Flight Attendant Ducks Into Cockpit To Let Pilot Know That Couple Has Baby On Board

After a long day of traveling and errands, Caren and Dustin were settling in their seats. They were traveling from Colorado to California with a special cargo in tow. Feeling exhausted and tired, Caren was carrying their newly-adopted baby girl on her lap.

Their daughter might have felt their tiredness because all of a sudden, she started crying! While feeling flustered, the new parents tried their best to keep their child quiet, but the noise had been going on for a while. When the stewardess was coming their way, Dustin thought, "Oh no! Passengers are complaining about the loud crying. They are kicking us out!" However, the flight attendant had a message none of them were expected to receive...

The Lovebirds

Dustin and Caren Moore were a happy middle-aged couple! For many years now, they have always had a strong and deep affection for each other. The lovebirds were simply happy together. 

Despite the fact they felt good in the arms of each other, they knew that they were missing something meaningful in their lives. It seemed that their family just wasn’t complete...

Difficulties in Having a Child

At one point in their lives, they decided to add a new member to their little family. However, the two had been struggling with conceiving a child. Being parents wasn’t straightforward for the couple, as they’ve been trying to conceive for almost a decade. 

Despite acknowledging that they have difficulties having their child, they also had a huge wish to raise little ones. Sadly, they weren’t meant to have a child of their own because the couple had been dealing with the issues of infertility.

Negative Effects

Having a hard time conceiving a child negatively affected their lives. The adverse effects that the couple had faced throughout their journey as a married couple had caused them individual emotional stresses. 

This being said, they knew that their emotions had somehow driven their feelings and relationships. After many moments of comprehending their situation, the couple decided to pursue the idea of adoption.

Adoption Processes

The Moores decided to adopt their baby through an agency. Adoption processes like these take up a lot of time, effort, and paperwork. During the process, the couple had experienced a lot of setbacks, from delayed paperwork to agency issues. 

Even though they were being challenged, Dustin and Caren remained strong because they were finally thrilled to raise a child. The couple could not hide their joys after getting all the adoption processes done.

On Their Way Home

Afterward, the couple was already on their way home, with their adopted infant child in their arms. Dustin and Caren Moore were traveling on a midnight flight home to California from Colorado. The whole experience didn’t go as smoothly as hoped, but the couple managed to stay positive. 

They were pleased to finally get the chance to become a parent to a newborn baby girl. They couldn’t be happier with their newly adopted baby.

Baby Cries

The two new parents Caren and Dustin Moore, were nervous when they boarded a Southwest Airlines flight headed to Colorado. It was such an anxiety-filled flight because they might cause noise disturbance to the other passengers if the baby cries. Moreover, they were about to bring their new baby girl home.

Babies don't exactly tend to stay still during a flight, and things could potentially get noisy. With sweat building up their foreheads, they try to keep their baby as comfortable as she can be to avoid a baby tantrum.

First Hour of Flying

During the first hour of flying, their little princess managed to sleep. The couple’s newborn was just eight days old at the time of the flight, and so the baby started crying as soon as she woke up. 

During this time, things began getting noisier, and the couple was rattling about how to calm the baby down. They also had a timid feeling that the passengers in the plane were already irritated by the baby’s cries.

Apologizing to Other Passengers

Shyly, Dustin and Caren were apologizing to most of the other passengers in their area, letting them know about the baby. The passengers accepted their apologies as it was clearly shown that they were sincerely sorry for the noise from the cries of the baby. 

The passengers then went on from what they were doing while the couple was still busy hushing their baby. Despite the pressure they were feeling, the two remained gentle to their baby and the people around them.

Need A Change of Diapers

Not wanting to disturb the other passengers, the couple asked the Southwest Airlines flight attendant where they could change the distressed baby's diaper. They reasoned out because they did not want to bother any passengers anymore. 

Thus, a diaper change in the middle of an airplane in coach was not exactly an ideal situation. The couple then directed themselves towards one of the flight attendants on the plane, calling their attention.

Helping the Couple

Luckily, one of the flight attendants, Jenny, attended to the couple’s needs. She escorted them to a free space at the back of the plane for the diaper change. The couple was also glad that Jenny was able to help them with their matter. 

They then quickly followed Jenny’s lead towards the place in the back of the plane to where they could change their baby’s diaper. Jenny, on the other hand, was more than happy to help the couple out, finding the baby girl so adorable!

Flight Attendant was Curios

As the couple was changing their baby’s diaper, Jenny had asked them some casual questions. The flight attendant was curious as to why Dustin and Caren were traveling with such a young baby. 

Jenny and the other passengers were building rapport with the couple. She could also comprehend that the couple was kind as she had witnessed that they were saying sorry to their fellow passengers for their baby’s cries earlier.

Shortened Adoption Story

After ten years of trying to conceive and exhausting all possible assisted fertility options, the couple revealed that they had just adopted the infant. "I gave them the shortened adoption story," Dustin recalled. 

The couple gladly shared their story with Jenny, and the flight attendant was amazed by their level. It was an incredible story that was heartwarming, and the kindness of the couple was highly appreciated.

After Sharing Their Story

Following their heart-warming tale with the flight attendant, Jenny and another passenger complimented the couple’s beautiful daughter. They then hastily offered congratulations and shared a few more kind remarks.

The couple was grateful for the best wishes that Jenny and the other passenger gave. During this time, they have lived up again to the moment of happiness that they had felt upon the success of their adoption.

Thanking Jenny

Afterward, the couple thanked Jenny for helping them find a place for the diaper change. Jenny blissfully showed her biggest smile to the couple and sent them her warmest welcome. 

At this moment, Jenny was still astonished to learn about the couple’s story. She was inspired by the couple’s compassion towards their lovely child. It was a delightful story that was too nice not to be shared.

After the Diaper Change

After the diaper change, the Moores then returned to their seats, relieved that their new baby had fallen asleep. The couple wasn’t troubled anymore because their child was now sleeping peacefully. They had spent an exhausting week traveling and filling out paperwork. 

Although nervous and stressed, they were also excited about starting their new life together. The two cannot wait to bring their child into their home.

Overhearing the Story

One of the other flight attendants overheard the adoption story that the couple shared with Jenny and the other passenger. A few minutes later, the flight attendant came by and congratulated the happy couple on their successful adoption. 

He was intrigued and headed over to the couple to talk about their baby. He wanted to get to know more about the couple’s fantastic story too.

Coming Up with a Beautiful Idea

After talking with the couple, the flight attendant came up with a beautiful idea. His reason for heading over to the couple and talking to them was a good one. The flight attendant's name was Bobby, who happened to be Jenny's husband. He was also blown away by the couple's story. 

He was also encouraged by the positive outlook that the couple had been showing off. Bobby then thought of a way to surprise the couple.

Handing Out of Napkins

As part of the surprise, Bobby and Jenny started handing out napkins to the passengers aboard the plane. The passengers were also confused about what was happening at first. 

Eventually, they chose also to take part in the surprise that Bobby and Jenny were preparing for Dustin and Caren. On the contrary, Dustin and Caren didn’t have any idea of the surprise awaiting them.

Writing Messages

Upon handing out the napkins, Bobby and Jenny told the passengers to write messages or advice for the new parents. They also told them to write according to what their heart desires to say to the couple. Bobby and Jenny were excited to act out the surprise. 

The passengers on board also shared the same levels of excitement as the two. Somehow, the energy of the people inside the plane was building up.

The Special Announcement

After getting everything ready, flight attendants, Bobby and Jenny, headed towards the cockpit for a special message. Then, Bobby announced over the aircraft's intercom about the special guest they had on board. 

"Ladies and gentlemen, there's an exceptional guest on the flight today. She's only eight days old, and she's traveling home with her mom and dad.", Bobby announced. 

The Cute Book

Upon making the announcement, all eyes were on Dustin, Caren, and their lovely daughter. The entire cabin erupted in cheers and applause as a form of congratulating the couple. 

Dustin and Caren compiled all of the written messages and advice from their fellow passengers in a cute book. Feeling grateful for the warm compliments of the other passengers, they’ll take most of the advice at heart.

Incredible Surprise

The incredible surprise led by Bobby and Jenny for Dustin and Caren had indeed made the couple’s day. Dustin and Caren had so much appreciation for Bobby, Jenny, and their fellow passengers for the efforts and time that they allotted for the surprise. 

The surprise had added up the couple's happiness since they brought their child with them. The collective celebration that proceeded was one that the Moores are surely never going to forget.

Impromptu Baby Shower

Initially, the couple was confused about the plane's surprise in their newborn child. However, with Bobby and Jenny's initiative to throw an impromptu baby shower in the air, other passengers had also joined them in making the surprise for Dustin and Caren a success. 

Their fellow passengers had also offered the Moores hand-drawn congratulations cards made out of napkins and small gifts. Moreover, to their surprise, someone even gave money for their daughter!

Advice from the Passengers

The collected written messages and advice from all of the napkins had been read aloud. A total of 60 napkins were gathered from the passengers by the flight attendants and given to the Moores. 

“Enjoy every minute because they will go faster than you think,” one of the passengers wrote. “Drink more wine,” was another golden tip. While reading these messages and advice, the couple couldn’t hide their delighted astonishment.

A Particular Comment Stood Out

When the couple was skimming through the napkins, one particular comment stood out. “I was adopted 64 years ago. Thank you for giving this child a loving family to be part of. We, adopted kids, need a little extra love. Congratulations.”, the writer said. 

This note had melted the couple's hearts. They couldn’t fathom out the sweetest gesture that the strangers they were with would genuinely make them grateful more than ever.

Expressing Gratitude

Dustin and Caren had been vocal in expressing gratitude to all the people who had made their incredible surprise possible. They never imagined that they would be getting lots of love from people who were strangers to them. 

Their emotionally tender state had been filled up as they received many well-wishes from other passengers. As their little girl was safely asleep, they also considered their adopted child as a blessing to them.

Untraditional Milestone

Entering a new journey of their married life as a couple, they dealt with a new and untraditional milestone in their lives. “Adoption is wild with uncertainty. You wonder, is this birth mother going to choose us? What happens if she changes her mind if she backs out?” Dustin proclaimed. 

In the end, Dustin and Caren overcame the hardships during the adoption process. Indeed, they had proven themselves to be great parents already.

Extreme Amount of Solidarity and Support

"For an entire crew of strangers to come together like that, to partake like that, to show us that kind of love and kindness meant everything to us.", Dustin said. They were too overwhelmed by the love that they were getting. In an interview in The Kelly Clarkson Show, the couple had the most amazing surprise!

Bobby and Jenny suddenly came out on stage to tell their version of the story. All of them were in tears because they hadn't seen each other since that time on the plane. Dustin even said to them, "You will never...ever understand what that meant to my wife and me, what you did for us."

Keeping a Great Memory

After the heartwarming surprise on the plane, the couple had finally reached their home destination of Buena Park in Orange County, California, with their child. Dustin took the initiative to contact Southwest Airlines and let them know about the act of kindness that their staff had possessed. The couple decided to get crafty and put the napkins in a book to keep and show to their daughter when she gets older. Their plane encounter was a great memory to be preserved and treasured.

No matter how dire circumstances are, there are always glimpses of hope and good people in the world. Being happy for someone else’s victories is such a worthwhile feeling. Celebrating with them the happiness that they are living is a desire to be joyful about what they have. Suppose people always have this correct attitude towards being delighted with what other people have. In that case, people will be much more in harmony with each other. Thus, the world will be free from the prospects of greed and enviousness.