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Getting Your Gadgets Ready For Traveling Abroad

From smartphones and tablets to navigational apps, internet access and international calling, technology can completely amplify the travel abroad experience. As you explore a new country, take full advantage what today’s digitalized world has to offer by preparing accordingly. Here are a few tips to follow to get your gadgets ready for the big trip: Backup Your Data Being in a foreign place is exciting but excitement can lead to distraction. Losing an iPhone while juggling souvenirs in one hand and luggage in another can make a great trip go sour real quick. At the very least, you’ll find peace of mind should you lose such items by backing up your data. It only takes a couple minutes to backup and saving all the pictures, videos and memories you made with your beloved smartphone is well worth the emotional safeguard. Pre-Download Entertainment Many of you have found out the hard way that Netflix doesn’t stream on an airplane. So what do you do when the travel time to and from your home and destination is 13 hours, and you are wide awake with limited movie options on the small in front of you? Before boarding, download movies onto your iPad, games on your phone or that book you’ve been meaning to get to on your Kindle. It pays to proactively think ahead and prep prior to being trapped thousands of feet in the air with questionable, in-flight Wi-Fi connection options. Squelch unnecessary boredom. Get a Data Plan for International Use You’ll likely want to use your smartphone on the trip since it’s a go-to source for managing life. Don’t hinder its ability to be of assistance. Before travel begins, look into getting a data plan that allows for business as usual, regardless of where you are. If your carrier’s international plan option is on the pricey side, maybe look into switching altogether. Carriers like T-Mobile are making it easy by offering a multitude of travel-friendly plans, such as ones with free international data and unlimited calling between dozens of countries. Investing in international data plans will create an uninterrupted travel experience where your smartphone can be of great service in times of need. Tap Into Travel Apps Populate your gadgets with useful travel apps so you can access them at the drop of a dime when push comes to shove. Google Maps, AccuWeather, TripAdvisor, GroupMe, Uber and language translating apps come very handy and bring convenience to your trip so you can adventure on, worry-free. Get Go-To Gadgets While you may already have your tech essentials like a phone and laptop, think through what could happen during travel that may call for other gadgets to enable their functionalities. A Wi-Fi hotspot or portable battery charger pack can be life-saving if you’re stranded or lost without connection to the outside world. Additionally, if you’re in a foreign country, it’s likely that they don’t have the same wall power sockets. Pack a universal adapter to solve this issue. Aside from life-saving gadgets, you also might want to consider accessories like waterproof phone cases for that scuba diving adventure, or even better, a Go-Pro to record every breathtaking moment. As you cross the foreign seas and trek unexplored territory in your travels abroad, be sure to use technology to your benefit. Preparing your devices and getting useful gadgets for the trip beforehand will let you travel with no fear and maximum enjoyment, making for an experience of a lifetime.


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