Her Mother-In-Law Wore A Wedding Dress to Her Wedding, How She Got Revenge Ended Up Going Viral

A woman's wedding day is an emotional since she wants everything to be absolutely perfect on that day. There are dreams and expectations and a lot riding on a beautiful ceremony and event. As soon as Diane and Richard met and fell in love, they knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. More than anything, they wanted to get married. Richard proposed to Diane and pretty soon after they started planning their wedding day. The planning took place over the course of several months, and the two worked hard to make their day tailored for them and was to be the most memorable day.

Unfortunately, in a move that neither Diane or Richard saw coming, it was Richard's mother who decided to tarnish the day by what she decided to wear on that day of all days. It would be what the mother-in-law wore that would have the internet ablaze with comments and shares, making this couple's wedding go viral. There is an unwritten rule about weddings and it mostly goes that the bride makes the decisions and that no one else it to be in white unless the bride specifically designs it that way. It is like the rule about dating your friend's exes - you just do not do it. This bride did not expect her new mother-in-law to dress the way she did to her own son's wedding. 

TheBig Day

Weddings are a big deal for couples. This was no different for Richard and Diane. This wedding symbolized the beginning of their joint life together and they worked hard to make their day as perfect and "them" as possible. The excited couple was counting down the days until their big day.

As the day of the wedding came closer, Diane was worried about something going wrong and ruining her wedding day. In order to make sure that did not happen, she did everything she could think of to ensure nothing spoiled it for them or their guests. She planned for every situation, or so she thought...  

Planning For Perfect

Diane was one of those women who, like many others, dreamed about her wedding from a very young age. She already knew what kind of dress, cake, space, flowers, and music she wanted. As for Richard, he was a simple in his desires and his main one was that his bride to be get what she wanted for her big day - her happiness would mean his happiness. 

That is how they planned their day, united in making Diane's dream wedding a reality. They never expected this to happen, especially from Richard's mom... 

All About the Setting

The first step and the hardest one it seems for the couple is to decide where the wedding would take place. Finding the perfect venue that is also available on the date you want is harder than you might think. The couple spent a long time searching for the perfect place, that magical spot that Diane was after.

The couple knew that venues book out well in advance and are also very expensive to pay for, even if it were just the deposit to begin with. They knew, however, that the setting for their wedding was everything and that the rest would start falling into place after. 

The Perfect Venue

After much searching, Diane and Richard found the venue that was perfect for them - a golf course that was plush and beautiful and was located not too far from their home in Wisconsin. 

For them, the place was not the most orthodox of options, but it held the charm they were after and ticked all of the their boxes when it came to what they wanted from their wedding venue. Now that the venue was found and the date was set, the rest could fall into place. 

Yes to the Dress!

The venue is a huge decision and the one that dictates the timing and location, but the second largest decision is none other than the wedding dress! Diane had an idea of what kind of dress she wanted, she wanted to make sure she looked like the star of the show on her big day and that she would "wow" the crowd and her future husband along with them. 

Diane looked for months to find the perfect dress. After a long search, she found the dress that complimented her frame perfectly and was a strapless, low-cut, and fishtail wedding dress. 

Wedding Dress Code

In order to make sure that Diane stood out on her special day, the couple decided that they would have a dress code for the guests. The men were to wear gray suits and blue ties, while the women would wear royal blue dresses - a color that looks good on everyone. The couple thought that with this plan nothing could go wrong. 

Unfortunately again, their color dress code would fall at the wayside thanks to one incredibly important wedding guest, one that the couple did not foresee doing what she did. 

What Was She Thinking?!

The big day was all ready and the day was finally upon them. As the guests were arriving at the beautiful venue, there was one guest who did not listen to the dress code that was asked of her - the groom's mother of all people. She, it seemed, thought that the dress code did not apply to her.

Diane's future mother-in-law arrived in a near exact version of the dress Diane, the bride, was wearing! Diane was stunned as she looked at Richard's mother. Wanting to go over to her and ask her what she was thinking, Diane kept her cool, for now... 

The Biggest Rule

There is one major rule every woman follows when it comes to weddings, there are not many but they are hugely important. The rule is as follows - the bride is the only one to be in white on her wedding day! If someone else shows up in white, it is a a huge sign of disrespect and is considered very rude.

It was not clear if Richard's mother wore a similar white dress intentionally to upset or she really did not know about the dress code, but either way she was wearing a white gown to her son's wedding. 


Wearing white on another's wedding day is bad enough, but to wear white and an almost exact copy of what the bride is wearing is that much more of an offense. However, that is exactly what happened to Diane on her wedding day. Diane searched for months for her perfect dress, and here Richard's mother was in a mere replica of it.

Diane did not know what to do and how to react, instead of lashing out at her mother-in-law, Diane kept her cool and smiled on the day and just tried to put it aside.