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He May Be 75, But Tom Selleck Is Showing No Signs Of Slowing Down

Whether you know him from his breakout role in Magnum P.I or just know of him through his infamous and iconic mustache, Tom Selleck is a national treasure. 

He’s also one of Hollywood’s greatest exports but even with all the fame and fortune, Selleck has often kept quiet about his personal life. Until now. 

Born in Detroit, Selleck and his family moved to California when the future Hollywood star was only a mere 3 years old. His father was a real-estate developer and his mother a full-time housewife. Despite their busy lives, Selleck’s parents always ensured their children were happy and healthy. 

So when Selleck started expressing his career interests, his parents knew they had to support him. No matter what.  

After graduating from the University of Southern California, Selleck enrolled in the army. He was in the 160th Regiment of the California Army National Guard.

When looking back on his military days, Selleck has fond memories, admitting in an interview with ABC, “I am a veteran, I’m proud of it. I was a sergeant in the U.S. Army infantry, National Guard, Vietnam era.“ But Selleck had much bigger dreams than the army. 

After landing a few modeling gigs, Selleck appeared on The Dating Game. After he was in the show, he was contacted by iconic brand Pepsi, who wanted him to star in one of their commercials. 

The commercial was a hit and was just the start of Selleck’s legendary and long-lasting career. 

At aged 35, Selleck secured the role that would change his life completely. The role? Thomas Magnum from Magnum P.I. The show was a complete success and ran for a staggering 8 seasons with 163 episodes! 

Critics and fans adored Selleck and his role as Magnum. But there was something else that would catapult Selleck into even more stardom. And he wouldn’t even have to look far to find it…

Let’s be honest. You can’t recognize Tom Selleck without knowing his legendary mustache! His bushy, facial feature is known all around the globe, and is essentially a celebrity in its own right! 

Despite his instant-recognizable facial feature, there’s another actor who people mistake Selleck for. 

Despite his iconic mustache, Selleck is not prone to getting mistaken for other fellow celebrities. 

In an interview, Selleck claimed that many people have mistaken him for Burt Reynolds. “There was a time I could have been mistaken for Burt Reynolds. I had a mustache and so did he. But he was the number one star in the world, so there wasn’t really much confusion.”

In 1986, Tom Selleck was awarded his very own Hollywood Walk Of Fame. You know you’ve made it when this happens right? 

At the event, Selleck reunited with his Magnum P.I co-stars, and fans worldwide headed over to 6925 Hollywood Boulevard to see if for themselves. And oh how they loved it! But it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows for Selleck. 

While Selleck was shooting Magnum, P.I., the Hollywood heartthrob was not allowed to do other projects/movies. 

His popularity at the time was at an all-time high which is why it was devastating for Selleck when he had to turn down the main role in Raiders of the Lost Ark due to scheduling conflicts! We think he would have made a pretty good Indiana Jones! Despite this was another superstar role that Selleck himself actually turned down. And we’re pretty sure he regrets that decision. 

Imagine if Tom Selleck starred as heartthrob Mitch Buchannon on Baywatch. Well, it could have actually happened if Selleck didn’t turn down the role! 

You see, Selleck turned down the role in the hit ‘90’s series because he didn’t want to become a sexy symbol. Which is the reason why the role was ultimately given to David Hasselhoff.

Despite his fantastic career, Selleck‘s personal life hasn’t exactly been as successful. After one year of dating, he married Jacqueline Ray. However, the couple filed for divorce after 11 years together.

Selleck even adopted her son Kevin and still to this day they remain close. But was Selleck forever destined to be unlucky in love? 

After numerous failed relationships and let downs, Selleck was about to give up on the idea of love until he met Jillie Mack. 

And in 1987 they exchanged vows and have been together since. The two love in California with their daughter Hannah and Selleck admitted he’s a changed man since starting his family. 

Throughout Selleck’s legendary career, the actor has appeared in over 50 films and TV shows. But despite his impressive resume and portfolio, his net worth is pretty mediocre.

With a net worth at around $25 million, this may seem like a ton of money for regular people like us, but for someone of Selleck’s level, it’s rather small. Especially when you compare it to other major Hollywood stars!


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