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Former Celebrities That Now Have Normal Jobs

Best known for her role in Fast Time at Ridgemont High, Phoebe quit acting rather suddenly in the mid 90’s. She originally left to focus on her family life but does a lot of work for charity and raises. She has made a few returns to Hollywood since her retirement, such as appearing in the 2001 film The Anniversary Part. For the most part though, Cates spends the majority of her time out of the spotlight, choosing instead to open her own boutique in 2005 called Blue Tree and located on New York’s Madison Avenue.

After appearing on the hit show American Idol in its fourth season and finishing in tenth-place, Jessica Sierra has fallen from her five minutes of fame, going down a dark path of drugs and alcohol instead. She struggled, but was eventually able to take back her life and become sober. Currently, she is working at Hooters, trying to rebuild her life and, maybe one day, her singing career as well.

In the 90s, you couldn’t go a day without hearing MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This”, and eventually had an accumulated a net worth of more than $33 million in 1991. Five years later, things changed for the worst for the hip-hop artist, being $13 million in debt and filing for bankruptcy. Eventually, after a lot of work, MC Hammer managed to put his life back together, continuing his music career. More often these days, in his spare time, he officiates weddings, develops iPad apps and lectures about new media at Ivy League universities.

After playing the role of Chunk in The Goonies, Jeff Cohen has chosen to put an end to his acting career. Though he loved acting, Cohen noticed as he grew that most of the important figure in Hollywood had law degrees. As a result, Cohen pursued a law degree and enrolled in the University of California, Berkeley. His new dream came true because today he is a lawyer and lives in Los Angeles.

Charlie Korsmo was famous for staring next to Robin Williams in the 90’s blockbuster film Hook which shot the young star to success. However, Korsmo was not quite happy with his career in Hollywood since his interests lay in the field of physics instead of acting. The brilliant-minded star attended MIT where he got a degree in science. After graduating, Charlie worked as a lawyer for a few years before deciding to join the faculty of Western Reserve University School of Law in Cleveland, Ohio as a law professor.

The ’80s pop star Tiffany rode the wave of success with hits like her 1987 cover song, “I Think We’re Alone Now,” but after a long stretch of small-time music, television and film gigs, Tiffany returned to the simple life. But first, she posed nude in Playboy back in 2002 after her records failed to sell. Now she runs a vintage shop called “Tiffany’s Boutique” off of Highway 76 in White House, Tennessee.

He’s known by most people as the ugly kid from the popular sitcom Home Improvement. At the age of 17, Taran Noah Smith had a falling out with his parents because they bought themselves a cozy mansion with his hard-earned life savings. He sued them, got married to a vegan gal who could have been his mother and invested the money he got from the lawsuit in a vegan dairy farm and catering service.

Freddie’s had a couple of career changes since coming to our attention as the heartthrob in She’s All That and I Know What You Did Last Summer, where he met his wife Sarah Michelle Gellar. After working as a director and producer for WWE, Freddie released his first cookbook in 2016 called Back To The Kitchen, described as 75 delicious, real recipes (and true stories) from a food-obsessed actor.

During the 90s, the most popular rumor about Josh Saviano, or rather Paul from The Wonder Years, was that he grew up to be Marylin Manson. The truth is not quite as exciting. Instead of taking on a new persona, Saviano dropped the acting and picked up the books as he returned to college. After graduation, he worked his way up the business and eventually joined the law firm Morrison Cohen LLP, becoming a Partner in 2013. In 2015, he founded two start-up endeavors: law firm JDS Legal and celebrity brand consultancy Act 3 Advisors.

After the former child star left the Disney series that he shared with his identical twin brother Cole, people wondered where he’d gone. Many years later, tabloids found a photo of him working at a New York City restaurant. Turns out, he was only working part-time as he attends New York University.

After leaving The Jonas Brothers, Kevin Jonas took time to focus on his family. When not being a proud father and husband, Jonas is the CEO of a marketing company, app creator, and even a contractor. However, though he has had his hands in a lot of jobs, lately it looks like Kevin Jonas might be leaving all those ventures behind in order to join his brothers as they all reunite to get the band back together.

Danny Lloyd was only six when he starred in classic horror film, The Shining. Four years later, Danny quit acting. Later, he discovered a passion in teaching, and became a biology professor in 2007 at Elizabethtown Community and Technical College in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.

Children lucky enough to grow up during Nickelodeon’s ‘90s heyday will remember Mike Maronna as the older of the two Petes on the now classic program The Adventures of Pete and Pete. After hit show ended in 1996, Maronna had small roles in a few other films but he eventually settled on a stable job as an electrician for films and television, and has even worked on major films such as Sex and The City and Be Kind Rewind.

Most of us remember Steven Seagal as a master of martial arts and actor in movies such as Under Siege. Today the 60-year-old actor, director, and producer continues to fight crime as a New Mexico deputy sheriff. With an interest in border patrol and experience working in the law enforcement, Seagal has been offered to train officers and the department is happy to work with him.

Brittany Ashton Holmes was just five years old when she won the hearts of Alfalfa and Hollywood. Starring in a hand full of roles afterwards, Holmes decided to retire from acting, only making a minor return to Hollywood in 2014 with the role of Towns lady Britt in the comedy “We Hate Paul Revere”. The last anyone has heard from her is that is currently pursuing a degree in political science. Meanwhile, in order to make a living, Holmes is reportedly working at Starbucks.

For those who might not remember, Kittie was an all-girl metal band who scored a radio hit with their song “Brackish” near the turn of the millennium. Originally grouped in with the genre “nu-metal,” they switched to a more extreme sound after Nu-Metal became about as fashionable as goatees, backward Yankees caps, and a bad attitude (which were actually all surprisingly fashionable during a weird time from about 1997-1999). Today, she still follows her passion.

After appearing in Home Improvement, one of the longest-running and most widely viewed sitcom in the 90s, Taran Smith’s acting career didn’t survive much longer, mostly because he had no desire to continue a life in Hollywood. Instead, he left the spotlight, found love, and later opened a vegan restaurant in California called Playfood.

Remember Lisa Turtle from Saved by the Bell? After the show ended its run on television, Lark Voorhies decided to shift gears and start writing. She has written numerous books, such as Trek of the Cheshire, over the years and has found happiness outside of Hollywood’s spotlight.

The former Growing Pains star ended his acting career to become an author of Christian books. Today, Cameron continues to follow his passion in ministry, patterning with Ray Comfort in the evangelical ministry The Way of the Master, and has even co-founded The Firefly Foundation, which is a charitable organization that raises funds to support research and develop programs with a missions to prolong brain health, with his wife, actress Chelsea Noble.

Although he still occasionally acts, Selleck retired to a 60-acre ranch where he tends to his 20-acre avocado farm. Selleck said that his work on the farm allowed him to finally find balance after his stressful acting career. Tom shared, “This ranch is a great counterpoint to the acting business, which is an abstraction – you do something, it’s up on a piece of film, and everybody argues whether it’s good or bad. You dig a hole and plant an oak tree – and I’ve probably planted a thousand of them – it’s real.”

This former Hairspray star struggled to find new roles after her 2007 movie. In order to make ends meet, Blonsky worked at a shore store in New York City for a short period of time. Soon after, she was hired as a cosmetologist at a hair salon. Even though Blonsky hasn’t found a role to break her back into Hollywood, she is still persistent and hopes that one day she could once again “Hear the Bells!”.

After his brother Noel left the rock band Oasis to pursue a solo career, Liam started the band Beady Eye, but that ended after only two albums. Today Liam runs a fairly profitable fashion label in London, Pretty Green. Rumors have started to spread that Noel, after all these years, is finally wanting the band to get back together. Even though Gallagher has expressed many times that he felt that they were “better together”, he now says that his brother has changed for the worse and he would rather work at McDonald’s than to work with Noel again. Ouch!

The star from Taxi and Who’s the Boss is now an English teacher at Philadelphia Northeast High School and has become an activist for educators. Lately, he has tried to make it back into Hollywood and, in 2018, has starred in the Netflix’s comedy-drama The Good Cop. Sadly, the show got canceled only after one season. Looks like it’s back to the chalkboard for Danza.

Despite the success of American Pie, Chris Owen never quite rose to stardom. In fact, The Sherminator quickly fell from fame, to the point where he is now a waiter at a sushi restaurant. Looking at his position in the social media world, his current results are even more pitiful, with only 94 followers on Twitter and 265 on Instagram.

Omri Katz rose to fame as the good-looking teenager on Hocus Pocus. After the film wrapped, Katz’s career in Hollywood dwindled down to his last acting credit being in the 2002 short film Journey Into Night. Today, Omri lives in Los Angeles and works as a hairdresser and spends a lot of time in Israel. Now with the talks of Hocus Pocus 2, it seems that Katz will have another chance to break back into Hollywood.

The former boxing champion got into financial debt and needed a way to make ends meet. So, he became the spokesperson for the George Foreman Grill. Since introducing it in 1994, he’s helped sell over 100 million grills worldwide as of 2009. Recently, Foreman has capitalized on the success with his work in the Foreman Grill to endorse InventHelp; the company behind INPEX (Invention and New Product Exposition); America’s largest invention trade show.

Most people probably thought this child actor couldn’t get a job in Hollywood after being the star in Malcolm in the Middle, but he signed a two-year contract as a driver with Jensen Motorsport. Muniz also had a short gig as the drummer for Kingsfoil, a pop-rock group in Pennsylvania. “It’s my focus 1,000 percent right now. I want to be the best drummer I can be for the band and for me.”

You might remember him from Mean Girls as Aaron Samuels, Lindsay Lohan’s characters love interest. Since then, Bennett’s acting career slowed down, making only a couple of appearances in movies and television, causing him to become an instructor at Flywheel in Los Angeles. Today, he continues to try and return to the spotlight, with his most recent appearance announced in January 2019 in the reality competition show Celebrity Big Brother as a houseguest.

The former Diff’rent Strokes star was once a household name during the 70s and 80s, but his fame slowly faded as the years went on. As a result, he struggled financially and even sued his parents and business advisor over misappropriation of his assets. A decade later, Coleman declared bankruptcy. Before he passed away in 2010, Coleman was apparently working as a security guard.

It must’ve been hard being one of the most hated people on TV, and it explains why Jack Gleeson has decided to retire from the acting world, especially since the role of Joffrey is something that he believes will follow him and prevent him from taking other jobs. The former King of Westeros is now studying philosophy and theology at Trinity College, Dublin, trying to adjust back to an ordinary life.

This young man was a big star in the early 90s. Jonathan Taylor Thomas was on the successful show Home Improvement and then lent his voice to the Lion King movie. He retired from acting, appearing in only a handful of guest appearances throughout the years. He left Hollywood so that he could focus on his studies and eventually graduated from Harvard.

Carrie will be remembered by many as the cute kid from the smash hit Alien, starring alongside Sigourney Weaver. That was her only acting credit, despite appearing in many documentaries on the movie since, and would eventually go on to become a teacher.

Angus’ life took a very sharp turn after leaving Two and a Half Men. After bashing the show and the values it presented, Jones found religion when he became a member of the Seventh Day Adventists church. He currently makes a living working for Tonie, a multimedia company founded by P.Diddy.

Karyn played Hillary Banks on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air but decided to leave the show and the Hollywood life for something more “normal”. Since her departure from the limelight, Parson has created the Sweet Blackberry Foundation – a production company that specializes in educating children in Black history.

Brian Wilson shaved his beard about a year ago, and it was akin to an archaeological dig. Once he got deep enough into his mission, the former Giants closer made a startling discovery. “I was like, ‘Holy crap! That’s my face!”’ Wilson said. Brian Wilson shaved his beard about a year ago, and it was akin to an archaeological dig. Once he got deep enough into his mission, the former Giants closer made a startling discovery. “I was like, ‘Holy crap! That’s my face!”’ Wilson said. In addition to having a regular role on Barstool Sports’ “Starting 9” baseball show on Facebook (and its accompanying podcast), Wilson appears on the new season of Amazon Prime’s British car show, “The Grand Tour.” The show is essentially a spinoff of the popular BBC show “Top Gear,” and even has former “Top Gear” co-host Jeremy Clarkson at the helm.

Much like his on-screen brother, Erik Per Sullivan, who is best known for his role as Dewey in Malcolm in the Middle, decided the limelight wasn’t for him and went on to other things. What he does exactly is unknown, but he graduated from the University of Southern California in 2010. We’re sure he’s doing something “normal”.

Back in the day, Geena Davis was once a Hollywood heavy-hitter. She starred in Thelma and Louise, A League of Their Own, Stuart Little, and Geena. She even has an Oscar win under her belt. In 2007, Davis moved on from Hollywood and started the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, which is “a research-based organization working within the media and entertainment industry to engage, educate, and influence the need to dramatically improve gender balance, reduce stereotyping and create diverse female character in entertainment targeting children 11 and under.”

Doris Day lit up the big screens in the 60’s and 70’s. Her life in the public eye sadly took its toll on her personal life and after years in the spotlight, Day decided to leave Hollywood. She then shifted her career to focus on helping nurse injured animals back to health. She even started Doris Day Animal Foundation, which raises money to help animals in need. Though she was offered roles, one in particular from her neighbor Clint Eastwood, she has declined them and chose to live out her last days out of the spotlight.

Once Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years, Danica McKellar has made a major shift since her days on screen. McKellar returned to school to study mathematics and has focused her efforts on encouraging young women to learn similar subjects. When not hard at work, McKellar chooses to spend her time with her kids and husband, Scott Sveslosky.

At a very young age, Peter Billingsley won over audiences when he starred as Ralphie in A Christmas Story. After getting off the big screen, Billingsley found a career behind the cameras. He has recently been involved in the production of several films, including Iron Man.


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