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Hero Cat Saves Toddler From Family Friend

While dogs are usually the ones who are praised for their loyalty and bravery, cats can be just as loyal to their owners as dogs. When Carrie and her husband had a baby, they were worried their tuxedo cat would have a problem with the new family member.

But as it turned out, not only did the two become best friends, but this hero cat also saved the baby from his abusive babysitter!

Finding a trustworthy and reliable babysitter takes a lot of time, and this couple thought they got lucky when they hired a family friend to look after their son. 

Many parents are hesitant about hiring a babysitter, as you never know what kind of person they really are. At first, Carrie and her husband weren’t planning to hire one, but they were left with no choice as no one else could look after their son while they were at work. 

The girl they hired to look after their son seemed polite and professional. But most importantly, she was a family friend and loved children.

Little did they know that the disaster was waiting just around the corner. 

When Carrie found out she was pregnant, the doctors warned her about the possibility of her cat Zara not getting along with the baby. 

In some cases, pets become jealous of the new family members, and the owners are forced to give them away. But the couple couldn’t imagine losing Zara and hoped that she would accept their baby. 

The doctors also told Carrie to keep the cat away from the newborn because of the risk of infection and their claws. 

The couple didn’t know what to expect, as animals can be unpredictable sometimes. Fortunately for them, Zara accepted the baby boy right away. 

When Carrie gave birth to their son Ollie, it became clear to both of them that Zara was going to be his best friend. Every morning, the feline checked up on Ollie and sniffed him to make sure he was well. 

Zara was very protective of the new family member. And soon, she would save Ollie’s life.

The couple was happy that Zara and Ollie were getting along so well. The cat loved to snuggle with the boy, never scratching or biting him. 

Her purring and meowing put him to sleep every time. It was a dream come true for the exhausted parents. 

After a few months, they started thinking about hiring a babysitter to look after Ollie while they were at work. 

Their parents and relatives weren’t living nearby, so they figured asking a family friend would be the best option. Little did they know that this girl would turn their lives upside down. 

After nine months of staying home with her son, Carrie had to go back to work. She needed someone to look after Ollie. However, she didn’t want to leave her son with a stranger. 

That’s when she decided to ask her friend Alysia. 

Carrie thought Alysia would be a good nanny for Ollie. After all, she knew her already, and she had a lot of experience in babysitting. 

The twenty-one-year-old seemed like a perfect fit for the job, or so they thought. 

The couple had known Alysia for a few years, and they also knew that she didn’t have a job. Also, she had just graduated from college and needed to start paying off her student loan. 

So, Carrie called her and asked if she would like to babysit her son. 

They wanted to help Alysia out and offered her a job as a babysitter. The young woman was happy to accept the offer, assuring them that Ollie would be in good hands. 

It wasn’t until a few months later that the couple discovered the horrifying truth about Alysia. 

After a few days, Carrie came to the realization that something was off about her son, but she just couldn’t put her finger on it. 

The sudden change in Ollie’s behavior alarmed her. What was going on with her little boy?

For Carrie and Alysia, it was a win-win situation. Alysia earned some extra cash from babysitting the boy, and Carrie was able to go back to work.

However, Ollie’s behavior worried Carrie, and she wanted to talk to Alysia about it. 

After all, she was an experienced babysitter and could help her pinpoint the source of the problem. Ollie was their first baby, so they were still trying to figure out the whole parenting thing.

Carrie had no idea that all this time, Alysia was abusing her son while they were at work.  

Alysia had been to the couple’s home before Ollie was born and was acquainted with Zara. The cat loved to cuddle with the guests, including her. 

However, Zara’s behavior towards Alysia suddenly changed when she became Ollie’s nanny, and the couple noticed it right away.

Carrie and her husband thought it was strange that Zara wasn’t hanging out with Alysia anymore. 

She always sat on her lap and snuggled, but now, she didn’t even want to be near her. Was Zara jealous that Alysia was babysitting Ollie?

When asked about Ollie’s behavior, Alysia explained that his behavior was normal and he was just growing up. 

She also said that a few other toddlers she babysat behaved similarly and assured them it was nothing to worry about. 

The couple believed her, thinking Ollie was just growing up, and it was natural for his behavior to change.

But as weeks passed, they started noticing other changes in Zara and Ollie’s behavior. This couldn’t have been a coincidence. 

Carrie and her husband couldn’t figure out what was going on with Zara and Ollie. The cat was aggressive towards Alysia and even scratched her when she tried to pet her. 

Alysia said it was probably because her clothes had a dog smell on them, but the couple had a feeling that she was lying. Alysia never mentioned having a dog until now. 

Ollie had always been a calm baby, and loud sounds didn’t bother him. But lately, whenever Carrie and her husband spoke in a loud tone, he seemed to flinch. 

When Carrie reached to take him in her hands, Ollie flinched again. She immediately sensed that something wasn’t right. 

Carrie couldn’t help but feel paranoid. What if Alysia was hurting her baby when no one was around? Or was she imagining things?

One evening, Carrie noticed that Ollie’s lip was swollen. Of course, Alysia had an explanation for that, but this time, the couple didn’t fall for her lies. 

Every day since Alysia became his nanny, Ollie seemed to be having “minor accidents” that left him with bruises and cuts. 

She explained that he had a swollen lip because he hit himself with a toy. However, Carrie and her husband thought it was odd and decided to check on Alysia. And what they saw on the camera left them at a loss for words. 

The couple didn’t have enough time to buy and install nanny cams around the house, so they purchased a recording device instead. 

But where could they hide it? Putting it in Ollie’s clothes wasn’t an option because Alysia would find it there. Then, they glanced at their cat. 

They put the hearing device on Zara. Since she was always near Ollie, the device would be able to pick up everything that was going on between Alysia and their son. 

In the beginning, they could hear Zara meowing at the little boy, and he was trying to do it back. But then, Alysia came into the room. 

The couple was only a few blocks away from the house when they heard Alysa coming into the room. As soon as she approached Ollie, he started to cry. 

Instead of trying to calm Ollie down, she started yelling at him and calling him names. Carrie and her husband were mortified to hear Alysia swearing at their son. 

Instead of playing with him or giving him a toy, Alysia was screaming at the little boy. “Shut up, shut the … up. Shut up!” she yelled at Ollie. 

Carrie and her husband could also hear Zara hissing at Alysia. “You gotta get over it!” she yelled at the boy. 

The couple immediately rushed back home to catch Alysia, but when they stepped inside, everyone was quiet again. 

They wanted to report her to the police, but they didn’t have enough evidence. The recording wasn’t enough. Alysia pretended everything was okay, and the couple did the same. But it wasn’t long before they finally caught her. 

The parents told Alysia they came back because they had forgotten something for work, and she believed them. However, they weren’t planning to go to work that day. 

Carrie and her husband were on their way to buy a few nanny cams, which they were going to install in the baby room and the living room. 

That same evening, they sat up the nanny cams and went to sleep. They were finally going to catch Alysia and report her to the police. 

However, before setting up the cameras, the couple filed a police report after discovering bloodstains on Ollie’s clothes. Would this be enough to get her arrested?

The couple hoped the footage and recording would be enough to get Alysia charged. They couldn’t believe that someone they trusted their child with was an abuser. 

Meanwhile, Alysia had no idea they were plotting against her. It was only a matter of time before she got arrested. 

After setting up the cameras, the couple said goodbye to Ollie and Alysia and went to work. They hoped Zara would do her part of the job. But, as it turned out, things were a lot worse than they initially thought. 

After 15 minutes, Alysia revealed her dark side in front of the camera. 

As soon as Carrie and her husband watched the footage, they called the police and drove home. That day, Alysia was out of her mind. They had never seen anything like this before. 

Carrie broke into hears when she saw what Alysia was doing to her baby boy. 

“When I watched the video, she was screaming at him, telling him to shut up, sitting on top of him,” Carrie said during an interview with the media. 

Their good friend turned out to be a monster. They were disgusted by her behavior. 

Carrie said she felt “instant anger and disgust and rage, honestly.”She trusted Alysia to look after Ollie, but she abused him instead. 

“I turned my car around immediately and came home,” Carrie recalled. She couldn’t believe her friend was that evil.  

“She said, ‘Is something going on with him?’ And I said, ‘I don’t know, you tell me what’s going on here.’ She became defensive,” she recalled. 

When the police arrived at the scene, they arrested Alysia. She was charged with child endangering. So, what did the court decide?

To avoid jail, Alysia had to attend anger management courses and counseling. She also wasn’t allowed to babysit anymore. 

However, Carrie and her husband were still shocked by her behavior and weren’t going to let it slide. What did they do?

The couple decided they weren’t going to trust anyone with their son. Even their friends weren’t reliable. So far, the best babysitter they had was Zara. 

Had she not behaved differently with Alysia, they wouldn’t think something was wrong. They felt so lucky to have her. But what happened to Alysia and Ollie? Did the abuse impact him?

Fortunately, Ollie doesn’t remember being abused by Alysia and no child will ever have to suffer because of her again. 

We can all agree that Zara is a hero! She helped Carrie and her husband realize that something wasn’t right about their babysitter. 

It’s clear that Zara thinks Ollie is her baby and that’s why she is so protective of him. She helped Carrie and her husband catch the evil nanny. 

Ollie is now a big boy, and Zara and him are still best friends to this day. 


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