned money trying to fight the Bar and Restaurant conglomerate.

Unfortunately, this court was ineffective and did nothing to resolve the problem.


The Candy Man Is Here

Having friendly customers is usually a sign that you’re going to get a good tip. This former employee talks about the existence of a regular “candy man” at Hooters. 

Instead of trading in sweets, this man asked for hugs in return for the treats he gave out. 

While this may seem harmless, it isn’t appropriate behavior in any workplace.

Many of the girls disapproved of his behavior and run away. One girl even threw a soda in his face. The candy man never returned and all was well in Hootersville.

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Inhale at Your Own Risk

It’s becoming increasingly clear that Hooters girls are mere mortals like the rest of us. 

Former employees have revealed that they often chow down on greasy wings during their breaks, only to share the gassy after-effects when they’re back on the restaurant floor.

Lunch rush hours are the worst and many of the girls have to wolf down their lunch in seconds and get back to waitressing. One Hooters girl made the mistake of gulping down a double-thick milkshake with a plate of BBQ wings. Her stomach was doing somersaults and she accidentally let one rip while taking down a customer’s order. 

She couldn’t finish her shift that night and spent the week at home to let the embarrassment die down. Oh, the horror!


Time for Fun and Games

When it was time for the staff to pick their sections in the restaurant, the Hooters branch these employees worked at used to let them pick by playing games.

However, when the waitstaff refused to participate in a dance-off, they were all punished.

They got the tables right at the back of the restaurant. It was just their luck, they had to serve a group of old bowling buddies the whole evening. 

They were exhausted and promised to always be good sports during company games.

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Watch Out for Weight Warnings

Hooters is not just another restaurant; customers come to the establishment expecting to be served by attractive female staff. For some, this is the real draw of Hooters.

Hooters place a large emphasis on physical appearance, and this extends to their employees.

Weight gain is not tolerated, and employees are given two warnings before getting fired. 

On the bright side, pregnant staff members are not fired, and they get their own special uniform.

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Warning, Extremely Flammable

Hooters girls are required to wear natural-colored pantyhose, but if a pair breaks before the start of the shift, they have to pay for a replacement themselves. 

If the tights rip during the shift, though, the company is responsible for the cost. Needless to say, this encouraged a bit of mischief from the staff

Hooters requires its waitstaff to wear a particular type of pantyhose as part of the uniform. 

Unfortunately, these tights are very flammable, which means staff must stay at least 10 feet away from the grill during their shift.


Table Conversations

Not only do Hooters waitresses have to serve customers, but they are also encouraged to sit down and converse with them. 

While this can create a fun atmosphere in the restaurant at times, it can also be incredibly awkward when there are too many staff members trying to talk at the same table.

Hooters offers a range of merchandise for sale, from clothing and accessories to food products. 

Staff is encouraged to promote these items, and many customers cannot resist the charm of the attractive waitresses.

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Hooters Property

For safety reasons, Hooters staff are always accompanied to their cars after a shift. 

This is not just for their security, but also to ensure that no merchandise leaves the building without being paid for.

Even after leaving the job, some ex-Hooters staff still have a fondness for their former place of work. 

One particularly sentimental former waitress was offered money for her uniform, but refused, as she wanted to keep it as a memento. We started from the bottom now we are here!

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Not Your Average Hooters

According to one former Hooters employee, their store was unique in that it had curvy waitresses.

This particular ex-staff member also recalled feeling more like a psychologist to her customers, as they often opened up and told her their problems. Most of the girls were image conscious.

Despite their glamorous appearance on the floor, Hooters staff are just human. This means that they are just like everyone else and can get hungry during their shift. 

To ensure that their staff maintains a perfect image, they are not allowed to be seen eating in the restaurant. Instead, they are provided with staff meals in the break room. Talk about keeping things under wraps!

To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.    

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