Former Employees Reveal In-N-Out Secrets

It only takes one visit to the famed In-N-Out for you to fall in love with the franchise. However, unless you live by one of the 325 locations and go very frequently, then you might not be aware of all the possibilities that await you underneath the red and yellow logo.

In-N-Out is actually one of the most preferred fast food chains in the United States. In fact, it's been listed by Business Insider as the number one fast food chain in America, gaining $807 million in 2016 with only 325 locations.If you don't include the secret menu (which isn't really that secret), you see that they only offer five menu options and have been doing so since their opening in 1948.

History Of In-N-Out

In-N-Out was founded in Baldwin Park, California, in 1948 by a man named Harry Snyder and his wife, Esther. The business itself has been passed down throughout the family and the current owners are Harry and Esther's only grandchild, Lynsi Snyder. Harry was inspired for the idea after the end of World War II.

He began one of the very first drive-through fast food restaurants, and they created the first drive through two-way speaker in their first 10-square-foot location. After the idea caught on, the Snyders began opening new locations. However, quality was always their first concern over quantity.

Menu Items

We're all aware of In-N-Out's "secret menu", but there's probably still some items you aren't aware of, especially if you're visiting and don't have constant access to it all the time.

In order to prepare you for your next voyage or visit to an In-N-Out, here's a list of lesser-known menu items that were found after some research.

The Flying Dutchman

The flying dutchman is created by adding a beef patty, and then a layer of cheese over that. A few more layers of cheese are then added along with some optional French fries.

This option is probably the best for meat lovers seeing as there's no bread added to this one. You can also make this one a double but when it comes to eating it, we don't really know how to help you there!

Grilled Cheese

This secret menu option is for the vegetarians of the world that still want to venture to the iconic fast food restaurant chain. If you really want to spice up your grilled cheese, you can add some fries to it.

Still not enough? You can make those fries animal style.

Neapolitan Shake

You know those days where you really can't decide what kind of mood your in? Can't decide what to wear? Can't decide what flavor shake you should get?

Fret no more! The secret menu offers an option where you can get all three flavors, vanilla, strawberry AND chocolate, in one cup.

Chopped Chilies

In-N-Out always gives you those mini, bright yellow peppers that are delicious! However, have you ever tried breaking one of those bad boys apart? Things can get pretty messy!

Luckily, there's a fix for that. Ask for these peppers chopped, and save yourself from having to wash your hands for 20 minutes to get the smell off.

Roadkill Fries

Although the name sounds daunting, we can assure you they taste amazing! Roadkill fries are animal fries, meaning fries with extra sauce, cheese, and chopped grilled onions on top.

Now just imagine that with the previously described Flying Dutchman menu item thrown on top! You're going to want to grab a knife and fork for this one!

Root Beer Float

For you first-timers, were you surprised that you didn't see this classic item on the menu? Of course they'll make this for you if you ask!

It's done easily enough, and the retro vibe of the item matches perfectly with the vibe of the chain itself.

Well-Done Fries

Have you ever said to yourself, or your friends. "Well, the burgers are really good, but I don't know about the fries." Are they just a little bit on the soggy side?

Just ask for them well-done and they'll be crispier than their normally famous halfway cooked soggy-selves.

Protein Style Burger

Trying to cut back on carbs? Once again, In-N-Out gives you the option to get rid of the pesky bun and offers a healthier alternative if you're still feeling a burger!

Protein style allows you to get two pieces of lettuce wrapped around any type of burger in place of a bun.


If the In-N-Out secret sauce isn't doing it enough for you on the burger, just asked for a mustard-grilled bun.

The franchise will spread some mustard on the buns before grilling it, to give it that extra kick of flavor your looking for.

Doggy Style

This sandwich sure is interesting, so pay attention! It's a protein grilled cheese. (Meaning a grilled cheese with lettuce), done animal style, with fries inside.

When you think about it technically, it's a lettuce cup filled with fries and cheese and sauces and all good stuff except meat! The ultimate vegetarian meal!

Chili Cheese Fries

  We haven't been able to confirm whether or not this item menu is official yet.

However, if one of your locations will whip this up for you, it's probably worth asking for!

Double Single

It's been rumored that this is the best-burger an In-N-Out employee ever had as revealed on a reddit AMA. It's topped with diced chilies, onions, tomatoes, and a mustard grilled bun.

Once again, this burger isn't on the menu, so make sure you take notes and ask for it at your closest location!


It's been said that many people have tried to order In-N-Out tacos with no success, but during the reddit AMA with a former employee, they said that an employee would bring in their own taco shells, and use the grilled beef, along with salsa from diced tomatoes and chilies, and then finished it up with Animal Style sauce.

It sounds like it might be worth ordering all the ingredients and then bringing it home to try on your own taco shells.


This phrase might seem familiar, and it's because it's used by the Wendy's franchise as their tagline. However, In-N-Out abides by the same policy as well.

This is why when In-N-Out opened in Texas, they had to create new meat producing facilities since they would never ship their product by freezing it. It always had to be fresh, never frozen, no matter what!

Free Food

There has been rumors circulating that there are some groups of people who get free food from the In-N-Out franchise, and this is true. THere's only two groups of people who get free food and those are employees, and police officers in uniform. Employees are allowed on free meal per shift, and are allowed to get anything up to a Double-Double, (nothing Animal-Style).

Police officers are the only other people who are allowed to get free food. Employees aren't even allowed to give out discounts.


Employees are strictly informed to give out only one napkin per burger and fry. They are also instructed to place them on top of the food since the spread is messy and they don't want it going everywhere.

However, this can make your napkins messy, so feel free to ask the workers for more and they will willingly give them to you.


The Redditor employee explained that the uniforms they are asked to wear are incredibly uncomfortable, especially if you're working outside or helping the drive-thru when it's unbearably hot outside.

The pants are apparently very hot and stuff, and the hats become a nuisance since girls have to put their hair in a ponytail and pin the hat into their hair to keep it from falling.

The Limit

Employees are told not to make anything bigger than a 4x4 (four burgers on a bun), since it would be too hard to wrap with the signature In-N-Out burger wrap.