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This Guy Dug A Huge Hole In His Backyard And Now His Neighbors Are Insanely Jealous…

Everyone has wild ideas for their home and projects they wish they could do, but not everyone actually follows through. When it comes to large-scale projects in your backyard, it takes a lot of time and effort to execute something well.
When Wayne Martin started digging a massive hole in his backyard, his neighbors thought he was nuts. Little did they know that what he actually had planned was one of the most ambitious backyard construction projects we’ve ever seen.
And when he was done, all of their confusion was quickly replaced by burning envy! Prepare to feel the same way when you see what he did!

It’s lucky he was able to find what he needed at such a low cost. We all know that one of the very first steps for any DIY project is to try and keep the final bill as low as you possibly can, so Wayne was already off to a great start. Even better, this shipping container would ultimately become the body of his entire construction project. Without it, he wasn’t going to get very far! Thank goodness for cheap items available for purchase on the Internet, right? Congrats, Wayne. Now, what was he going to use that container for, exactly? Let’s find out!

He needed to give the shipping container a soft bed to lie on that would also filter through to the soil. Likewise, the top of the container needed some space on top, for the steps that would come later in the process. You might be starting to guess what this project is, but the best parts are yet to come. For his part, Wayne was really off to a great (and quick!) start, and was making progress each and every day. Not much more you could ask! The next steps were going to really be tough, though. Onward and upward, as they say!

There’s any number of reasons to leave that space there, from the work he still needed to do around the shipping container to being able to get inside. Still, the project had a long way to go. Every step was a move in the right direction, but there were many more left to take. Has anyone else managed to do a build like this on their own? Maybe you’ll be extra inspired after you see the final product that Wayne has managed to construct. We promise you’ll be impressed! It’s really that awesome. You won’t believe what he did.

Every secret, underground bunker needs a doorway, right? Well, it might not be as futuristic or fancy as some sort of hidden elevator (think Batman going to the Batcave), but it will get the job done. In fact, the stairs are nicer than having to climb down a rusty ladder or something like that. As with most things, if it gets the job done, why bother complaining? At long last, the majority of the exterior work was nearing completion. Still, there were a few major details that Wayne had to address before he could move on to working on the inside of the bunker.

Look at Wayne out there with the jackhammer! This is no simpleton’s construction project, huh? Those extra support beams are going to come into play in the near future. Can you tell what it is that he’s doing? The skeleton is all there, but the fun part came when he put in the nuts and bolts that really made this whole thing come alive. Soon enough, his hard work was going to pay off big time.

The entryway was the next step in Wayne’s journey. With the steps already in place, and the roof covering the back end of the bunker all set, he was ready to build the structure that would house the door down into his secret lair. At long, long last, things were starting to take shape.

That’s right: the next thing Wayne did was install air vents, so that he could get some fresh air down into the container. You would think that that would indicate that people might want to stay down there for a long time. Just to give you an idea of what he was creating…

Six inches is a lot of concrete! Wayne sure wasn’t playing around with this whole project. Clearly, the hope was that this underground structure could withstand quite the beating. Between the container, the roofing, the beams, and the concrete, he definitely accomplished that goal. Planning sure makes everything better, doesn’t it?

Here is a great view of the progress that Wayne had made in the entryway. The stairs, beams, and cinder blocks all made quite the team, as they all formed a seriously sturdy frame. All of the heavy lifting had been worth it in the end. Wayne sure knew what he was doing, that much is certain!

Wine is a great choice for any underground bunker! That is one seriously amazing wine cellar, Wayne! That, however, is not all that he expected to use the space for. He had plans beyond the spirits, and they were just as fun! Get ready to see the final product.

These sort of containers are designed to be stacked, so their support comes from the corners. If the container isn’t properly supported, it could collapse and be dangerous. So, follow the instructions this man provides, and you should be good to go!

Frankly, this bunker here looks like a lot more comfortable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing than a lot of ordinary people’s living rooms! It makes sense, though, considering that this particular one from Al’s Army Navy Store in Altamonte Springs, Florida would cost you about 60,000 dollars! It’s also 20 feet deep!

It may not beat actually being able to go outside your home whenever you want to walk around and live your life, but as long as you kept enough food, water, medical supplies, and other necessities to last you for years, you could certainly do a lot worse than this.


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