20 Healthy Tips For When You Dine Out According To A Beachbody Coach

20. Replace Fries

We once again teamed up with Beachbody coach and personal trainer Clay Manley to help you achieve your wellness goals! This time around, we're giving you invaluable information on how to order at restaurants and continue working toward your goals.

Clay mapped out 20 easy ways to dine out and be healthy at the same time. Check 'em out!

19. Have An Appetizer As Your Entree

Substitute fruit or veggies for those fries to make your meal as healthy as possible.

18. Request Fruits And Veggies As Sides

Appetizer servings tend to be smaller, and with things such as lettuce wraps, they may even be a healthier option than menu entrees.

17. No Buns

Add a side of fruit to your meal to help fill your stomach with nutrient-dense foods.

Most people consume way more than the recommended serving of carbs per day.

16. Fill Up On Nutrient Dense Foods (Like A Salad Or Veggies) FIRST

Avoid over-eating these high-calorie and often highly-processed foods by skipping on buns.

15. Eat SLOW

Start your meal on a healthy note with a small salad or appetizer of veggies, especially if you go to dinner on an empty stomach!

When you eat, it takes the food several seconds to reach your stomach. It takes even longer for your stomach to send the signal to your brain that you're full.

14. Avoid Chips (Or Limit To One Handful)

Eat slow to give your body time to process your food.

Chips are empty calories, and they're easily over-eaten.

13. Don't Be Afraid To Ask For Healthy Substitutions

Either completely avoid getting chips at the table, or practice your self-control by limiting your chip consumption to one handful.

Restaurants are becoming more flexible and health-focused than ever before.

12. All Sauces On The Side

They're more willing to substitute sides of fries and other starches for healthier options, so don't be afraid to ask!

Ordering a salad saturated in dressing is not a healthy decision!

11. White Meats Are Better Than Dark Meats

Get all sauces on the side in order to control how much fat and calories you add to your meal.

You're probably familiar with the perils of red meat and dark meat, so this one should be a no-brainer.

10. Seafood Is Generally A Safe Option (No Fried!)

Lean, white meat is the way to go!

Ordering deep-fried fish with creamy dipping sauces will negate this healthy choice.

9. Split An Entree With A Friend

Stick with fresh, grilled seafoods for the healthiest options.

Save yourself the temptation of over-eating by agreeing to share a plate with a friend.

8. Always Go Grilled

It automatically cuts the calories in half!

Save calories by skipping fried options and go with grilled instead.

7. Baked Is Your Second Best Option

It's a much healthier alternative.

If grilled isn't your thing, the second best option is baked chicken.

6. Treat Fruit Like Dessert

Of course, going with baked does limit your choice of meat to mostly chicken (which is healthier than dark meats.)

Sweet fruits, such as strawberries, can help curb your sugar craving post-meal.

5. Request Your Entree Be Cut In Half

You'll feel better about the decision of snacking on fruits than if you were to order that high-calorie chocolate lava cake.

Request half of  your entree to be boxed up to-go prior to being served. Seeing only half the meal on your plate will help you feel full and result in eating less.

4. Don't Go Starving

Plus, restaurant portions are typically more than one serving, and the entire meal shouldn't be consumed in one sitting.

Have a healthy protein snack before going to the restaurant.

3. If You Need Booze, Stick With One Glass Of Red Wine

Going out to eat on an empty stomach will only result in over-eating unhealthy, fatty foods.

Red wine actually has health benefits when consumed in moderation.

2. Water Only

It's also far less calories than sugary cocktails.

Water is a great calorie-free way to help fill your stomach, which results in eating less.