Girlfriend Sees This Selfie And Confronts Him

Now What She Expected 

Katie sits impatiently on the sofa checking her cellphone every five minutes. It had been 2 hours since her boyfriend Ben had last spoken to her. Where was he? Her phone suddenly beeps and to her relief, it was a message from Ben. He sent a selfie of him in his car and Katie smiled to herself, while butterflies fluttered around in her stomach.

But then suddenly, Katie’s smile turns upside down. She sits frozen in her tracks, having just noticed something strange about Ben’s selfie. When she saw it, she felt her heart shatter. There was no coming back from this. No way. 

Young And In Love

Katie Jackson had been in a relationship with Ben Jones for four years. Katie truly did love Ben, she was positive he was her soulmate; the man she planned to spend the rest of her life with.

But this love-stricken girl had no idea what was coming to her.

Supposed To Be An Ordinary Day 

It was supposed to be an ordinary day for Katie who was going around her best friend's house while Ben was off to the gym.

But Katie’s entire world was about to get turned upside down after receiving a selfie from the "love of her life."

Met Four Years Ago

Katie and Ben first met four years ago while at university. After a couple of weeks of awkward smiles and small talk, finally, Ben asked Katie out and she said yes.

Katie was like a giddy school girl. She truly fell head over heels for Ben. He was different from the other boys, or so she thought.

Still Going Strong

Four years after their first date and Katie and Ben were still happy together and going strong. The two had been moved in with one another, and even spoke about starting a family! 

Ben was just the man for Katie. He was funny, kind, smart, and loyal. But Katie had no idea how wrong she was.

A Perfect Relationship 

Throughout their four year relationship, Ben and Katie hardly ever argued. They were too mature to act like children, instead, if either of them had a problem, they made sure to tell each other. 

On paper, and in real life, their relationship was perfect. But all good things must come to an end, right? 

A Friend In Need

It was Katie's birthday and Ben decided to go to the gym like he had done every day for as long as she knew him. It wasn't a big deal but she wished he could stay. But at least she had Lily, her best friend. She had decided to come over to celebrate her birthday.

With Ben leaving this just made Katie all too aware of the fact that she couldn't see her family for her birthday this year. They lived far away and she wouldn't expect them to drive such a long distance for one day of the year.

Making Her Feel Better

Lilly cheered Katie up with some ice cream and a bottle of wine. Katie was grateful to have her friend by her side. She knew she'd be having a great birthday in a matter of no time.

But Katie had no idea that in a matter of hours her own entire world would also be turned upside down.

Dropping Her Off

Ben got his keys, kissed Katie on the cheek and then left. He was planning to go to the gym and then do a spot of shopping in town.

She watched Ben drive away, not knowing what exactly he was up to. She had a feeling that something was off, but she assumed it was just paranoia.

A Girls Night In

Katie and Lily had been watching their favorite rom-coms and eating ice cream for the past two hours. Katie had messaged Ben a few times to see if he was ok, but he hadn’t replied. 

She thought he was probably busy at the gym, halfway through a workout. But she was so wrong. 

Where Was He?

As the hour passed, Katie started to worry that something had happened to Ben. He still hadn’t replied to her, and that was nearly three hours ago. 

She rang him, hoping he would pick up. But he didn’t. Where was he? Was he hurt? Hundreds of questions flooded Katie’s mind but nothing could have prepared her for what was to happen next.

He Finally Replied

Finally, Ben replied to Katie and she swiftly put down her bowl of ice cream and picked up her phone the moment she heard it beep. 

She wiped her fingers before opening the message. But what she was about to see would tear her world in two.

A Selfie 

Katie opened the message from Ben. It was a selfie of him wearing sunglasses in his car. He looked super cute and straight away Katie felt butterflies in her stomach. 

But then, within a matter of moments, Katie suddenly noticed something strange about Ben’s selfie. When she saw it, she felt sick to her stomach.

Was This A Joke?

Katie is frozen in her tracks. Was this some kind of joke that Ben was playing on her? But Katie didn’t find this funny. Not one bit.

Her mouth dropped wide open the moment she saw it in his selfie. How could he do this to her? How could he crush her heart in the palm of his hand like a cheap fortune cookie? There was no coming back from this. 

Showing Her Friend

Quickly, Katie showed the selfie to Lily who was just as lost for words. The two friends looked at each other.

How could he do this? She knew she had to find out the truth. She turned off the television, took a sip of wine, and called him, ready to confront him.

Another Girls Legs

You see in the selfie that Ben took, a pair of legs could be seen in the reflection of his sunglasses, hanging out the window on the passenger side.

But it wasn’t Katie’s legs. Katie was with Lily when the picture was taken. So who was Ben with?


Katie gripped onto her cellphone as she waited for Ben to pick up the call. She could feel her blood boil, while her heart broke into tiny pieces.

He answered and she was ready to unleash her anger and humiliation. 

Who Are You With?

Katie was screaming down the phone, “who's that with you?” She yelled out. But Ben responded with mere silence.

 “Answer me!” Katie screamed, her eyes welling up with tears. “I’m sorry, I can't tell you,” he replied, his voice as quiet as a mouse. He didn’t even try to deny it. He didn’t try to come up with an excuse. It was as if he was happy to be caught. 

Breaking It Off 

Ben eventually got home and came clean about everything to Katie. He revealed that he was bringing her sister over to celebrate her birthday.

Katie missed her family and hadn't seen her sister in particular for months. Katie got a pleasant surprise and a world of relief when she found out what was really going on.