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Girl’s Life-Long Dream Comes True During Surprise Flash Mob

How would you react if your favorite celebrity appeared during your dinner with friends and gave you a hug? I bet that it would be a memorable moment and that you would be left speechless, right? Well, this is exactly what happened to a girl from Liverpool named Holly Addison. Holly was nominated by her best friend at the “Surprise Surprise” TV show from the UK and she got her life’s wish, she got to meet Pharrell.

Holly Addison has been a fan of Pharrell ever since she was a little girl. She loves his music and not just that, but she follows all his social media pages in order to keep up with the celebrity. Little did she know, she was going to meet him soon.

Unfortunately, Holly’s father passed away last year and in order to keep his memory alive, Holly has been running a fundraiser where she gathers money and donates them to the people who need it the most. There is nothing more powerful like a daughter’s love.

Lauren Hawke is Holly’s best friend and she knows just how much she loves Pharrell. This is why she decided to nominate Holly at a new UK TV show called “Surprise Surprise”. However, Holly had no idea about this.

The new TV show is all about repaying good people with memorable moments. This show takes suggestion from the audience and they fulfill the dream of a good person who has been doing all in their power to give back to the community, just like Holly.

Lauren Hawke told the showrunners at Surprise Surprise that the only thing Holly has ever dreamed about is to meet Pharrell in person and to get a picture with him. After hearing this, the showrunners called Pharrell to see if he could make the meeting possible.

Pharrell told the showrunners that he is going to be in the UK and that he can make a detour in his program in order to visit Holly. After all, she seems to be his biggest fan!

Lauren Hawke invited Holly for a dinner and some drinks. She told Holly that this was going to be a “special day”, but Holly didn’t exactly know what she meant by that.

After Holly and her friends sat down at the table, the host of the show picked up a radio and said “GO GO”. This is when things started getting interesting for Holly.

Out of nowhere, the waiter started dancing around Holly’s table. Everyone there was amused and Holly didn’t know what to think about this. She imagined that someone must be pulling a prank on her.

Even though Holly didn’t understand what was going on and that the waiter was putting on a show only for her, she was having a fun time. She smiled, giggled and applauded the dancing waiter.

Everyone in the restaurant was looking at the dancing waiter like he was crazy. They were all in on the “joke” but they wanted to make it seem more real for Holly.

One minute after the waiter started dancing, the entire restaurant jumped. Everyone was dancing and Holly couldn’t believe what was going on. Is this a flash mob? Is it for her?

Holly soon realized that it’s a flash mob and that the people are putting on a show. The only people not dancing were her friends who were sitting at the table, including Lauren Hawke who had a big grin on her face. She knew what was coming next.

Loud music was playing in the background as the flash mob was dancing and Holly quickly figured out that the track is none other than Pharrell’s famous “Happy” song. She started clapping and was even thinking about joining the dancers.

Holly and her friends were having a great time laughing and filming what was going on with their phones. However, the biggest surprise had yet to come!

Holly didn’t know this, but Pharrell was hiding backstage and he was getting ready to surprise her. Her life long dream was about to turn into reality and she never expected this to happen.

Everyone went nuts when Pharrell stepped out from the backstage. Holly was still standing in her chair. She was in shock! Is this really Pharrell?

As you can clearly imagine, Holly was left speechless when Pharrell came close to her. This is when she understood that the flash mob was a surprise for her.

Holly took Pharrell into her arms and she gave him a big hug. She told him how much she likes his music and took a picture with him. Her dream had come true and it was all thanks to her best friend.

When asked about how she feels after meeting Pharrell, Holy said that she is still in shock. This is one of the most amazing moments in her life and she is never going to forget it.


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