Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner Are “Leaning on Each Other” After Splitting from Their Partners

Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles have been "leaning on each other" for the last few weeks after each broke up with their partner this past month. Styles and his girlfriend, Olivia Wilde, are currently on a break, while Jenner and her boyfriend of two years, Devin  Booker, have called it quits for a second time.

Now, it looks like Styles and Jenner have reconnected and are helping eachother to go through a breakup. The two have been romantically involved in the past. "Harry and Kendall have always stayed in touch, but in light of their recent splits, they have more time for one another," an insider told The Sun. "And Harry has had Kendall's ear over his breakup with Olivia. Kendall is one of the few people to understand the level of fame and scrutiny which Harry endures. She is also dealing with her own tough time."