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Groom Stuns Bride With A Gift On Their Wedding Day

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a pair of newlyweds declaring their love in front of the people that have loved and supported them throughout their respective lives. It was a very special day when Jeff and Jenna celebrated their wedding day, and all of the details were going to truly make it memorable. The reason for that is because Jeff had a surprise for his bride and she had absolutely no idea what was going to happen to make her already very happy day even more spectacular. While Jenna knew that the wedding day would be a moment she would never forget, she also had no idea that she will get the surprise of her life. We can all agree that a wedding day should be a memorable string of moments that many women dream about growing up, considering that you are marrying the love of your life and have pictured how the day was going to look since you were five years old. However, Jenna had no idea that her wedding would soon get weird.

Jeff wanted his wedding day to Jenna to be much more than a normal wedding that people attend and later forget. This wedding was not going to be forgotten by anyone in attendance to say the least, much less by Jenna who would be the reason for the memorable moment.

Jeff wanted to give his bride a special gift for their wedding, something she would never ever forget. Jenna also had some tricks up her sleeve, and on the morning of their wedding, Jeff woke up to see a new set of golf clubs as a gift before the wedding.

There is a custom among brides and grooms that they get one another gifts for their special day. Many think of smaller tokens of their love, but Jenna wanted to go big for Jeff. Little did she know that nothing was going to compare to what he had planned for her!

While he had already planned in advance for the gift on the wedding day, he made it so that it would be revealed right during their first dance together. Jeff and Jenna met a few years before Jeff decided to pop the question and spend the rest of his life with Jenna. 

While it took him time to propose, he said it was love at first sight. During their years together, they learned a lot about each other, like the fact that they share many of the same interests, such as skiing, fishing, and hunting.

It was during one of their trips that these two actually got engaged. Jeff got down on one knee right there in the middle of the woods and proposed to her. She obviously said yes and after a few months they were ready to make it official. 

The wedding planning was in full force and they were excited to start their lives together as a married couple. These two were meant to be together and the gift that he had in mind for her was a testament to just how much he knew his bride.

Jeff made sure that the professional camera crew was watching his every move on the wedding day. The crew knew about the mysterious gift and waited for the big reveal. Meanwhile, Jenna had no idea what was going on and what was about to happen on her very special day.

In a video that he later posted on YouTube, Jeff said, “Ok, so later tonight, I will be surprising Jenna with the wedding gift of her dreams.” This was getting real for him and he was so nervous about the gift he was going to give Jenna. 

The scenes from the footage reveal the groomsmen getting ready to learn about the mysterious gift that Jeff was going to give Jenna. The groomsmen waited for Jeff to tell them his plans. Jeff said, “I’m going to tell you guys what the big surprise is.”  

Then he asked them in front of the camera: “She’s not going to know that you guys know until she sees this video later. So, are you guys ready to know it?” Needless to say, the groomsmen were ready to hear what the surprise was as they were all very curious.

Then Jeff turned to the camera and told them: “stay tuned!” The world was not going to know the surprise until Jeff wanted it to, he knew better than to reveal anything too soon so as to not ruin the surprise.

It was clear that his surprise would be a success. Jenna and Jeff had their first dance, and right before finishing the last seconds of the dance, Jeff took the microphone. You could hear it in his voice – he seemed a bit too nervous, saying a few words in the beginning…

Jeff was nervous and thanked everyone for being there. Then, he looked at his beautiful bride and said that he is “about to give Jenna a big surprise that she doesn’t know about…”

But before revealing the surprise, he asked the people at the wedding if they “would each and every one of you guys agree with me that she is the most beautiful bride that you guys have ever seen?” He wanted nothing more than to make Jenna feel like the perfect bride on her most special day, and he was about to take it over the top.

Looking at Jenna sparkling with joy in her beautiful dress, it was obvious she was the star of that night. But what would be Jeff’s surprise for her? After a few moments of anticipation, Jeff said, “No, it’s not hunting or fishing related. It’s everything that you want.” making the crowd and Jenna even more curious. 

What could Jenna have wanted that she did not get on her most perfect of days. Jenna started getting nervous, as you can see from this image where the footage shows her looking at Jeff questioningly. 

Jenna was patiently waiting to learn more about her husband’s gift. Jeff then asked her, “Would you agree with me that the last few hours have been the best hours of your life as a family of two?”

She was a bit confused and wondered where he was going with that question. Then, the crowd finally looked towards the third family member and realized what the surprise was. It was hard to imagine that Jeff would do such a huge surprise on his wedding day, some would call it risky even, but he knew what he was doing. 

What could the gift be? Jeff went silent for a few seconds and finally told his future bride, “Well, I’m proud to announce that we have now become a family of three!”

The crowd took in a deep breath, and Jenna was confused as if thinking ‘I would know if I was pregnant before you!’ What was Jeff talking about? Then, Jenna turned around and soon started crying… Jenna had no idea that Jeff had planned all of this behind her back and Jeff was nervous to see if Jenna would be okay with it after all. 

Jenna turned around and started crying, unable to say anything. The crowd began applauding, and Jeff knew he did not go wrong when he chose this gift. Jenna was beside herself with the gift that was being brought to her in this very moment. 

Jeff is smiling looking at Jenna to make sure she is happy with it, and Jenna is looking all too darlingly at something that is outside of the frame of this image. Do not worry, we will show you what the incredible gift was!

There he is! Jenna looked from afar at a beautiful Labrador Retriever puppy and ran towards the little guy to shower him with kisses. She gently took him in her arms, and as Jeff came closer, she kissed her new husband for the gift of a lifetime that she wanted so badly for so long but did not think they could plan a wedding and a dog at the same time. 

It was truly a memorable moment, and that is not even the end of it!

After the wedding, Jeff uploaded the video to his YouTube account to share the experience with his friends and family. However, he had no idea that the footage would go viral, reaching nearly 4 million views!

The world could not get enough of the groom who decided to surprise his bride with a puppy dog on their wedding day, something that we have to say is rather risky so it means he knew his new bride all too well and that she would not only take it well, but she would love it! Their story is far from being over, and carried on with a lot more good news…

While Jeff told everyone that the gift was not hunting related, the puppy was actually a breed that comes from hunting stock. Labradors are great at fetching fowl, and we have seen him going with his new family on these trips. 

This little family of three would have a lot of fun together on the many adventures that they normally had as a family of two, now three with the little fur baby. Then, we also spotted something far cuter after the newlyweds came back from their honeymoon!

Although they were having a lot of fun on their honeymoon, the Althoff’s could not wait to get back home to their puppy. They also had a lot of other news to share with the world…

Their puppy, which they soon after getting decided to call Bear, was so happy to see them coming back home! But the surprises are not yet over! There are so many sweet twists in all of this, we hope you are prepared for yet another turn of events that is sure to make you smile. 

Shifting the focus for a second to the adorable puppy, Bear. He was quite the spoiled pup! He loved the outdoors as much as his human parents did; he got to swim and run in the wild which is basically every dog’s dream situation. Then, Jeff and Jenna had a new surprise. Bear was going to become the big brother…

This dog was about to have one seriously cool new friend to hang out with and spread his love on!

It was one year after the wedding when the couple shared the new and exciting news about their family. This photo shows Bear laying protectively on his mom’s tummy, which was quite big! Bear was soon going to have a little sister! 

This adorable couple kept the surprises coming for their nearest and dearest, with Bear being the first of many yet always a part of the surprises. The photo to the right shows Bear being officially labeled the big brother and he does not seem to mind it one little bit!

In another photo, she announced the arrival of the baby with the adorable photo where they hold baby clothes with the due date. Bear is also part of the photo shoot, of course, as the big brother! Bear was always going to be the best old brother a baby girl could ask for. 

As soon as she arrived, he licked her with kisses and kept her warm and safe always. The couple could not ask for a better dog to be a part of their small family.

Now that Bear was no longer the only child in the family, we think he is not quite ready for this. However, he will soon become the best brother ever. Just wait to see him taking good care of his little sister! 

Jenna and Bear had a special connection from the day he was brought over to her on the couple’s wedding day. He was her best friend and smartest boy, protector of the family and cuddle buddy for everyone.

After being only three, Jeff, Jenna and Bear were eager to welcome the little girl and become a happy family of four! And thanks to Jeff, all social media followers that saw his wedding video learned about the family’s latest adventures. 

He knew that the world was interested in his family as millions of people were interested in the gift he got Jenna on their wedding day. He was surprised then but he was not shy about it now. This little girl was going to be known to the world!

Jeff and Jenna are happy to have such a large family and said that they would not change it for the world. They are enjoying their life with their baby girl and sweet fur baby Bear. Their video on YouTube still makes hundreds of people commenting and wishing them the best. 

It is great to see how the digital world connects people to stories that they find wonderful and inspiring. This family is a piece of good online and it is fun to watch their family grow.

It was obviously the cutest wedding day gift ever, and that is why we must agree that it was a perfect choice! You can see that Jeff and Jenna are a perfect match, and they love their kids very much! 

Perhaps this will be great inspiration for grooms everywhere moving forward – getting a puppy dog for your bride on your wedding day could make for a huge surprise that will move her to tears in the best way possible, not to mention garner you millions of YouTube views!


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