Vacation Pictures Gone Wrong

Not Quite

We've seen plenty of couples try to recreate that famous scene from Titanic and a lot of them are done wonderfully. But this photo absolutely has to be our favorite, it's easily the best we've ever seen.

The bird probably saw them recreating this and the bird community is so sick of humans and their pretentiousness. He decided he'd put a stop to them then and there.

Wipe out

The expressions say it all, mother? Not enjoying herself. Father? Hating every second. We're not sure about the daughter but we can say that the son has a bit of a calmer expression on his face, maybe he's even enjoying himself?

The kid might want to go for more after this, but we know what the parents will say without a doubt. No!


Another Photo where the expressions say it all! This poor stingray didn't mean to intrude and photobomb. He was either gonna ask for directions or he just felt like a hug from these warm-blooded humans.

The elderly woman on the right is jealous of them, she knows how special you have to be to get hugged by a stingray, these girls don't seem so keen on the idea though.

The Crocodile Hunter!

There are so many questions we have. Why is this woman holding an alligator? Why does it have what looks like a pearl necklace around its neck? Who's taking this photo?

She may not be Steve Irwin but she honors his memory in her attempts to wrangle this guy. But her expression tells us she should try catching something a bit smaller before trying her luck on this scaly guy.

Slippery When Wet

The parents probably should have had the foresight to be on either side of their toddler while they galloped on the beach. It would have made for a better photo and the child wouldn't have fallen.

Come to think of it, we actually prefer this photo, it's hilarious. We hope that the parents bring this photo out when the daughter grows up and brings a boy home. Embarrassing children is a parent's specialty.

Lacking Dexterity

These two parents seem like they have the opposite reaction when things go wrong. For one, the father seems to be laughing his head off with the scenario that's unraveling right in front of them.

While they fumble with the children, mom has the opposite expression. She seems to be racked with concern for her children. To be fair, a mother's intuition should never be questioned.

Say Stingray!

Unlike the previous swimmers who spat in the face of the stingrays hug, this couple seems to understand what a privilege is it to see such a friendly creature up close.

Maybe this is the elderly woman from the other photo when she was young. No wonder she understood what was happening. Either way, they've even managed to convince their new friend to come take a photo with them. 

Head In The Snow

Who doesn't like sky lifts? They're slow, unstable, move at a snail's pace, and only have a seatbelt keeping you from falling potentially hundreds of feet.

It seems that this skier was very lucky that he chose an opportune time to fall off. He only fell a few feet before softening his fall by landing headfirst into some soft snow. He'll be a laughingstock for a long time after this, but at least he's alive.

Pink Isn't Her Color

What's with animals coming to say hello to swimmers? This woman seems like another person who doesn't like the local wildlife. Did she want to feed it? Then why does she look so terrified? 

She might have a phobia around birds, or maybe the color pink? Long legs? We're not sure, only she can tell you!

Hair Standing On End

She looks like some kind of weird ice queen. A crown made from frozen hair? sounds about right. She doesn't seemed fazed at all by the fact that her hair is actually frozen solid.

She might just be happy that someone caught it on camera, no one would have believed her otherwise. Can you imagine the laughter that would erupt in the room when people see this photo?

Man Overboard!

These three friends were enjoying taking a nice picture together until their friend decided he'd be like his top-knot toting friend and climb over the rails. Big mistake!

Is the technically overboard or over-rail? Either way, he's about to be taking a nice swim.

Beach Buds

What's better than a picture of a monkey on a beach? A bird on the beach! What's better than a monkey and a bird on a beach? A monkey and a bird ontop of a boy on the beach!

A little kid, a monkey, and a parrot are all chilling on a beach. It sounds like the opening line to a bad joke.

Wrong End

remember the saying - mess with the bull and you get the... oh dear. It seems this man doesn't know the saying the way we do!

Ummm. Most people want to take a picture with the other end of the bull. But we don't judge, you do you.


Here's another rather handsy monkey, what's gotten into them? Well at least her boyfriend isn't the jealous type.

It seems that it's not just the monkey that's having fun, look at the expression on the guys face. Priceless!

Had It Up to Here

He and his homies chilling on the beach, nothing out of the ordinary to see here folks! He was probably hoping for some more sun until the seagulls decided to come by and see what he was doing.

This guy's buried up to his neck in problems, and that seagull was the icing on the cake.

Looking A Bit 'Horse'

The horse just wanted to say 'hi!' Too bad this kid didn't seem too excited about that sweet horse's greeting.

Maybe his dad rolled down the window at the perfect time. Dad-pranks are the best! But we don't think this poor kid will think so. Maybe on the ride home he'll have to buy him an ice cream if he scarred him.

Picture Perfect Pair

Sometimes you can get it a little… lost in the moment. Too bad it looks like the horse handler might be drowning.

Seems nothing will get in the way of this couple's perfect moment. The horse handler is patient, he doesn't mind that he's drowning, as long as they have a photo to remember!