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Hilarious Wedding Photos The Photographer Wasn’t Expecting


Accidental Invite

This is probably the best wrong number incident ever. Sure, some people might get a little upset if some random teens showed up for a wedding photoshoot, but you have to admit that these guys have style, and the situation is just hilarious. Before this photos was taken, these wedding photos were probably incredibly bland and boring. But now? These kids probably brought the party with them!

They know how to have fun…Granny panties and all

Nice Buns

2 teamjimmyjoe
This is probably what happens when surfers get married. I mean, what better way to celebrate a beach wedding am I right? I want to know what happened next, did they all jump in the water? Did they just slide their pants back up and keep those extremely tight looking compression shorts on for the rest of the wedding? Were they sober? I have so many questions!

Hey, don’t judge. We’ve all had one of those days

Great Legs!

When you’ve got the handsome husband, the great dress, and the beautiful white horse, it almost seems like a fairytale. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, the angle choice has left us wondering if this man has chosen to marry a centaur. If this groom is into long, white, ultra-muscley legs, then it looks like he’s found his perfect match.

Ah, the look of love

The Eight-Foot Bride

If you’re a tall girl, you’re probably a professional when it comes to buying long formal gowns. In most cases, the taller you are, the shorter the skirt appears, but it looks like this woman might need to get a longer skirt. This is definitely one of those “you’ll do a double take” wedding photo. This girl probably didn’t think anything of it when she hopped on her now-husband’s shoulders for a photo. Although the idea behind it is super cute, the execution certainly made her look like a walking giant.

Something clearly went terribly wrong here

Where’s Waldo?

22 huffpost
Alright, so this one had to have been planned, because we doubt someone would be mean enough to photobomb someone’s wedding photo like this. At first we thought it was a completely normal wedding photo! I mean the bride looks so beautiful, there’s no other women in the photo but maybe it was a “bros” photo plus the bride! The surroundings are beautiful exc- and then we saw it. Sorry to the bride and groom, and congrats.

He really wanted to go for a swim

Honey? Is that you?

14 bridalguide5
“My honey, what hairy thighs you have!” All jokes aside, we definitely don’t think he mistook the brides father for her bride. First  of all, he would’ve reached the pant leg and been like “Wow honey I swear you were wearing a dress about an hour ago.” We’re glad everyone got a laugh out of this one though, although we’re still convinced it’s slightly fake.

Everyone needs at least one friend who can party as hard as these bridesmaids

Are they just checking out the view or is something else going on?

4 acidcow
Sure, we could say they’re just “checking out the view” but it doesn’t look like that at all. It looks like they’re trying to steal the spotlight from their good friends. It’s a shame because the lighting and scenery in this photo is absolutely stunning. Hopefully they know a good photoshop expert. Are we also not going talk about how the guy in the back could poke someone’s eye out with his shoe?

Aww, where is his other half?

Very graceful photobomb

7 brit.co 2
Was the theme for this party “BYOS” or bring your own speedo? Or was this guy conspicuously wearing a speedo underneath his wedding attire? We don’t see any other guests so we’re curious. Unless however, this man was a random passerby who decided to soil one of the greatest memories of both of these people’s lives.

I guess marriage really isn’t for everyone

Yes! He finally got to the next level

7 reddit
This is honestly an amazing thing for video gamers everywhere. The both of them probably won’t forget this achievement for the rest of their lives. I also enjoy how the achievement was to obtain a wife, and NOT to obtain a husband……Says a lot huh….

He’s just marking his territory

This man looks very upset about this dove release situation

8 izismile
When you think about it, doves are really just pigeons in a different color. When put that way, it’s completely understandable why someone would feel this way about doves. Either that, or he just watched one of them number two somewhere in his proximity. Nobody else seems concerned though, so probably the first.

Flying Birds: A budgeted version

Hey, buddy, watch where you point that thing

9 smosh
See, here’s where dad’s take the “you better take care of her or else” joke too far. It’s all fun and games until somebody has to go to the hospital ON THEIR WEDDING DAY. We really hope the safety is on….We also have one more question! Why is anybody bringing a gun to the wedding in the first place? Everyone in this photo seems concerned.

Looks like the bridesmaid’s dress stereotype is alive and well

Apparently, planking is still a thing

10 mbizarbin
Remember when the planking fad was a thing? Well, obviously people still haven’t caught on that that’s not exactly “in” anymore. What was it with the whole planking thing anyways? Like can someone give me an honest answer if I were to ask WHY it was so funny? Oh look at me, using my abdominal muscles to photobomb your pictures. Truly comedy gold.

Not sure what kind of wedding this is supposed to be

I don’t think anyone really knows what is going on here

11 izismile 2
How do we know for sure that this is even a wedding? To me this looks more like a bachelorette party of some sorts. Maybe these ladies were into somewhat weird stuff. Whatever it is we hope all parties involved had a great time. We’re really not sure if we would.

Nice cake

The dogs are just trying to set the mood

16 lifebuzz 6
Is this foreshadowing to the honeymoon? They were just trying to give the groom a little push to make the first move. All the couple needs to do is crop the photo a little to the right and they’re set! All those rolling hills and great scenery! Perfect for the wedding album.

Just another ordinary day

Oh My God! This is gorgeous!

I’d like to see the corresponding photo to this one. Are they reenacting the wife’s photo? Or are they just trying to make fun of how big a deal women make over the ring! If the latter is true I would suggest the girl leave him if she hadn’t just married him. If they’re not making fun then this is downright cute. Bros being happy for bros! Carry on my dudes.

Careful with the cake!

On One! Two! Three!

“For he’s a jolly good fellow” is definitely the song they were singing in the background when this happened. We really hope there was an ambulance waiting or a doctor in the room to check this guy for a concussion. We also have to wonder why people are dressed incredibly casual for this wedding. Jeans and a T-shirt are NOT wedding appropriate people!!!!!!!

Oops, my bad!

Meanwhile, on the pier

We don’t know what we’re more upset over. That the dress is getting soaked, and will probably drag the bride down to the bottom of the lake because of the weight. The groom that will probably have to go fetch her from the bottom. Or the fact that this photo will probably be laughed at until these people are old and gray.

When an artistic photo have gone wrong

A Redneck wedding in style!

I guess this couple knows how to make an entrance. They could have at least had a WHITE bulldozer. I mean the flowers are somewhat of a nice touch, but honestly what inclines one to believe this is a good idea in the first place? “Hey you know what would be amazing? If we showed up to our wedding on a bulldozer!!” Who’s idea was it is what I’m wondering the most.

A wedding trip gone wrong

This is how the last chance looks like

Okay, so this isn’t really a wedding “fail” per say. But it is an incredibly confusing concept. Why is the groom being pulled from both sides? Is this a symbolic photo? Are the women trying to pull him back into single hood and the bride is pulling him into marriage? Incredibly artsy and beautiful when you think about it this way. If it’s not meant to be perceived this way then I’m just outright confused.

The last day on the beach before a busy married life

The cake says it all

This is just mean honestly. I refuse to stand by and just allow marriage to make it seem like it’s game over for men. It’s game over for ladies as well! I mean now we can’t sit around in our dirty T-shirts and unshaved legs to watch our favorite  reality shows without the men hovering over us saying “that’s garbage TV.” Oh, like ESPN is any better? Also, girls like video games too!   Starting a petition for no more sexist cake toppers! This is 2018 people.

Few secrets of a married life

Wrong idea to run a wedding on a Halloween Day

Is this a halloween photo, or a wedding photo? I’m sure we’ll never know. It could be a halloween themed wedding, or a wedding themed halloween party. Whatever the occasion, it’s a pretty cool idea if you’re into this kind’ve stuff. The guy with the ripped shirt seems to be the only one in character, seeing as dead people or gravely injured people don’t smile.

Mixing a wedding photo shoot with photoshop gone wrong!

Groom is headed out to sea

I’d like to imagine there’s an incredibly dramatic scenario behind this photo. Like maybe the bride found out that her husband had had some secret affair with her sister a few years ago. When I say “kick your man to the curb” this is literally what I mean. Of course, there is probably a much more normal scenario behind this photo. Like, she was probably a 2nd degree black belt or something.

When it’s too much love to handle

A sneak view of a redneck married lifestyle

I refuse to believe that their wasn’t nicer scenery around for both of them to take a picture in front of. I’m guessing this tractor had sentimental value for the both of them. Maybe it was passed down from generations! Or maybe they first met tractor shopping! The possibilities are endless when we only have one photo to assume the scenario.

A New husband on the block

A True meaning of a married life

This is honestly symbolic for many reasons and you can take your pick for what it means. Have you ever heard the saying, “Behind every great man is a great woman?” We’re pretty sure this is what it’s alluding too. That or his wife is incredibly strong.

A final test before the wedding

Meantime, on the golf course

I’m confused as to what this photo is trying to say. Is he her caddy? Or is this just supposed to be a joke saying that men care more about golfing than anything else. I’m going to imagine that he is in fact her caddy because I don’t want to generalize by choosing the latter.

He’s already tired on the first day!

A military wife – a military life

This is the title “military wife” to a T.  At least the tank is painted white! Although from the words tank limo written on the back, I’m sure they also made an incredibly entrance into their wedding. Look at the reaction of that one lady in the back! She’s at a loss for words. Probably wasn’t expecting a huge white tank to almost run her over at her friend’s wedding.

Catering: A budgeted version

It’s never too late for a practice

His face says he was obviously trying to be cool and open this bottle of champagne and it completely backfired. Her face is saying “save the dress before anything.” This is going to be a good one to laugh at for the family for years to come.

A creative approach for a creative crowd.

You need to grow up to get married.

I’m honestly upset the groom isn’t in this photo. Is he just as tall as the bride to be? They’re going to have incredibly tall children. Looking for a venue with tall doorways was probably a must as well.


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