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Guy Buys Cabin For $100, And Now People Can’t Stop Staring

He sat across from his family and their upset or serious expressions. 

The sudden intervention was by no means a surprise, but the topic was not. His dream project had started as something fun, but now it was more of a nightmare. And … it was threatening to tear his family apart. 

Richard Aiken, a 65-year-old “vegan hillbilly” might come across as a scruffy hermit to most people. 

But those closest to him knew he was a man of many talents – 2 PhDs, a medical degree, opera singer, and an author. As he ventured into retirement, he wanted to step into his next dream project.

The nature-loving father yearned to find a plot of land, build a cabin, retired into the woods, and stay there … forever. 

Needless to say, it was a surprise to his entire family, especially his wife. Still, they moved forward – having no idea the drama and arguments that were on the way.

With a rush of excitement, he met the first obstacle head-on. The land was expensive no matter where he looked. 

He might have had money saved for retirement, but he still needed to be careful. Then, by some miracle he got a phone call from a friend that would solve the problem (but create future ones).

The friend had a plot of land and an old cabin he once had plans for but offered it to Richard for free instead. 

The retired hillbilly felt a surge of joy, pulled out $100, and insisted the friend take it as payment. However, as they drove to the plot, they noticed something worrisome. 

Not only was it in the middle of nowhere and far from any form of civilization, but the cabin was also a rotting shell and filled with garbage.

 To him, it was perfect. But as he looked over at his family, he saw they didn’t share the same feelings. 

He took their hands, promised it would be a great family experience, and tried to soothe their worry about him living in such rugged terrain at a very old age. 

He smiled and his spark of joy seems to spring to them. He handed them shovels and they started to dig. Soon, they hit a new problem.

The garbage had already taken forever to clear, and much of the lumber was rotted and unusable, but the biggest block was the basement. 

He had plans for a root cellar, but they hit bedrock only a few feet down. Days turned into months. And months turned into some very hard years.

Richard was determined to make his dream come true. The family sacrificed every weekend and sunk tens of thousands into construction. 

He watched as their enthusiasm faded into resentment. Eventually, his kids refused to come over and help anymore. Worries of divorce started to appear. He tried to convince them that these struggles were also for their benefit.

But one person’s passion can’t be motivation for everyone. Richard ended up having to compromise by asking for help from the Amish neighbors so his family could rest.

 The cabin slowly took form into something livable and the massive problems shrunk into manageable tasks. One day, he stumbled on something that would change everything.

The small pond was always near the end of the to-do list, but Richard watch the bulldozers clear dirt away and water bubble up, he realized the land was sitting on a water table and there was a natural spring. 

His retirement home was now a beautiful realization. It was time to call his family back.

They walked into the new space and marveled at the hand-made fireplace their father had built. 

And, in the middle of the room, a beautiful wood table that the Amish neighbors had made as a housewarming gift. “I want us to spend Thanksgiving here. And, I had a surprise for all of you.” His family shot concerned glances at each other.

As they sat down to dinner in front of a roaring fire and a hot meal. 

Richard looked around at his loved ones and said, “You are the most important thing to me. You’ve already sacrificed so much for me, and I want to give something back to you. I’ve made a decision about the cabin.”

“I’m not going to retire here.” Instead, the land was going to be a place they could spend holidays and vacations.

 He would grow old with them in a place they loved, but he could also spend time in his dream as well. He pulled out his phone and showed them one last surprise.

Richard had been meticulous in his photo documentation. He had shared it on many social media sites and the response was utterly overwhelming. 

The world loved the forest getaway. “Take all their love for this place, and multiply it by a million. It still doesn’t come close to my love for my family.”


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