Girl Gets Voted Homecoming Queen As A Joke

So Much Pain

She couldn't even describe how much pain she felt. It was in her chest and felt like she could break at any moment.

And with all the laughter around her, she just felt worse. But everyone who was laughing would eventually figure out that their scheme wouldn't work. She would go to the field with a smile.

A Little Different

Whitney Kropp went to Ogemaw Heights High School and was well aware that she wasn't like the other teenagers there.

She listened to obscure music and dyed her hair in beautiful bright colors. She also tried to stay under the radar so she was caught completely off guard with the homecoming votes.

Surprise List

When homecoming queen nominations made the rounds she couldn't believe that she found her name on that list. She even started feeling excitement rise within her body.

How did she make it on the nominations list? Was it the few close friends she had that put her on it? But soon the answers would come.

Dreams Of Dresses

Whitney couldn't believe that she was up there with the nominees. She felt butterflies in her stomach, a feeling she seldom got before.

Even though she never spoke about it she always wanted to be on the dancefloor in a beautiful dress slow dancing with someone. Her dream may actually come true for once! She couldn't contain her excitement.

Class Prank

But soon she'd understand the real reason behind everything.

It turned out that the nominations were a cruel joke and it was only made worse when she realized it was the majority of her class doing it. She knew her dreams of dancing in a silken dress were now broken beyond repair, among other things.

Backing Out

Even one of the homecoming king nominees backed out of the running because there was  “no way he was going to stand beside her if she won.”

She felt betrayed, the first thing she did when she got home was fall on her bed and cry her eyes out. She didn't even know what the point of anything was anymore.

Move Forward

But something as little as her family asking her what the matter was sparked a change in her emotions towards the whole fiasco.

Once she had told them what the problem was they decided that they were in this together. They wanted her to go through with the nomination and show them what she was made of.

Sister’s Help

But still she could feel a knot twist in her stomach at the very thought of going back to her school.

But then her sister started up a Facebook page to show support and it grew Whitney's confidence a huge amount. 

Generous Donations

After the Facebook page gained traction a dress store donated a dress that Whitney could wear, and she even got to choose it. Then came a free makeover too.

Things escalated even further when she got offers for flowers from as far away as California. But there was still the matter of the actual event. Would her school show support to her?

Complete Makeover

Whitney felt her hands shake as she got into the donated limo with her father and a few other family members.

The new red-carpet hairstyle and stunning gown were amazing. She felt like at true queen. But when the limo arrived and she opened the door, the sounds were deafening.

All The Support

The bleachers were filled to the brim with students and families.

They held homemade signs of love and encouragement – while cheering at the top of their lungs … for her. The shock grew exponentially when she saw what the visiting football team had done.

Visiting Team

They had brought their own banners and signs to congratulate her and wish her the best.

These were strangers from a different town but were showing more kindness and support than most of her classmates she saw every day. The rush of happiness came back in full force, and it took all of her strength not to cry.

T-Shirt Messages

Aside from the signs, there was another amazing addition to the evening. Whitney noticed a slew of orange t-shirts with anti-bullying messages.

Everyone had come together to fight against the horrible prank. It was then, she realized something important.

Wider View

The night was amazing. Holding the flowers, wearing the sash, and donning the crown were beautiful memories that would stay with her forever.

But it was so much more than that. This was a moment she could send her own encouragement to others like her … to young people that felt crushed by their peers.

Her Message

Not everyone would have the same support as she had received, so she would send her own.

“The kids that are bullying you, do not let them bring you down. Stand up for what you believe in and go with your heart and go with your gut.” There is more love in the world than there is hate.