Hilarious Photos Of The Royal Family Caught Being Un-Royal

Since as far back as anyone can remember, royalty has been associated with grace, elegance, and seriousness. Many times when the royal family is seen in public, they're incredibly reserved and behaved. 

HOWEVER, it seems that over the past few years, even the Queen, Princes, Dukes, AND Duchesses can be caught acting ridiculous and completely normal. ROYALS, they're just like us! They also make incredibly funny faces at the cameras that follow them around wherever they go. Ok....so they're not TOTALLY just like us. But, it's nice to see their personalities shine through every now and then. Here's all the times the royal family was caught being un-royal.

Looks like the Duchess of Cambridge had a windy entrance this afternoon....and cue the slow-mo! Well, looks like this turned out a little less graceful than an 80s teen move when a cameraman captured Kate trying to blow hair out of her face. Here's that exact moment captured, and if you ask us, we think she still looks incredibly cute.

A Big Fan Of The Arts

There's nothing more royal than a royal trip to the museum to admire the arts. Unfortunately, someone managed to capture Prince Charles admiring the arts a little too much. Camilla seems to be enjoying herself regardless, while the Prince of Wales seems a tad more, confused? Well, it seems the royal couple has nice taste in abstract artwork.

Kate has always been a huge fan of Cricket, and it seems as though Prince William is a big fan of her athletic abilities. Her incredibly form, even in HEELS shows that she's still managed to make it look incredibly easy. Let's see YOU give it a try in a skirt!

Always Making Mom Proud

Ok, so we've all known that out of the two, Prince Harry was always the wild one. It seems as though this has been true since he was a kid. When Princess Diana wanted just a photo with her two sons, it seems the youngest prince just wasn't having it this day. It's said that he maintained a smile up until that very second when the camera flashed. We wonder what his mother had to say about this stunt.

Always a Kid At Heart Always a Kid At Heart

Prince Harry may be grown up now and getting married soon, but that doesn't mean he's grown out of his childish ways. It seems he'll always have his boyish charm. Although it's a big deal to contain your composure and appear professional in public, Harry seems to ignore that idea. In this photo, Harry is entertaining some children at an elementary school by throwing a pretend royal tantrum about the awful weather they were having that day.

Royal Version of The Annual Ugly Sweater Photo

Royals! Their just like us! They also partake in an annual ugly sweater Christmas theme photos. Queen Elizabeth II (the amazing woman that she is) wanted to wear an ensemble along with her sweater of one of her favorite corgis. Of course, instead of just matching (because why would they ever do something so boring), Prince William and Kate Middleton decided to wear one big Christmas sweater for two! Tell me they're not the funniest royal family ever, I DARE YOU!

Harry takes sports incredibly serious....as seen below in the photo. Although it looks like a playful encounter, he was actually adding insult to injury by spitting water out at his losing opponent while holding the trophy he just won.

Many people were shocked by this royal's attitude, but Harry would later fire back saying that it was all in good fun.


As mentioned previously....Prince Harry is REALLY into sports. He got a bit rowdy and lost his composure while watching a football match with his buddies. He began yelling and started signaling time-outs with his hand. Unfortunately for Prince Harry, he was in the box-seats so his team didn't hear him.

Prince William is a BIG animal lover, and so during his last visit to the royal petting zoo, he COULD NOT pass up an opportunity to feed this gentle giant. The zookeeper gave him a carrot and William just walked up to it and held it out for the animal. The giraffe simply bent down, stretched out it's long tongue and took the royal carrot from William.

Dancing Fever

Prince Harry is involved in multiple charity projects in Jamaica, and during one of his visits to his favored island, he decided to join some of the locals! He busted a royal move in his royal blue shoes, and showed the locals how it was done. It's nice to see the royals relaxed enough to cut a rug! It's not everyday you get to dance with a prince.

Keeping The Queen Entertained

While watching the 2010 Braemar Highland Games, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles clearly thought something was hilarious on the field. We're all wondering if it was someone who took a spill for the Queen's enjoyment, or she simply just made a funny joke.

For The Kids

We hope Meghan likes kids about as much as it seems Harry does! Whether he's making them laugh, volunteering, or playing kids' sports games, Harry always seems like he's having a fantastic time when he's around children. Harry is playing a group of kids in non-contact rugby. We hope he didn't get too competitive this time!

Race You To The Throne

Prince Harry is great friends with many Jamaican natives, that includes the Olympian track athlete, Usain Bolt. Harry decided to visit the track for a training session, and the two even raced each other in a 100-meter sprint. It's rumored that Bold only won by a few strides....of course, Harry had a 50-meter head-start.

An Emotional Moment

Whether Kate had been overcome with emotion, or she felt the need to sit down, she fell to the floor for a brief moment while her and Prince William were posing for photos. OR maybe she stubbed her toe and let out a few curse words, hence why the flower girl is covering her ears? Regardless, Prince William was right there to pick his new wife back up and put her on her feet.

A Quick Selfie

Queen Elizabeth II has acknowledged that she isn't a fan of selfies. However, since she discovered discovered Snapchat, it seems her mind has changed. When this young lad asked for a photo, she insisted that he put on the dog-filter! We love a hip Queen!

Showing The World Their Royal Moves

Prince William and Prince Harry visited Lesotho during a charity trip, and it seems Harry wanted to show his big bro how to get down! Prince Seeiso even joined in! It seems that Prince William is still a work in progress! Maybe he was better at his wedding?

Harry's Royal Fall

You may not know this, but Harry is a great polo player! In 2012, Harry competed in the Vueve Clicquot Manhattan Polo Classic in New York. It was reported that he did amazing during the tournament, but it seems this photo made it's ways around the internet. Leave it to the internet to find one slip up!

Kate Cringe

Kate Middleton seems to be one of the most composed and elegant women on the planet. Before she posed for pictures, she decided to indulge in a sour candy! When asked to smile, this is all she could muster. It seems that since this, she has decided to stay away from sour candies while in public.

The Duchess of Cambridge seemed to have had herself a jolly time while participating in archery. Only after a few warm-up shots, she hit a bullseye, and it seems she could not contain her joy. Her reaction is completely priceless, and it seems her husband was pretty proud of her too!

Prince Baby-Face

Prince Harry can't resist making funny faces at kids. We're convinced it's impossible. While the rest of the royal family would offer a greeting, Prince Harry decided to make it more memorable and personal. It seems Prince Harry fits right in with the young ones, as seen in the photo.

Cause For Celebration

Prince Harry was in such a fantastic mood after graduation from military school, that he decided to blow his air horn a few times as he was leaving the ceremony. Many people were so shocked from seeing a royal, that they didn't even hear the ruckus.

While watching a basketball game, Prince Harry realized his tiny neighbor had been taking bites of his popcorn while he was speaking to friends. Although at first he ignored her, he began playing with her by pulling his popcorn slowly away when she went to go reach for it. When she became playfully upset, he made a face right back at her.

Royal Photobomb

Prince Harry seems to get his kicks in when he can! Here, he can be seen photobombing a rugby tournament in Glasgow. It seems in almost a few seconds, Harry decided to seize the opportunity to execute an incredibly photobomb. To be honest, we wouldn't mind!!

Put On A Funny Face

It seems that this is one of the few photos we have of Kate Middleton forgetting about her royal duties for a second to joke around with the cameraman. These days, we hardly see anything but flawless photos from her, so it's great that we have these funny ones to appreciate her amazing personality along with her beauty.

Sweet Tooth

It seems that Prince Harry is the Prince of making funny faces as well. In this picture, Harry shows us his undeniable love (sorry Meghan) for sweets. It seems he completely lost his cool while he was receiving a plate of delicious cupcakes. Honestly, can you blame him? Those cupcakes look fit for royalty!

Even the royals have a soft spot for Harry (not the prince) and his friends at Hogwarts. William, Kate and Harry took the famous Harry Potter tour in London and they couldn't resist taking this amazing photo. This photo just makes us love this family like 10x more, and we're sure J.K Rowling would agree.

Young and Reckless

Kate Middleton suffered first hand from the cameras of the paparazzi back in college. Although Kate tried to get away from the cameras, they were incredibly invasive. Here goes to show that no matter how beautiful you are, there is still bound to be an unflattering photo of you on the internet somewhere.

Couple Goals