Fascinating Pics From Our Fascinating World

This clock draws lines in the sand the first half of the day, then erases them during the second half.

The same Aldabra Tortoise photographed 131 years apart, once in 1886 and again in 2017.

Elephant Rock island, located in Iceland. 

It is amazing how much like an elephant this island looks like.

Google created a portrait of Apollo 11 pioneer Margaret Hamilton by reflecting moonlight off of 107,000 solar panels.

This alien-looking creature is the Halitrephes jellyfish. 

Meet the Halitrephes jellyfish, halfway between jellyfish and firework.

This the Cygnus Loop is a ghostly supernova remnant over 5000 years old spanning 100 light-years across. 

Some say it resembles a skull.

A long exposure photograph of a lighthouse by the sea.

A cloud in front of a sunset that looks like the mushroom cloud of a nuclear blast.

A giant mechanical Minotaur walking through the streets of Toulouse during the French street-theater company La Machine’s show "Le Gardien du Temple".

This is a Native American variety of corn called 'Glass Gem Corn' and yes it really does grow like that.

Fluorite is a colorful mineral, both in visible and ultraviolet light, and the stone has ornamental and lapidary uses. 

Industrially, fluorite is used as a flux for smelting, and in the production of certain glasses and enamels.

An aircraft fires off flairs as a defensive maneuver against missiles.

The largest bird is known to have ever existed, the Argentavis magnificence.

A nanoinjector, a microscopic machine used to inject cells with DNA A nanoinjector, a microscopic machine used to inject cells with DNA

Kermit the frog and Miss Piggy visit the set of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes back in 1979.

This Maori businessman is Ngapuhi elder Kingi Taurua, who passed away from cancer in 2018 at the age of 80. 

He was an award-winning broadcaster with Radio Waatea, an advisor to ministers, a veteran of the Vietnam War and a former corrections officer.

Talented artist Dain Yoon creates mind-numbing optical illusions using only makeup, not Photoshop. 

She started creating mind-bending body art in 2016 after attending the Korea National University of Art.

Brazilian police confiscated the unnamed parrot at the home of two alleged crack cocaine dealers after nearly spoiling a raid while playing lookout for the suspects by repeatedly yelling, "Mamãe, polícia!"

Said the bird's lawyer, "To be clear, my client is a bird. Not a rat."

The beautiful Rock pools at Mornington Peninsula, Australia. 

This looks like a huge hole but it's about the size of a basketball.

Behind the scenes from The Tick season 2. The Loberstercules suit worn by Niko Nedyalkov.

Created by the team at Ironhead Studio, led by founder Jose Fernandez, who has been designing and making film costumes for decades.

Women boxing on a rooftop 1938, original b&w and colorized version- Judging from they're all wearing dance shoes, most likely members of a variety show. 

Reliable air conditioning was rare then so being on the roof was preferable to a stuffy theatre. The photo was taken on the top of Ball Building, Paramount lot, Hollywood. Even if it is staged, it’s still historical.

Chevy Vegas being shipped by train in the 70s. To do this, Vega engineers had to design a special engine oil baffle to prevent oil from entering the No. 1 cylinder, batteries had filler caps located high up on the rear edge of the case to prevent acid spilling, the carburetor float bowl had a special tube that drained gasoline into the vapor canister during shipment, and the windshield washer bottle stood at a 45 degree angle. 

Plastic spacers were wedged in beside the powertrain to prevent damage to engine and transmission mounts. The wedges were removed when cars were unloaded.

Diminish and Ascend, AKA "Stairway To Heaven" is a sculptural installation by Australian artist David McCracken.

It appears to be a long climb to the top that goes beyond the Earth’s atmosphere, it is nothing more than an optical illusion.

Ulnar dimelia or mirror hand syndrome is a rare congenital anomaly of the upper limb characterized by absence of the radial ray (including thumb), duplication of the ulna and duplication of the ulnar halves of the carpals, metacarpals and phalanges 1.

 Mirrored fingers generally aren’t individually articulated, and if you move one the opposite finger will move the same. Apparently they also share the same nerve reactions.

This is a Notre Dame halftime show, from 2018, recreating the final shot of the Women’s NCAA Championship game where Arike Ogunbowale won the title.

All done by hand, ink on paper, on a canvas size 90 x 64 cm (3 ft by 2 ft.). You can view the original @http://www.piminski.com/2009_Podalida.html

Korean War Goodbye Kiss, Los Angeles, Sept. 6, 1950. Sept. 6, 1950: Pvt. Robert Maye and his wife, Gloria, kiss goodbye with the help of Harvey Wilson, left, and Frank Harvey. 

The couple had been married for 18 months and have a 6-month-old daughter. Robert Maye, Frank Harvey, and Harvey Wilson are not listed among the KIA, MIA or POW.

Palazzo Braschi- Benito Mussolini's fascist party headquarters in 1934 Rome. 

It was not always covered up like that; this set-up was displayed for the 1934 elections, in which Italians were called to vote either for or against the Fascist representative's list.

Stark contrast of two rivers meeting without mixing in Georgia. They're alpine glacial melt coming from two separate water basins in the Caucasus Mountains. 

It's just sediment. Just out of frame, the waters begin to mix together.

This is how starfish walk. 

It's like a spider, but only worse. This video is sped up, they don’t move anywhere near that quickly.

The World's Largest Sunfish - discovered by Miguel Pereira off the coast in Portugal. These divers got the surprise of a lifetime during a recent dive off the coast of Portugal: An encounter with a giant Mola mola fish. 

They are considered elusive and one of the strangest bony fish found in the ocean. They can grow 14 feet tall and ten-foot-wide, weighing nearly 5000 pounds and survive on a diet of the main jellyfish.

Dr. Moody Jacobs shows a giant bruise on the side and hip of his patient, Ann Hodges, after she was struck by a meteorite. 

She is the only confirmed person in history to have been hit by a meteorite (1954).Mrs. Hodges, mayor, police chief examine hole caused by a meteorite.

A toucan's skull- A toucan's beak was once believed to be ideal for hunting fish but they actually eat mostly fruit. 

The large bill helps the bird regulate it's body heat and is ideal for reaching food without having to waste energy.

Mardalsfossen waterfall in Norway is one of the ten highest in Europe with a total fall of 2,313 feet.

Hauntingly beautiful image of a tree burning from the inside out in the aftermath of the Napa Valley forest fires of 2017.

An unusual artifact found on the beach.

It’s a 17-year-old Southern Thai King Cobra next to a 3-week-old Southern Thai King Cobra.

This beautiful piece of Opal was found in the Dominican Republic.

Odd building looks as if it's textures are still loading.

Abnormal zones where lamps glow on their own Abnormal zones where lamps glow on their own

Black Rabbits, from a parallel universe perhaps?