Girl Waves At Cop Every Day, The Day She Doesn’t His Gut Tells Him To Check Her House


Klynn Scales had a really tough childhood. She lived with her mother and two brothers in Kansas City. Their family was very poor. Their mother would work day and night, but it was never enough.

Fortunately, there was one point in Klynn's day that always made her happy, to meet her favourite person. But one day something happened and everything changed. 


It was an unusual friendship, a nine-year-old girl from Kansas City, Missouri and a policeman. But that one moment would bring her so much joy.

Every day Klynn would wave at Colvin, a police officer who patrolled their street. It became a routine that would light up their day. But one day the routine would break which would alert the policeman. 

Bad Neighborhood

Klynn lived in a bad neighbourhood, with violence and drugs everywhere. 

It was a bad place to live in for a little girl. The officer didn't know much about the girl's family but he understood that her family was struggling.

Where Is She?

One day, as usual, the police officer was patrolling around the neighbourhood. But unlike other days he didn't see the girl. It was strange. 'Where is she?' he thought.

The officer was deeply concerned with this situation and decided to make sure everything was okay. What happens next would shake him to his core.

Money Problems

Klynn's family was poor. Her mother did everything she could, taking up odd jobs to earn money but it was never enough. This little 9 year old would witness the struggling every day.

Money would continue to be a big problem for them. There would be lots of unpaid bills, and as time passed by, the pile of unpaid bills would keep on increasing. 


Tired of the problems, her mom turned to drugs and violence. With her mother rarely coming home, Klynn started picking up the responsibility of an adult. She would do the most to try and feed her two younger brothers.

It was hard being responsible for herself let alone for her family at such a young age. But little Klynn tried her best.

Escape From Reality

Away from the struggles of every day, Colvin and Klynn would begin to form a bond as time passed by. They would discuss the weather, her day, and their hopes, objectives, and aspirations. 

Klynn, on the other hand, was keeping a secret from him.


Colvin had no idea how hard her life was. From outside Klynn looked like a happy little girl. But the reality was far from it.

The situation was so bad for the family that sometimes she had to steal food to feed her younger brothers. She knew it was wrong, but she didn't have any choice. 


Officer Colvin was the one person in Klynn's life on whom she could rely on. He would show up at their location every day. He became a role model and a very significant person in her life.

But one day everything changed.


One day, Colvin came to the usual spot but he didn't meet the girl. She never missed the meeting, so obviously, Colvin was very worried. Something must have happened to her.

But not even in his imagination officer Colvin would have expected to find himself in such a situation.


She was missing, that was for sure. So he decided to check Klynn's house to know what happened and ask her whereabouts.

He drove to her house and knocked on the door. But nobody answered. After a minute, he heard a strange moan followed by some movement.

An Ambulance

Colvin got scared. He wouldn't have broken into her house but the situation seemed very strange and dire. Without wasting any time he went into the house. He was utterly shocked when he saw IT!

He found Klynn on the floor. She was pale and sick. The officer immediately called an ambulance.

In The Hospital

Reaching the hospital, doctors rushed to check up on Klynn. She was diagnosed with severe malnourishment. When Colvin had found her she was struggling to hold on to her life. He practically saved her life.

It was nothing short of a miracle. Colvin was her guardian angel!

Klynn's Gratitude

"Through all the bad situations, I would just picture him saying that he was here for us—and that if we ever needed him, he would be right there," Klynn would recall later. 

She would further add, "He would always protect us. So those words would come to me during the worst times of my childhood life."


“He was that one person that I trusted in my life as a kid,” Klynn revealed. After thinking about him for 20 years, she decided she had to find him. Despite the passage of time, Klynn intended to express her gratitude in person.

Looking him up through social media she finally found him. Years later they met again. It was an extremely emotional event for both of them but one she would treasure forever.