Food Entrepreneur Creates New Category Of Snack Bars That Are Packed With Protein

The NEOH CrossBar came to be when a creative food entrepreneur and athlete decided that there was just no more room in this world for bland tasting and tough to chew protein bars. All too often we are faced with the dilemma of which flavored cardboard to choose from: Will it be chocolate peanut butter cardboard? Mint chocolate chip cardboard?

Or plain old vanilla cardboard? These shouldn’t even be options! And this is exactly why the idea of the NEOH Crossbar was conceived.

NEOH is certainly not like any other protein bar out there, nor is it an extension of any big candy bar corporation.

It’s a homegrown product created by a passionate man who desperately wanted to make a change.

NEOH was home grown from the ground up in Vienna, Austria. This is where a creative entrepreneur by the name of Manuel grew up playing soccer and living and active lifestyle. After each game or exercise Manuel would crave something sweet, but no candy bar would give him the nourishment he needed.

And of course, no bland protein bar could ever quite cure his sweet tooth. “Why isn’t there a protein bar that tastes good?” He would ask himself. Something had to be done, so Manuel began brainstorming.

Any snack bar Manuel had ever tried left him faced with the same pressing issue: They were packed full of unnecessary sugars and calories. This is the last thing he wanted to consume after a good workout.

And the protein bars he was used to were not only tough to chew and swallow, they also lacked any hint of flavor. So how would he make his bar different from the rest and what would he call it?

Manuel began to immerse himself in studying. He spent countless hours reading up on nutrition and food processing and he even began experimenting with different recipes in his very own kitchen. He was determined to find the perfect balance between the sweet and delicious candy bar and the nutrient rich protein bar.

He took his time experimenting with ingredients he collected locally in Austria and from various places around the world. Austria is known for high quality food and food production standards so it’s no wonder such a product was born there. After three years of perfecting the recipe it seemed as though Manuel finally had the perfect recipe for a bar that he would later call the CrossBar.

The NEOH CrossBar combines the amazing flavor of a chocolatey candy bar with a high dose of protein without all of that excess sugar. So, you don’t have to feel bad about treating yourself to a snack. Containing only 1g of sugar and coming in at only 90 calories, it’s a much better food choice than a standard chocolate bar which can contain up to 200 calories per bar.

You also have the added benefit of 8g of protein packed into every bar. And it’s not just one type of protein, there are actually four sources of protein in NEOH Crossbars which include cocoa, pea, soy, and whey proteins.

Sure, regular protein bars are a great source of protein, but they are high in carbs and calories. This is not so healthy if you’re on a low sugar diet. NEOH’s primary mission is clear: Fight sugar! And they’re doing just that by introducing the first ever protein snack bar that meshes well with low sugar diets.

These days more and more people are making the shift to low sugar diets, or ketogenic diets, which restrict the daily intake of sugars to around 50g of carbs per day. People on low sugar diets have reported feeling more energized and mentally alert from eating less sugar. It has also proven to help lower blood sugar levels in people with diabetes.

Sugar is public enemy #1 these days and did you know that it can be just as bad for your health as tobacco? Having just one regular protein bar at 22g carbs could quickly spike blood sugar levels which will also quickly drop, which results in leaving you feeling fatigued.

Not to mention, the standard 22g protein bar would easily make up half of your carbohydrate count for the day if you’re on a ketogenic diet. Would you really want to waste those carbs to something that’s not even going to satisfy your taste buds?

The whole point behind the creation of the CrossBar was to develop a recipe that would unleash flavor. While other protein bars mimic the taste of essentially cardboard, NEOH strives to make the consumer feel like they’ve satisfied their snack urge after having a CrossBar. After all, life is too short to make compromises!

You don’t want to limit yourself to eating things that don’t satisfy you. Yes, we must make healthy choices, however skimping on flavor is something you shouldn’t have to do.

So how do they make a protein bar taste like a candy bar? First of all, I know what you’re thinking… ‘It must be loaded with aspartame’. Actually, no! There is absolutely no aspartame or other super sweet fake sweeteners. NEOH is not meant to fake your body out. The recipe is centered on natural, healthy ingredients.

The mains sweetener ingredients are maltitol, erythritol and xylitol which are derived from fruit and vegetable plants. They’re just as sweet as sugar, but are non-caloric and do not affect blood sugar levels. And to add in a little extra bonus, xylitol has actually been proven to repair and protect demineralized tooth enamel. A sweetener that’s good for your teeth?! Unheard of right?

If it wasn’t enough that the sweeteners in these bars actually promote tooth health, they also serve as brain food. Did you know that pilots aren’t permitted to eat sugar while in the air? It’s true. Sugar has been proven to make your brain slow. The rush felt soon after consuming sugar is the result of an insulin peak, or a spike in blood sugar levels.

This spike will quickly plummet which results in making you feel fatigued, foggy and lethargic. This is exactly why pilots cannot consume sugar while flying, because sugar causes a roller coaster effect in energy levels and it’s obviously important that they are alert at all times. In order to control insulin peaks or avoid them altogether, you have to learn to limit your sugar intake. The CrossBar is the perfect snack to keep your brain alert and operating at a high level because it contains only that 1g of sugar and a high amount of protein.

When Manuel created the CrossBar he made sure to take care in selecting ingredients that were not only healthy to the body but also healthy to the natural environment. By not selecting oils such as palm oil which destroys natural habitats and aspartame which destroys the body with cancer, he was able to make an eco-conscious healthy snack bar.

All ingredients are non-GMO and sustainably sourced. Even the energy used to power his snack bar operation in Austria is pulled from a sustainable hydro facility adjoined to his factory.

The most important thing to Manuel through all of this was to achieve the most ideal post-workout snack that would satisfy the sweet craving while fueling recovery. He has achieved just that. The NEOH CrossBar is the only bar on the market that will give you that lasting satisfaction after lifting weights, after your spin class, or even on a break from your busy workday.

Guaranteed you’ll be replacing the sweet treats you have hidden in your cupboards with these babies! And at such a low price point, how could you not? Get your first box of CrossBars here!