Viewers Had To Look Away When This Happened On Live TV

News Errors

Whenever a camera is recording something live, there's bound to be little mishaps that aren't scripted. And it's all caught on beautiful camera. 

Many things can go wrong, from animal antics to wardrobe malfunctions, a lot of people are glad that these hilarious fails are caught on camera to rewind and relaugh at. 

Sports Danger

Here's a local news reporter that was at the local skateboard park.

But the funniest thing is in the background. If you look closely enough you'll notice the skateboard hurtling towards the reporter's head. After being hit he took a hard fall on the concert - he was okay though.

Animal Antics

News isn’t just about what’s happening locally or in the world anymore.

It must be spiced up with something to keep the audience’s attention. People love animal showcases, but this little reptile did not want to be handled at all. The poor newscaster had no idea what to do ... other than freak out and nearly drop it.

Not Paying Attention

Normally, the news anchor is poised and ready for when the camera cuts back to them.

But this woman had a moment that all anchors have at least once – being oblivious that they are back on live tv. This woman was clearly bored and fiddling with her pen. When she realized what was going on, the look on her face was priceless.  

Works “Perfectly”

It’s not just news bloopers that are hilarious – product features can have just as many booboos.

This man was trying to show that the foldable ladder was safe to climb on once it was clicked in place. As he climbed up, it started to unbuckle. But at the end of it all, he and his “foolproof” product were on the floor.

Wardrobe Oopsie

There's something easy to remember when being a news caster. Never wear green for obvious reasons!

It seems either this weather girl from Los Angeles was unaware or new to the job because we can tell that she definitely wore green. At least a part of the crew gave her a jacket to help.

Even Worse

So that last green screen was the worst, right? Wrong.

Another mistake wearing green meant that this weather girl was completely invisible except for her head and arms. What made it even funnier was the live beach footage you see behind her. Her head perfectly lines up with a man in a speedo on the beach.

No Zeal Here

Trying to go into segways can be difficult. But this is absolutely ridiculous!

The anchor said that long hours of working from home could make views forget what day of the week it was. So they cut to a huge green screen stating that it was Monday. The news anchor blankly stares at the camera, unimpressed.

One Diva, Three Outfits

Here's one of every news anchor wearing very similar outfits. But did they laugh it off? No.

The Australian anchor in the middle took issue with this and had the nerve to say something live on air. Telling the guest to put on a jacket so they weren't wearing the same color. How immature is that?

No Way

Even though news casters have to stay professional mistakes can happen and every is human at the end of the day. Especially when it comes to phobias.

Even though the cameras were on her that was the least of her worries. She was being swarmed by insects and couldn't hold her composure. But to be fair who could have in this situation?


Clips and segments should always be in sync.

But this reporter mentioned the next clip, heard in his earpiece that the clip was missing, and then announced the next segment right away. His professional stance disappeared as the “missing” clip suddenly appeared. He threw his papers up in the air in annoyance. 

You’ve Got To Be Kidding

Camera men spend a long time getting in place to get the perfect shot.

The crew thought they had the perfect spot to get a close up of a building that was being demolished. However, a coach bus suddenly pulled up right in front of them ... and stopped right as the building came down. We can only imagine how angry everyone was. 

So Many Mics

This poor woman was already swamped with a pile of mics at her podium.

But right in the middle of her speech, another outlet plopped their own mic on the already huge pile – effectively blocking her face entirely. To her credit, she kept going like a pro. The camera man probably wanted to throttle someone. 


The clips started out like any other news segment.

But suddenly a woman walked right into frame, oblivious of what she was standing in front of. She proceeded to yell at someone in a very funny voice. The reporter couldn’t help but laugh.

Jungle Man

For non-golf lovers, the sport can be very boring. 

The winner’s speeches aren’t much better. But during one post-game interview, a man decided to jump Infront of the camera and start making strange monkey noises. He was pulled out of frame quickly!

Meteorologist Bug

Meteorologist Jennifer Ketchmark was presenting her regular weather report on Fox59 when the producers switched to a field camera that overlooked central Indianapolis. 

They switched to capture the scene but instead a rogue hornet attacked the camera lens and sent shivers down every viewer's spine. Ketchmark screamed in terror and quickly fled the frame.

Medical Emergency

CNN news anchor Poppy Harlow was pregnant when she was live on air discussing the war against ISIS with CNN reporter Becky Anderson. Suddenly, her speech slowed and slurred. 

Audiences could hear her breath grow heavy before she passed out. They immediately cut to commercial, leaving viewers stunned and concerned. Thankfully she was fine and appeared later to explain the faint. 

A Public Nap

Everybody has to work long hours sometimes, and it’s usually not a problem working tired. But when you’re in front of a camera, you better do your best to keep it together. 

Unfortunately for Fox & Friends, Tucker Carlson didn’t hide his exhaustion too well and everyone saw it. Carlson fell asleep during the commercial break and his colleagues lovingly decided not to wake him up when they went live again. 

Awkward Moment

Fox News anchor Kimberly Guilfoyle is known to be rather outspoken, even if she knows she’ll ruffle feathers. Such was the moment she spoke in a debate about the female constituency.

Unabashedly, she said that young women don’t have enough “life experience” to be informed voters and that they should just “go back on Tinder.” Wow! Way to talk about your own gender there Kimberly…

Cover Up

KTLA Meteorologist Liberte Chan was in the middle of her morning weather report when her producer’s hand appeared on screen, holding a sweater. 

He told her to put it on. Live on-air she asked him why he replied that the station had been “getting a lot of emails.” Apparently, viewers considered her black dress inappropriate. She later apologized for offending anyone. 

A Button On The Loose

Australian news presenter Samantha Armytage was overcome with a vicious sneeze during the commercial break. When they returned on air, she and her co-host’s arms were holding her waistline. 

“Welcome back, we’ve got a wardrobe malfunction,” co-host David announced as Samantha squirms and the studio crew race to help her. Hilariously, her strong sneeze unbuckled her belt and led to a tense moment. 

Distracting Weather Report

Weather Forecaster Jackie Guerrido of Puerto Rico has gained quite a fanbase for her habit of wearing clothes that seem a little unprofessional for her position. 

She’s a former Dancing with the Stars contestant who was loved by the public. Her presentations with attention-grabbing outfits often turn into viral sensations throughout different social media platforms. 

Radio Silence

One of the greatest technical disasters that happened live on air was when WGN_Channel 9 lost their audio during filming for 19 whole minutes! 

All but one reporter was completely inaudible during the segment - and the cameras kept rolling. Thinking fast to make the most of the moment, the anchors resorted to penned messages on dry-erase boards. Oh boy!

Deadly Attack

This Fox reporter was on location getting ready to go live on air when he was suddenly attacked by a large flying insect. He didn’t know the camera was rolling when he reacted hilariously dramatically. 

After he finished screaming and flailing, he looked at the camera and asked “Was that live? We were live? Oh… brother.” The news anchors at the studio broke into a fit of laughter. 

Inappropriate Laugh Attack

As you can imagine when recording live on air, it’s not always easy to predict what might happen - or when you might get a fit of giggles. But when you suffer a fit of giggles after segueing from a funny story to a tragic one, it suddenly becomes incredibly inappropriate.

This reporter couldn’t kick the giggles while reporting, “One protester has been killed and,” starts laughing quietly. “Ten people, including five children, have been killed after a building collapsed…”. She finally gave in to the fit of giggles, leaving viewers horrified.