51-Year-Old Mom Gives Birth To Son's Baby

The Moment She Found Out

The tension was so thick in the couple’s bathroom that it could be cut with a knife. Kayla stood in absolute silence for a few moments, too anxious to even breathe. Her husband came up behind her and they both stared at the pregnancy test in utter disbelief. 

But, no. She wasn’t mistaken. There were two pink lines, as clear as day. She turned to her husband and whispered, “She’s pregnant.”

A Young Couple

29-year-old Kayla Jones had always wanted a big family, but she had known since she was just 17 that it was unlikely that she’d ever be a mom. 

She and Cody married in 2012 and settled in Texarkana, Arkansas. They had two dogs and dreamed of having a baby to start growing their family, so they decided to try.

Facing The Facts

Kayla and Cody tried to fulfill their dreams of starting a family, but months went by without success. Something was wrong. 

Kayla finally knew that it was time to face the facts and seek the help of a professional. But neither of them could ever have imagined how difficult things were about to get.

Bad News

When Kayla visited her doctors and told them they wanted to start trying for a baby, she received the news she feared. The doctors confirmed what she already knew in her heart and shattered her dreams of becoming a parent. 

When Kayla got the results from the tests back, she was devastated. Something that she had suffered through in her teenage years was the root of all their problems.

Rising Tension

Cody knew that she had a complication in the past but they were reassured that having a baby was still possible. But the more time went on, the more their dream of having a family seemed less and less likely.

Out of fear of upsetting Kayla, Cody didn't tell her how much this situation was hurting him. Having kids of his own was something he dreamt about all his life. Tension was rising. 

The Difficult Conversation

The Jones’ desperately wanted to have children of their own but had difficulties conceiving naturally. 

Kayla was heartbroken and she felt terrible that she couldn’t give her husband the family he deserved. She eventually sucked up the courage to sit Cody down and start the difficult conversation that she had never wanted to have.

Make Or Break

Kayla sat Cody down and asked him where he wanted to go from here. She knew that he wanted something she couldn't give him and she could feel the strain on their relationship. 

It was a make-or-break conversation that ended in tears. They discussed their options and the possibility of ending things. That's when Cody told her what was really on his mind. 

A Looming Shadow

Up until this point, the couple had felt like their lives were going exactly as planned: they had met the person they wanted to spend their life with, got married... but now the final piece of the puzzle was painfully missing. 

Sadly, at the age of 17, Kayla had undergone a procedure that would make it very difficult for her to bear children. 


Cody didn't want to end things and instead suggested that they consider adopting, but Kayla had always dreamed of having a child of her own. 

Despondent and growing desperate, however, she decided to look into adoption. Then they started to look at their other options, but they could have never guessed where their final hope came from. 

They decided they weren't going to give up on their dream together so easily. But after doing some research, they were faced with yet another obstacle between them and growing their family.

They knew adoption wouldn't be easy but they had no idea how hard it was. They felt like they were in way over their heads, but that's when the unexpected happened. 


The legal fees for adoption were just too high for Cody and Kayla to afford. With the idea of adopting abandoned, they were still determined not to let go of their dream. 

They began thinking about IVF, but if adoption was already too expensive, would this route be unfeasible, too? And what about Kayla’s condition?

The Procedure

“At the age of 17, I had a partial hysterectomy. Doctors found a tumor that was believed to be cancerous taking over my uterus,” Kayla explained. 

“My uterus was removed and the biopsy came back benign. My ovaries did not have to be removed so I am still able to have a child biologically mine, but I am unable to carry the child myself.” The couple began to think about their last remaining option; surrogacy.


Kayla and Cody told Patty, Cody's mom, and Kayla's mother-in-low, all of their struggles with trying for a family. She had a great relationship with the couple and her heart broke for them. 

When the couple decided to look into surrogacy, Patty was there to help at every turn. With Cody being her only child, she wanted nothing more than to have a grandchild of her own. Little did everyone know, just how much. 

Still Trying

Kayla was extremely grateful to still have viable ovaries. But after a few tries with a few different willing surrogates, nothing worked. 

After a few more of the surrogate options failed, the couple was forced to look a little closer to home for someone to carry their baby. But Kayla’s mother-in-law, Patty, wouldn’t hear of it.

The Doctors Advise Against It

Kayla’s 50-year-old mother-in-law had begun to joke that she would be their surrogate, but it was only after a few other failures that they decided to take her offer a little more seriously. 

At first, the doctors were skeptical because of Patty’s age. It was only after a battery of tests that she was given the green light. "After much testing, my mother-in-law was cleared to carry our baby," Kayla said.

Good News

Kayla and Cody started the IVF process in October 2016 and had an embryo transferred to Patty’s womb in March 2017. Unfortunately, it didn't take. 

In May 2017, after another round of IVF, Patty left a urine sample on her front porch before she left for work. Kayla picked it up so that she and Cody could test it at home. Would they finally have good news?

Surprising Her

“I cannot describe the feeling of seeing two pink lines,” Kayla confessed. “I just knew it was going to work."

After Kayla and Cody learned that they were finally pregnant, they decided to surprise Patty at work with the good news. “We told her we had not tested yet and drove to her work. We laid that test down in front of her and the tears started flowing.”

Second Doubts

It took a while for Cody and Kayla to come around to the idea of Patty carrying their baby but as time went on and at Patty's persistence, they warmed up to the idea. 

After all, who better to raise their grandchild than a woman they knew would love their baby as much as they did. But even though Patty passed all the medical examinations, they were still worried. Could something go wrong? 

Pay Off

Patty was 50 years old after all. She was perfectly healthy, but having a baby is a big ordeal and they wanted to make sure she was in top condition and was absolutely sure about her decision. 

After the first failed attempt, they made sure she wanted and was fit enough to try again. But Patty was adamant, and it paid off.

A Healthy Baby Boy

Fast forward to Dec. 30, 2017, and Kross Allen Jones was delivered by C-section, happy and healthy.  

“I am so amazed at this sweet miracle. Having him via surrogacy was not always easy, and definitely not easy for Patty, but having him here makes all the hard days worth it.” And how did Patty feel about carrying her son and daughter-in-law’s baby for nine months?


Patty said that the pregnancy sure wasn't a walk in the park, but that she'd do it all again without a second doubt if she had to. 

Although having a family member as a surrogate is controversial, it can be easier financially, and it has obviously worked out for this family. Patty continued to say;


“I’ve recently had the privilege of doing one of the most rewarding things: to carry my own grandchild for my son and daughter-in-law,” Patty confessed. 

"This is something that has blessed not only me and my family but also Kayla’s family. A child is a lifetime commitment and I knew there weren’t two more deserving people than them. To see them with Kross and see the parents they’re already becoming thrills my soul.”

Unique Story

It's not every grandmother who becomes a surrogate to their son and daughter-in-law but it looks like Patty has experienced no regret or health consequences. 

Still, their case was very special and it is not recommended for a family member to be the first call for a surrogate, even though it may be cheaper and easier to manage! 

Feeling Grateful

Kayla still can't believe her luck and thanks her mom-in-law every day for the life-long gift she helped them receive.  

Kross is a happy, healthy baby and was worth every pain, stress, and effort the couple endured to get to where they are now. However, how is Cody finding parenthood?

Words Of Encouragement

Cody is still getting used to fatherhood but couldn't be happier with how everything worked out. Their relationship has been through a lot and they came out stronger for it.

They encourage other parents who are struggling to conceive to never give up. Where there is a will, there is a way. Even if you don't have a grandmother who can help you get there!