Mom Sees Weird Pup Approach Her; Her Dog Rushes In Before It's Too Late 

Lending A Hand 

When Dolly first saw the tiny grey pup skulking into her backyard, she thought it was a distressed dog. A dog lover, she wasted no time rushing out back to lend it a hand.

But she was already a few steps from the porch when she realized her terrible mistake. The animal growled at her and charged. It was too late to do anything now. 

Living In Utah

Dolly Michael Pitt was like many forty-five-year-old moms living in Utah. She had a family she loved, a career she was incredibly proud of, a home she'd spent years building, and the best friend in her German Shepherd dog, Wally. 

Dolly's life was great, given that all of her three kids were nearly done with high school, she'd just made partner at her law firm, and her husband's business was the best it'd ever been. Who knew everything would take a wild turn one peaceful afternoon?

Dolly And Wally

Dolly had always been a dog person. She grew up with almost a dozen pups on her family's farm. The bundles of joy held a special place in her heart. 

Her dog, Wally, had been in her life for more than a decade. He'd stood by her through her happiest and saddest moments in life. She had no clue what her love for these loyal creatures would lead down the road.   

The Perfect Life

Like most moms across the country, Dolly had divided her life between work, family, and friends. She found the perfect balance between these three pillars of her life, making her the happiest she'd ever been in a long time.

But although everything was great, something happened that would change everything. Dolly's life would never be the same again. 

A Life-Changing Experience

The day the incident occurred was like any other in Dolly's life. It was a warm summer Friday afternoon, and Dolly was home with Wally, enjoying an afternoon read in the living room.  

Her husband and kids were out for a last-minute movie, and Dolly was glad to have a quiet afternoon all to herself finally. But the peace wouldn't last for long. 

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

There are many stories of pets harming their owners, especially when mistreated. But more than those stories are the ones where pets come to the rescue of their owners.

Although rarely caught on camera, these hero moments usually happen more than you may think. For Dolly, her best friend on four legs would swoop in when she least expected him to.

A Quiet Afternoon

Dolly had been enjoying a chapter from her favorite novel when she heard scratching noises on her front lawn. Given that most of her neighbors had pets who loved playing around her compound, she didn't pay much attention to the noise. 

But then the scratching got louder, followed by a series of disturbing whines that brought Dolly to her feet. Something was terribly wrong.

She Sees it

Dolly craned her neck to get a better look outside the door. She saw a grey animal running past the grass toward her backyard.

Setting her novel aside, she hurried out of the living room and into the kitchen. She hoped to see what she was dealing with. She left Wally, who was deep asleep, behind. That was her first mistake.

The Grey Creature 

Dolly opened the kitchen window and looked outside. The backyard was empty. But she caught something in the corner of her eye, the grey creature she'd seen earlier. 

Was it a dog? It sure looked like one. Dolly hurried out of the kitchen to see if she could lend the pup a hand. It would be too late when she realized what the animal was.

Don't Go Near It 

Closing the kitchen door behind her, Dolly walked onto the porch. She tried calling out to the animal, but it just stood there, looking blankly at her. 

Hoping not to scare it off, she took a slow step toward it. When it didn't budge, she took another step with her hand held out. But the creature, which had been calm at first, snarled at her. It lunged.  

The Nightmare Begins

The animal jumped on Dolly, biting her sleeve. She tried to shake it off, but its drolling canines were firmly embedded into the fabric. 

With a shriek, she shook the animal off again, but nothing. She shoved it off with her free arm and turned on her heels, but the creature was too fast. Its fangs dug into her trouser. 

Where Do You Think You're Going?

With the animal dragging behind her, growling and thrashing wildly, Dolly froze in place. She'd now realized she was dealing with a rabid fox, not a puppy.

But out of nowhere, she heard Wally's bark, a loud and reassuring sound that gave her the strength she needed to regain control of her body. But her nightmare had only begun. 

He Leaves Her

Wally barked on the kitchen window, barred from coming out by the closed porch door. But although he growled and snarled fiercely, the fox didn't let go of Dolly's leg.   

Her dog barked until, seemingly fed up, kept quiet. Dolly turned around, finding the kitchen window empty. She was in this alone. 

He's Back 

With a crippling panic setting in, Dolly tried to fight off the fox. She was losing hope when Wally appeared out of nowhere, taking the grey animal off her leg and chasing it away. 

The two raced all over the yard before the fox turned toward the driveway to escape. But Wally was determined to teach it a lesson it would never forget. 

Now That's A Good Boy

Wally bit one of the fox's hind legs, ruffling it before finally letting it go. The fox cried out and disappeared into the bush. 

When asked how her dog had found a way out of the house, Dolly shared that it had raced to the living room and opened the door by itself before coming to help her. "I don't know what I'd do if he weren't here," she said. Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author's imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.