Homeless Man Risks His Life To Save A Police Officer, Then This Happens

One day, a police station from San Francisco received a call about a woman breaking car windows and causing a scene in public. 

One female police officer who was in the area responded to the call, thinking it would be an easy assignment. Little did she know what she was in for...

Reckless Behavior 

Even though the police officer was working alone that day, she didn't give it any second thought and approached the woman who was destroying dozens of cars in the parking lot. 

When she arrived at the scene, she saw the stranger screaming and hitting cars. She was not in her right mind. 

Strange Woman

The police officer approached the angry woman and asked what she was doing. She tried to calm her down and prevent her from damaging more cars by using the special training she received at school. 

Sadly this didn't work because the woman continued throwing stones at cars and jumping on them. 


The police officer got closer to the woman and used her combat training to apprehend her. 

As she was trying to put on the handcuffs, the crazy woman pushed her down and started punching her. She somehow managed to overpower the police officer. The worst of all, no one was coming to help her. 


Many people on the street watched the woman hitting the police officer, but no one wanted to interfere. 

Things were getting out of control, and one homeless man decided to step in.


The man jumped in and used his power to prevent the woman from hitting the police officer. He even crushed his headphones in the process, but this was the least of his worries. 

So what motivated him to help the police officer?

Aiming For The Gun

The man explained that he noticed that the violent lady was trying to grab the officer's gun, and that's when he realized he needed to get her off the woman as soon as possible.  

But this wasn't all...

He Ran Away

The strange thing about the homeless man was that he ran away as soon as backup arrived. 

The police officers thought it was strange and decided to look into him.

Searching For The Man

The female police officer wanted to find the man and thank him for saving her life. So, she asked her colleagues to help her locate the kind stranger. 

Would they find him?

Ryan Raso

As she and her colleagues were asking around for the homeless man who rescued her, they learned that his name was Ryan Raso.

Ryan was a guy with a troubled past. He had been arrested a few times in the past, which was probably why he ran away as soon as backup arrived. 

Thank You

The authorities explained to Ryan that they weren't planning to arrest him and that they just wanted to thank him for saving their colleague. 

You won't believe what Ryan's response was...


The police officers who located Ryan Raso weren't aware that he was living on the streets. 

This made them tear up, and they decided to do something amazing for him. 

New Headphones

The policewoman told the sergeant that Ryan broke his headphones while trying to save her, and she and the other officers pitched in to get him a new pair. 

But this wasn't the only surprise they had in store for him!

Local Shelter

The sergeant also contacted a local shelter and told them about Ryan Raso and his good deeds.

Fortunately, the shelter had an extra room for him, and Ryan moved in the same day. 

A Lesson

This story teaches us that we shouldn't overlook someone just because they have a troubled past or are homeless. 

Ryan was the only person who helped the policewoman, and this says a lot about his character.