Find Out If Your Favorite Celebrity Votes Democrat Or Republican

As the country preps for the 2016 presidential election, there’s been endless talk of frontrunners Hillary, Bernie, Cruz, and—of course—Trump. And in addition to who will succeed the Obamas in the White House, you also might be wondering how your favorite celebrities vote.

It’s no secret that Hollywood has a huge impact on just about every facet of our culture, politics included, thanks to the fact that money and fame are powerful tools with which to bring attention to a particular candidate.

So it’s always interesting to see where the political allegiance of our country’s most recognizable stars lie.

1. George Clooney

George was a known supporter of President Obama during the 2008 and 2012 campaigns.

He's is widely known to support the democratic party.

2. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

The Rock is a registered Republican. He however is open to friendships on both sides.

He told the Associated Press, "I have good friends who are politicians on both sides...Clinton is a good buddy of mine; Obama is a good buddy of mine—a multitude of people who are buddies.”

3. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo is also an active Democratic.

He publicly supported John Kerry in the 2004 election and donated to the Obama campaign in 2008.

4. Kristin Chenoweth

Kristin swings Republican, but shares both conservative and liberal views on issues.

She is also outspoken about her Christian faith, but supports same sex marriage.

5. Beyoncé

Beyoncé is a Democrat, having supported Obama's 2008 and 2012 campaigns. Beyoncé sang the national anthem at Obama's 2012 inauguration.

Her and Jay-Z frequently raise money for the party. According to the Washington Post they hosted a charity event at the 40/40 Club in Manhattan at $40,000 a head.

6. Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood is a devoted Republican.

He is well respected with the party and seen as a forward-thinking, progressive Republican.

7. Katy Perry

Katy Perry performed at a political rally for the Obama 2012 campaign and at his inauguration in 2012.

Her parents are Republican and she didn't let them attend the show because they did not support Obama.

8. Bruce Willis

Although known for his conservative leanings, he still is not set on some of the issues, as he has publicly supported elements of free health care, the 2nd Amendment and the right to bear arms.

9. Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman has supported the Obamas since Barack's first campaign.

She is pro-life and stated during a speech "President Obama fights for women every day, and I am proud to stand with him on behalf of women and girls across the country."

10. Sarah Michelle Gellar

She is reported to be a registered Republican, but she has made many comments that imply she is much more liberal than we thought.

In 2008 she was supportive of Obama and said she was "thrilled" and "couldn't ask for anything better."

11. Reese Witherspoon

Reese has monetarily supported the Democratic party.

She donated money in support of Hillary Clinton's senatorial campaigns in 2003 and 2005.

12. 50 Cent

50 judges who he supports on more than just their party affiliation. He therefore fluctuates in his alliance. He famously called George W.

Bush a "gangsta" and expressed his support of the Republican party back in 2005, also saying that he would like to "meet George Bush, just shake his hand and tell him how much of me I see in him." 

On the other hand he has supported both Hillary Clinton and President Obama. He told the Wall Street Journal that "after a while, you look and judge character" rather than leaning towards one party or the other.

13. Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake is highly active in politics having appeared in a Rock the Vote commercial urging young voters to go and vote.

He has also participated in an American Civil Liberties Union advertising campaign to support civil liberties.

14. Jessica Simpson

She was an avid supporter of George W. Bush.

15. Brad Pitt

Brad leans Democrat. His political view is liberal and socially progressive.

He is a big advocate for the legalization of marijuana. 

16. Julie Bowen

Julie Bowen is a conservative Republican.

She donated $1,000 in support of the congressional campaign of Maryland Republican Helen Delich Bentley.

17. Cameron Diaz

She is a known Democrat.

She supported John Kerry in the 2004 election and donated $26,200 to Obama’s campaign.

18. LL Cool J

During an interview with Piers Morgan, LL denounces assumptions that he is a Republican and states "I don't think anybody should assume that I'm a Democrat either. I'm an independent."

19. Adam Sandler

Sandler is a registered Republican having previously supported former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani.

20. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer is a supporter of the Democratic Party.

According to the Huffington Post, she donated $2,300 during President Obama's first campaign.

21. Hillary Duff

Hillary has been noted both as a Democrat and a Republican. She has performed at George W. Bush's 2005 inauguration, but also spoke positively of Obama.

She once tweeted, "Wow just had the most interesting dinner with about 20 couples and @BarackObama!! Always fascinating to talk to such influential people!"

22. Demi Moore

Demi Moore is liberal.

She has voiced her support for Obama in both 2008 and 2012.

23. Vince Vaughn

Vince Vaughn is a conservative and a big supporter of Ron Paul.

24. Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep has shown support to the Democratic Party over the years. 

Her donations for the Democratic party has totaled more than $39,000. She is very vocal about women's rights and gender equality. 

25. Heather Locklear

Heather remains quiet about politics and her views.

But sources do show she is a Republican.

26. Justin Timberlake

Justin supports Obama and is an active Democrat. In 2012 Justin tweeted "Barack Obama inspires me once again.

True leadership is when you are willing to risk your power and voice so that ALL of ours can be heard."

27. Taylor Swift

Taylor is in a gray area as far as what party she sides with. Her role in the Republican National Convention and her Southern Christian upbringing might show she leans to the right. She however has shown support for both Democrats and Republicans.

In 2008, when she was eligible to vote for the first time she performed at the Republican National Convention. That same year, after Obama won the election, she spoke of her support for the new president. She told Rolling Stone Magazine, that she'd "never seen this country so happy about a political decision in my entire time of being alive" and that she was "so glad this was first election."

28. Shannen Doherty

Shannen told that her "values tend to always go toward the Republican Party...I do consider myself a conservative. With that being said, I will not vote for a Republican if I do not actually believe in them.

My biggest thing is to evoke change and to stand for something, whatever that something may be." 

29. Ben Affleck

Ben is a member of the Democratic party and has endorsed Democratic politicians such as Al Gore, John Kerry, President Obama, and now Hillary Clinton.

30. Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson has publicly pledged support to members of the Republican party.

But, in 2012 she told the Daily Star she was "probably going to vote for Obama again."

31. Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx is a Democrat with high praise for President Obama.

Jamie donated $30,400 to the Democratic National Committee in 2009 and another $17,900 to Barack Obama’s reelection campaign.

32. Kim Kardashian

She voted Republican when she lived by her parents views until she met Kanye West.

It's still tough to know what her real political connection is.

33. Cindy Crawford

Cindy is not aligned with any party. She endorsed President Obama in 2008 and supported Mitt Romney in the 2012 election.

According to CNN, she appeared in a promotional video for the Romney campaign.
Despite her monetary donation to the Obama campaign in 2008, most of her donations have been directed toward the Republican Party.

34. Alec Baldwin

Alec is an avid Democrat and not afraid of making public statements on his political beliefs.

He Tweeted showing his repulsion for the Republican party by calling them "lying thieves in the White House who make war under false pretenses in order to make $ for their friends."

35. LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes is an independent.

When CNN asked her what party she leaned with, she replied "I think everyone should make their own decision without being swayed by a celeb."

36. Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan is a Democrat supporting John Kerry in the 2004 presidential candidate. 

She has criticized many of former president George W. Bush's policies.

37. Kelsey Grammer

Kelsey Grammer has called himself a Republican publicly. 

He was a guest at George W. Bush's first inauguration, campaigned for John McCain in the 2008 general election, and endorsed Michele Bachmann for the Republican nomination for president in 2012.

38. Ellen Degeneres

Ellen is very liberal, but has called herself "not much of a political person." 

However, she told Time that "it’s probably fair to say that I’d support the Democratic candidate."

39. Gary Sinise

Gary Sinise is a known Republican.

The New York Times mentions he is a member of Friends of Abe, which is an exclusive organization of right-wing supporters in the entertainment industry.

40. Matt Damon

Although Matt has criticized Obama's first term, he is a known supporter of the Democratic Party. 

He has helped fundraise for New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.