Girls Steal Man’s Parking Spot, Then His Epic Revenge Story Goes Viral

“I took the family out to eat at Applebee’s,” wrote a man who shared his story on Reddit, a story that immediately went viral online because of how things eventually ended. This is one of those revenge stories that have an unexpected and epic ending!

The man’s name on Reddit was not revealed, so instead of calling him by his nickname “sixuldv8,” we’ll just call him Brian to make things easier. Here’s how his night at Applebee’s started and why it was going to be a night he’ll always remember.

Usually, when we least expect it, we end up living some crazy stories that remain with us for quite some time.

What Brian didn’t know was that his unforgettable moment would be that night when he got to Applebee’s.

Brian was at the table, enjoying his meal, but his mind wandered at the people cheering at the bar. The drama and loud noises from the girls at the bar were the last drop.

He had a plan, but had no idea how things would eventually turn up…

The father was out with his family to enjoy a great night together. They were going to have a special night out since there’s been some time since they went out to eat.

But that night was special for a totally different reason!

It all started when Brian entered the parking lot. “The lot was full and I saw a customer come out to leave so I waited for him to pull out and take the spot,” wrote Brian in his Reddit post which was perfect for the “Petty Revenge” sub-Reddit.

But this wasn’t actually a petty revenge story!

Being patient and looking forward to spending his time with his family while enjoying his dinner, Brian watched the customer leave the parking spot.

Just when he tried parking his car, another car sped around the corner and pulled in his spot!

“Guy pulls out and a car full of young girls just pull in to my spot,” wrote Brian, adding that “you know the type.” Since the lot was filled with cars, Brian rolled down his window to tell them that was rude.

What did the driver say?

The young adults didn’t even care that Brian was already heading towards that spot. Instead, they sped into his spot before he could even pull the handbrake.

After rolling down the window and told them that he was waiting for that space, the driver tells him this…

Brian recalled the driver telling him “to bad, your name wasn't on it.” He was livid, but instead of ruining his family’s night out, he waited to get another free space.

But he wasn’t about to let it go!

Some young adults do have bad attitudes and no respect for others. But these girls’ fun night out was going to end up differently than what they had planned.

They didn’t see it coming!

Although his family couldn’t see it, Brian was so mad that those young girls have been rude to him. And when he got in the restaurant, he noticed that the “girls were at the bar doing shots getting wasted.” What could he expect from “the type”?

- he thought. Then, as he was eating, a plan started to form at the back of his mind.

Brian enjoyed his meal with his family and smiled knowing that he would get his revenge if his plan worked. But what he didn’t know was that the revenge was even sweeter!

Here’s what happened.

The rude girls at the bar were doing shots and just being noisy.

Even the driver was drinking alcohol, so without thinking to much about it, Brian called the waiter to pay him for the meal and ask him a favor.

When the waiter came to give them the bill, Brian asked him if he would want to make an extra $20. The waiter was a bit confused, but when Brian told him his plan, he agreed.

Oh, the girls would be so angry and Brian would long be gone!

“I asked him to go up to the girls, 10 min after we left, and tell them they got a call from someone that said that they had keyed their car and that they should have parked somewhere else,” wrote Brian in his Reddit post, adding a few more details…

Brian did not key the girl’s car, but asked the waiter to lie so that the girls would at least have a bad night just as Brian had when they stole his parking lot. It was an act of petty revenge, but what Brian didn’t know was that things escalated!

The police got there as well!

Before leaving the restaurant, Brian asked the waiter his phone number to update him on the situation. “I called him about an hour later to ask how it went.

He said they all went nuts, screaming and even called the police.” But here’s where things get better!

So after calling the police, the girls went back inside the restaurant… But it was only a week later when Brian went to AppleBees, and he got to talk again with the waiter.

That’s when he learned just how sweet his revenge got…

Brian learned that “cops came and found no damage to car but noticed the girls were too damaged to drive.” The cops got back into their car and spotted the intoxicated girls head inside their vehicle…

“Girls come out, get in car, start the car, and the parking lot explodes in blue light. Busted!” wrote Brian.

Apparently, the girls got DUIs and PDs. “The waiter recognized me and told me the bonus story, laughing the whole time,” added Brian.

Brian said that he tipped the waiter another $20 after finding the “bonus story” and agreed that it was the “best $40 I ever spent.” But what he didn’t realize was that he did more than have his revenge.

While some people said that Brian took it too far, others said this was what the girls deserved. “You got revenge and inadvertently kept a drunk driver off the streets.

I like your style,” said a Redditer.

Other told Brian that he did an awesome job but wondered who would actually go to get drunk at Applebee’s: “they went to party and rage at Applebee’s? they deserved it.

who goes and starts pounding shots at Applebee’s? seriously?”

Who knows? Maybe Brian ended up saving the girls’ lives or the lives of those that would have crossed their path if the party girls would have been in an accident.

A DUI wouldn’t have been their worry if that was the case!

Brian’s story came with no photo, no names and no location, so people on Reddit wondered if it was only a story and nothing more.

However, even if it was something made up, it still taught us a few lessons.

Be nice with people around you, no matter their age. Never underestimate the people that have more experience in life than you.

This revenge story was pure gold!