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23 Looks No Mom Should Wear

How you present yourself to the world can say a lot about you, and avoiding these 23 mom fashion fails is crucial...

Homes In America’s 25 Most Expensive Zip Codes 2016

Demand for high-end homes is finally waning after six years on the boil. The signs of a slowdown are clearest in Silicon...

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Customer Service Horror Stories

It's no surprise that customer service workers are often overlooked heroes. They deal with many difficult customers, and for every nice one they meet,...

Hotel Horrors

With numerous guests checking in and out every day, there's always that one individual who can make your life miserable with their unreasonable demands...

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her 2023

By liza / Jan 26, 2023 Valentine's Day is in less than a month, and you still don't know what to get your girlfriend or wife? Here are...

Motivate Yourself Every Day With These Quick Tips

By liza / March 5, 2023 Have you ever struggled to stay motivated and get things done on time? You're not alone! Here are the best tips to...

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