25 of the Most Delicious "Hidden Menu" Items at Popular Restaurants

Quesarito- Chipotle

Introducing a list of foods that you never knew existed until now, and won't be able to live without after you see them. Sometimes the "Secret Menu" at your favorite restaurant actually has the best items that they offer--they keep it secret for the restaurant locals.

This list of the most delicious hidden menu items will have you up out of your chair to go get lunch by #20.

Oh yeah, get ready because Chipotle is mixing quesadillas and burritos into one. This is a cheesy delight everyone needs to devour at least once in life.  It’s a burrito of your choosing wrapped in a cheese quesadilla. YOLO!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries- Jamba Juice

The Chipotle worker making it and the line behind you will hate you, as this delicacy is a time-consuming endeavor to build. That said, all Chipotle workers nationwide know of the infamous “Quesarito”.

Power Breakfast Egg Bowl With Steak- Panera Bread

Make a stop at Jamba Juice to get one of these for dessert.  And people thought Jamba Juice was only for your health. Defy health with this smoothie.

Pizza Sub- Subway

Panera keeps it clean and classy with their secret menu item.  The bowl comes with 2 eggs, seared top sirloin, avocado and tomato.  Just like bacon, avocado makes everything better.

Animal Style Fries- In n Out Burger

Subway once had the “pizza sub” as a normal menu item.  You can still get it as long as they know what you’re talking about.  It’s worth the inquiry because pepperoni, sauce and cheese on their oddly-delicious bread is good stuff.  You gotta go with the Italian herbs and cheese bread.  Throw counting calories out the window.

Suicide Burger- Burger King

The famous “animal style” at In-N-Out is an option for the savviest of folk.  When you go full-animal you get cheese, grilled onions and secret sauce aka Russian dressing (close enough).  It doesn’t stop at just the fries either, make sure to order the double-double animal style.  That’s when you start looking like a veteran.

The Incredible Hulk- Taco Bell

Like the name suggests, this is basically a heart attack on bun.  Burger King doesn’t slack on this bad boy, it comes stacked with 4 meat patties, 4 cheese slices, bacon (obviously) and BK’s special sauce.  Make sure to grab a pile of napkins after ordering the Suicide.

French Toast Grilled Cheese Sandwich- Dennys

Taco Bell might be onto to something with this tasty treat.  “The Hulk” consists of a 5-layer burrito that comes with guacamole instead of nacho cheese.  Oh, and make sure you go out of your way to drive to the “good” Taco Bell–that way you get fresh guac, and not last night’s brown leftovers.

McGangbang- McDonald's

There’s only one word for this masterpiece and that word is ‘genius.’  People may think that cheese and sugary bread doesn’t go well together and they’d be dead wrong making that assumption.  This is a dish for the Gods.

Captain Crunch Berry Frap- Starbucks

The best part about this is the intended connotation.  Unfortunately, there is nothing sexual about this sandwich.  It’s a fried chicken sandwich in the middle of the double cheese burger with gobs of Big Mac Sauce.

Yup, Starbucks has realized how good it’d be to put Captain Crunch on top of a frappuccino.  What you are getting here is a liquid version of everyone’s favorite Crunch Berries Cereal. This is a strawberries and cream frap, mixed with 1 pump caramel, toffee, and hazelnut.

Peanut Butter and Bacon Shackburger- Shake Shack

Holy sugar, Batman.

Hot Pocket Bowl- KFC

Disgusting deliciousness has never looked so good.  After a hard workout, instead of eating some protein bars just grab a couple of these bad boys.  The beauty of this beast is the peanut sauce that drizzles onto the bacon burger.  Order a vanilla shake on the side for ultimate bliss.

Marshmallow Creme- Dairy Queen

KFC has created a party in your mouth with this option.  This hearty dish comes packed with a pocket of dough, chicken, cheese, gravy and of course some corn.  You may need a wheelchair to depart the restaurant.

Loaded Grilled Breakfast Sandwich- Jack in the Box

How good does that white masterpiece of goo look?  Nearly too good to be real right?  Well, it is true all you have to do is ask for the crème.  If they say they can’t make it, stare at them until they whip it up.

Fried Pickle-O's- Sonic

Jack has created another meat lover’s dream with their own masterpiece.  The loaded sandwich comes with 2 fried eggs, 2 slices of ham, 2 strips of bacon, 2 cheese slices and then they give you the option to add sausage, turkey or extra bacon. Everyone loves options.

Wrecking Ball- Potbelly

Sonic has been holding out on us for awhile now.  They have a whole stock of fried pickles hidden in the depths of the kitchen.  If you don’t know fried pickles, you need to get acquainted.  They are a delicious deep-fried, Southern treat that all pickle lovers will adore.

Potbelly has created a meat lover’s dream sandwich in the form of the Wrecking Ball.  This delicacy comes stacked with turkey, roast beef, salami and meatballs.  Then they top that meat cake with Swiss cheese, mayo, lettuce and tomatoes.  It may be a good idea to hold the mayo on this masterpiece.

Cheese Fries- Five Guys

But that’s your call.

Chili- Chili's

The simple yet effective delicious cheese fries.  These go perfectly with a greasy cheeseburger from Five Guys.  Once you order this combo, you’ll become a “Cheeseburger in Paradise.”

Hypocrite- Fat Burger

This may sound funny, but Chili’s still has chili in the back.  All you have to do is ask for it.  Be aware that if chili isn’t on the menu, it may not be something you want to order.  Kinda like Wendy’s chili that is made from their old hamburgers.  Who knows what ingredients go into the Chili’s version?

Spicy Char- Chick-Fil-A

At Fat Burger, they take pride in delivering tasty, greasy burgers.  That’s why ‘the hypocrite’ is the perfect name for their veggie burger.  They keep it secret, since it’s only for people who are copping out.

Sampler Italiano- Olive Garden

The best fast food restaurant on the planet doesn’t slack when it comes to having a secret menu.  The Spicy Char is only the tip of the iceberg.  Once you uncover it, you will open yourself up to a whole new world of secrets like Nicolas Cage in National Treasure.  Just try not be as corny as he was in that movie.

Barnyard Burger- Wendy's

Ahh, America’s favorite “made from frozen food” Italian chain.  Manipulate that menu like it’s clay and you’re a Italian Renaissance sculptor.  Olive Garden allows you, the customer, to milk its menu by creating combinations of any of their combination platters.  This means you can double up, triple up or substitute for whatever you want to eat.  Just make sure to give the server an extra tip if you take this path.

French Dip Max- Arby's

This is kind of like the McGangbang, but it has less bread and the intelligent addition of bacon.  Bacon makes everything better right?  Plus, they use spicy chicken, and the spicy chicken at Wendy’s is top-notch.

Harold and Kumar's Order- White Castle

French dips are always delicious and they become even better with the addition of extra meat.  More meat equals more better.  Vegetarians have no idea what they are missing out on with this one.

The ultimate pile of grease–that is actually amazingly delicious.  If you remember the comedy-stoner movieHarold and Kumar go to White Castle, then you’ll remember their infamous order.  In case you don’t remember: it’s 30 sliders, 5 orders of fries and 4 large Cherry Cokes to wash it all down. White Castle cashiers across the nation have been trained to fulfill this order when a customer asks for the “Harold and Kumar” special.

Whatahash Veggie Sandwich- Whataburger


That’s right, Whataburger takes care of your fellow vegetarian as well.  They don’t like to advertise it, but they have a delicious veggie burger that you can top with their trademark hash brown sticks and ‘shrooms for your dining pleasure.