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Girl Refuses To Leave School With Dad, Teacher’s Concealed Camera Uncovers Difficult Explanation

Watching Over Her

She watched from her classroom window as students filed out of school. The clouds above were becoming darker now, hinting at another stormy evening.

She’d been watching her throughout the week, worried at what she suspected was happening. 

She squeezed the tiny device in her hand, hoping she was wrong. But what she’d find would have her running to the authorities. 

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Blue and Red Lights 

Sadly, for Mrs. Emily Bray, this wasn’t the first time such a nightmare had occurred in her time as a teacher. She stifled a shiver remembering the last time. 

Blue and red lights blinked in the unsavory memory, sirens blaring as a man in cuffs cursed everyone out. She’d promised never to let something like that happen again.

She wasn’t about to go back on her promise now. 


Her Vocation

But Emily’s life hadn’t always been so on edge. Born and raised in California, she moved to Washington looking to start life. 

A graduate with a music teaching degree, she quickly found a high school where she could mentor and guide young kids who wanted to step into the world of music.

She expected the road ahead to be easy, but soon found out it was anything but. 


Meet Alice 

Emily was in her seventh year of teaching when the girl walked into her class. This had been five years after the first incident, and the music teacher was more than vigilant. 

The girl, Alice, had just turned fifteen and was a freshman with her whole life ahead of her.

But from the get-go, Emily couldn’t shake the feeling that something was terribly wrong. 

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Studying Her 

It all felt familiar, from Alice sitting alone during class and breaks to how her mind always seemed far away from where she was.

Her gaze would be fixed onto an unseen horizon whenever Emily caught a glimpse of her, which was worrying. 

As an expert on kids and their behavior, it didn’t take long for the teacher to theorize that the girl needed help. 


Looking Into It 

As anybody in her position would do, Emily took a great interest in Alice’s welfare. She’d seen students withdraw from class before, knowing it was normal. But this seemed like a unique case.  

She’d never been one to ignore such cries and would always go out of her way to help.

But with Alice, nothing seemed to make any sense. 


Music Class

Alice rarely talked in music class. She never laughed at her classmates’ jokes or held conversations longer than needed.

She’d walk in, sit, listen, play her assigned instrument, or make a required presentation. Afterward, she’d keep mum. 

Emily had thought this was her nature. Perhaps music wasn’t where her heart lay. Hoping she was right and Alice had a better time in the other classes, the teacher decided to ask her fellow instructors about the girl. 


Is She Okay?

The reports that Emily received were heartbreaking. Most teachers told her that the girl seemed to be in her own world longer than usual, often staring out of the window, lost in thought. 

It was such a big shame because all of them agreed that she seemed like a gifted girl mentally.

Even worse, some feared that whatever was happening at her home must’ve been so gruesome that she couldn’t even ask for help.


Be Patient With Her

Emily listened carefully. Some teachers theorized that the new school environment was why Alice was closed off.

They advised Emily to give her some time before talking to her. 

Seeing reason, Emily made the mistake of waiting. But a week after Alice’s arrival, she saw something outside the school grounds that had her throwing caution to the wind. 


The Red Van

The rainy season was in full effect, and the fields, parking lots, and tarmac roads were filled with rainwater. The school compound was cold and gray, and the skies above were a constant mass of swirling storm clouds. 

Emily watched as a red van stood defiant in the late afternoon downpour just outside the school compound.

At first, she thought it was a student’s vehicle, but that didn’t make sense as it hadn’t been around in the morning. What was happening? 


She’s Still in Class

The bell for the final period rang, and students hurried out of class, each eager to rush home and shelter from the rain.

But in the corner of her eye, Emily caught Alice, who was still glued to her seat. 

The girl kept looking outside the window, biting her nails as she mumbled things to herself. Her chest was moving up and down rapidly, her free hand trembling on the desk. 

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Analyzing the Matter 

Emily turned to her fully, watching with a keenness she’d developed after the last incident. Each teacher had blamed themselves for what occurred then, but none more than her.

That boy, after all, had been one of the best in her class.  She considered walking to Alice to ask if she was okay, but thought otherwise.

Such matters were delicate and thus needed a sensitive hand while dealing with them. But despite her judgment, she still approached.  


Saying Hi 

Alice didn’t even see Emily walk to her desk.

She seemed lost in place, her gaze glued to the gloom outside, to that terrible red van that just stood there. 

“Hi,” Emily said softly, and Alice jumped back, a hand against her heart. “Sorry, sorry,” the teacher apologized with a sweet smile. “Are you alright?


It’s Rude To Stare 

Alice stared at her for a while before visibly shaking herself. “Yes,” she whispered, seemingly unsure of the answer. “Yes, Mrs. Bray. I’m okay.”

But although her full attention was on Emily, she kept side-eyeing the van and fidgeting with her fingers.

Emily had to stop herself from staring at her too much. She meant to turn away, but saw the van’s door swing open. 


The Driver

A tall man in a worn plaid jacket and cap stepped out of the vehicle. Alice gasped, quickly collecting her books and standing up. She slung her bag over her shoulder and hurried out of class. 

Emily watched in awe, following Alice as she ran across the hallway and out of the school.

Although the teacher couldn’t explain what she’d just witnessed, she was sure Alice was in trouble. 


Something’s Wrong

Emily could tell when someone was fearful. She could see how fast Alice was breathing as she threw her pens and books into her bag.

Although it was cold in the classroom, the girl’s forehead sheened with sweat. 

Emily walked to the door, watching the girl share a few words with the man before handing her the school bag. With one last look at Emily, she stepped into the van. 


A Long Analysis 

Emily couldn’t think of anything else when she got home that night. She repeated the events in her mind, considering whether she was reading too much into the whole situation.

Why did Alice wait so long before going to the van?

The man stepping out of the vehicle made her hurry out. Were they related? The teacher didn’t have much to go on.


The Best Course Forward 

Asking Alice if everything was okay back home would yield little. There was a high chance she would lie because of fear and become even more illusive.

Emily couldn’t trail her after school. Although noble, her efforts could get the girl into more trouble than she was in already.

She decided to watch her closely, hoping she’d pick up on something that would hint at what was happening. 


She’s Here 

Emily was the first faculty member to report to school the following morning. She sat in the staffroom, her sight glued to where the van had parked the previous evening. 

Minutes counted by, and it wasn’t long before Alice walked through the school’s parking lot, her backpack clutched tightly and her eyes bouncing all over the place.

But that’s not the only thing that caught Emily’s attention. 


Her Ride to Schoo

The red van was back, the tall man in the plaid jacket and cap watching as Alice walked into school. After lingering for a few seconds, he hopped into his vehicle and screeched off. 

Emily ran out of the staff room, almost colliding with Alice, standing at her locker. The teacher braked, composing herself before greeting Alice.

She would get to the bottom of this mystery if it were the last thing she did.



After a quick greeting, she asked Alice if she wanted an apple or a cup of teacher’s coffee and cinnamon buns from the staff room. She was glad when Alice nodded ‘yes’ with a shy smile.

Since most teachers weren’t in yet, Emily asked Alice to sit so they could talk about how she was finding the new school.

She hoped to familiarize herself with Alice before asking the hard questions. 


Her Experience at the School 

Alice’s answer was simple. She liked the school and everyone in it but was still trying to get her bearings around it.

But as she talked, Emily couldn’t help but notice how quickly she cleared her plate. 

The girl seemed to haven’t had food for a while and couldn’t eat fast enough. But that wasn’t the most interesting part. 


A Closer Look 

Her shirt, jacket, and knitted hat were dirty up close. Her hair was not as well-kempt as it should have been, and her eyes were also tinged red, with heavy bags like she hadn’t slept well for a while.  

She pulled out her phone and asked Emily if she could charge it.

She explained that there was a faulty power line at home, and she had difficulty charging her devices. 


A Long Conversation 

Seeing it as another way to strengthen their bond, Emily agreed to the request. She plugged the phone behind her desk and served Alice another bun. 

They had a long conversation about Alice’s past before classes started. Emily learned that the girl was from Arizona and had moved to their town with her dad and little sister.

But Alice didn’t explain why her clothes were dirty or why she seemed sleep-deprived and starved. 


Taking Her to Class

The man with the red van was her father. Simply bringing him up seemed to cast a shadow over Emily’s conversation with Alice, so she didn’t pry. 

After their talk, Emily walked her to class, now thinking about how Alice had quickly cleared her plate of food.

She thought about the girl’s clothes and how apprehensive she was when talking about her dad. It was clear that something was going on. 


Her Guardian Angel 

Emily shadowed Alice throughout the day, noticing that although she seemed lost in the crowds of students, she was sharp and witty with her responses and answers. 

Late afternoon came by quickly, and everyone ran to their respective vehicles to avoid the building rain.

But watching from her perch in the staff room, Emily noticed Alice was still in class, waiting for the van to arrive. 


He’s Here 

She hurried to her, asking if she needed a drive home. Alice politely declined, although Emily could tell she didn’t want to. “Are you sure you’re okay?” she finally asked. 

The van had suddenly materialized in its usual spot, Alice’s father standing outside it with his gaze on the school window.

Alice fumbled for an answer before shooting to her feet. “I’m okay,” she said—a lie. Emily’s reflexes kicked in. 


The Recording Device 

Pretending to be helping Alice out of class, the teacher slipped a tiny recording device into her bag’s back pocket. She watched as Alice hurried down the hall and into the rain. All she could do now was wait. If anything malicious were happening, the recording device would catch it. 

Alice reported to school early the following day, finding Emily waiting at the entrance. The teacher invited her for some buns and coffee, and Alice accepted.

But while she was eating, Emily took the recording device out of her backpack. Now alone in her car, she pressed play. Everything was about to become apparent.   


Listening In 

“So, how was school today?” a man’s voice came from the device. It was Alice’s dad. “Great,” Alice answered, closing the van’s door. “You sound happy,” her dad continued. “Did you finally have a good day at school?” 

“Yes,” said Alice. “My music teacher. She gave me cinnamon buns and hung out with me until classes started!

She even charged my phone for me. Emily’s heart melted at that. But there was more. 


It’ll Get Better 

“I’m sorry we’re going through a hard time, honey, Alice’s dad said. “It used to be easier with your mom around, but….” he trailed off. “I have a few job interviews lined up this week.

The first thing we’ll do when a paycheck comes is get the power connected, okay? We’ll also go clothes shopping—anything you and your sister want. Just hold on. 

Emily’s eyes grew wet as the rest of the recording played. But although she was glad history wasn’t repeating itself, she knew there was still more to this mystery that she needed to uncover. 

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.


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