Farmer Sick Of Cars Parking On His Land, Does This


He was astonished by the boldness of these people. However, he had a plan and when he implemented it, he ended up having the last laugh. He was shocked that they had done it again.

As he stepped outside his house and assessed the situation, he made an effort to remain calm. It was ridiculous that he had to deal with this again after attempting to peacefully resolve the situation. However, now it seemed that polite words would not be effective. He had to think creatively - and what he came up with made him a hero on the internet.


Living in a rural community is supposed to be a peaceful experience, where people can coexist with their neighbors. However, for Davao Bedekovic, this was not the case.

Davao enjoys living in Jakusevec, a small village near Zagreb in Croatia. However, recently, he has been experiencing a lot of stress and frustration due to the actions of his fellow villagers. Despite initially trying to overlook their behavior, it has become too much for him to bear.


Davao is a farmer who owns a small field near the center of the village. The village has about 2,000 residents and has been undergoing some modernization recently, including the opening of a market not far from Davao's farmhouse.

Davao was happy about the new market opening up because it meant he could easily buy groceries by walking a short distance. However, he did not anticipate the negative effects the market would have on his life.


The new market did not have its own parking lot, so shoppers had to park on the streets nearby and walk to the market. However, it became apparent that this arrangement was not sufficient.

The market was very popular and there was not enough street parking to accommodate all of the visitors. Some people began to park in places that were not designated as parking spots, without considering the impact on others.


Davao noticed that people were starting to park their cars on his field so they could walk to the new market. At first, a few cars didn't cause a problem, so he didn't think much of it. However, as time passed, it became clear that more and more people were parking on his field.

The number of cars parking on Davao's field increased, especially on the weekends, to the point where it was difficult for him to work on his field. Davao needed to find a way to stop this from happening.


Davao began to approach people who were parking on his field and asked them not to do so. Some people left when he spoke to them, but if he wasn't present, anyone could park there. Davao couldn't spend all day standing outside blocking cars from parking on his field, as he had other tasks to attend to.

Davao became more and more distressed as he tried to come up with a solution to stop the influx of cars onto his property. However, he couldn't think of a good solution.


In a moment of frustration, Davao considered deflating the tires of cars that parked on his field. However, he realized that this would be illegal. He also considered building a fence around the field as a potential solution.

Building a fence around the field would be costly and would also make it more difficult for Davao to bring his own vehicles onto the field. Davao needed to find a way to discourage people from parking on his field without disrupting his own routines and activities. He began to develop a plan.


One day, Davao saw that many cars were parked on his field. He took a deep breath and found the idea of causing chaos amusing.

Davao walked to the other side of the property and got into a large red tractor. He then started the engine.


Davao drove the tractor towards the parked cars, pulling a plow behind him and stirring up the dirt. He had reached his limit and felt that taking revenge would be satisfying. It wasn't long before people noticed the tractor. 

People who were nearby stopped to watch as the frustrated farmer took revenge against the drivers who had been inconsiderate by parking on his field.


Davao drove the tractor around the rows of parked cars, plowing deep trenches across the entire field. It would be difficult for the drivers of the small sedans to navigate through the muddy, uneven surface. There was no way for them to escape.

People who did not have cars on the field found the situation amusing and one person even recorded it. However, one woman did not find it funny.


One by one, as they came out of the market with their shopping bags, the car owners found themselves in a nightmarish position. Those who were lucky enough to have parked next to the street were able to make it safely out without getting their cars stuck in the mud. 

But the rest of the cars were stranded. Still, that didn’t stop one particularly angry driver from trying to get out.


One woman, the owner of a silver Peugeot, was none too happy about what Davao had done. Huffing and puffing, she got into her car and tried to drive out of the wet field.

She didn’t get too far, as the wheels soon got stuck in the mud. But she was nothing if not persistent.


The infuriated woman steered her little car from left to right, even furiously driving in reverse to try and free her vehicle. It didn’t work. Angry, she got out of the car and stormed over to Davao.

He was expecting a heated confrontation. But then she pulled out her phone and did something Davao wasn’t expecting.


The angry woman called the police, and when they arrived, they were stunned at what they found. It was obvious they’d never had to deal with an incident like this before.

They were immediately approached by a number of angry car owners, demanding that something be done about the farmer’s transgression.


Some of them even wanted him arrested. But then the cops spoke to Davao. He told them about the hoards of cars parked on his land and how the drivers were too lazy to walk across the road.

How many times had he warned them not to park from his property? The police heard Davao out and had to agree that the drivers were indeed in the wrong.


After making sure he hadn’t intentionally done any damage to the cars, the cops turned to the drivers and delivered some bad news: there was nothing they could do.

This was, after all, Davao’s rightful property, and he had a right to do on it what he pleased. They, on the other hand, were trespassing.


Davao could have technically taken legal action against the car owners for trespassing. But leaving their cars stranded among trenches of mud was enough justice for him. 

He had made sure that no one would ever park on his property again. Meanwhile, the video of Davao’s revenge was spreading on social media and the news.


The video of the farmer exacting sweet revenge on the inconsiderate drivers quickly went viral, with people all over the world praising his actions. Everyone loved how he took matters into his own hands and came up with a creative solution to his problem.

One commenter wrote: “Farmer wasn’t grumpy. He was smart. No one has the right to park on private property. Good for him!”


And another wrote: “Perfect. That didn’t cost him much. He didn’t involve the authorities AND got the point across, I’m Certain! Even today, in my community, people are willing to talk things out, as they always have. Unfortunately, not everyone is raised that way…”

But the video indicates a growing problem with illegal parking, and people are not going to stand for it any longer.


A group of Brazilian pranksters posted a video that showed them dealing swift justice to a driver who had illegally parked in a handicapped spot. Once the car was left unattended, they came to enact their lesson.

Although the driver was none too pleased, the pranksters more than got their message across. The man would never repeat his mistake again.


Brazilian sisters Ana and Maria Telles had watched for weeks as people came and parked on a handicapped spot outside their apartment complex.

The two were in their mid-teens and living with their grandma, who singlehandedly raised them since they were kids. They would give her anything in the world. So, when the man parked in that particular parking spot, they took it personally.


The sisters had always been overprotective of their grandma. But this protection escalated in recent years when their grandma underwent surgery that confined her to a wheelchair.

As a result, she rewired her life to accommodate the changes in her health. This included parking her tiny sedan in the handicapped spot whenever she was not running her business in the local market.


Most of the community knew about her condition and had reserved the only handicapped spot in the building complex for her and anyone going through the same. The sisters were thankful for this generosity.

With their band of friends, they went from house to house to thank everyone, happy that people loved their grandma as much as they did. But things changed when that man started parking in that spot. 


The man must’ve been from out of town because he knew little about the area’s customs and traditions. Ana and Maria didn’t mind this at all. Even they didn’t know much about other parts of the world.

They even took an interest in the man, finding his different ways of living fascinating. Things started rubbing them wrong when the man parked his car in the handicapped area.


Ana and Maria ignored the first time he did it, hoping he was in a hurry and wouldn’t leave his vehicle there for long. But the car stayed at that spot for more than two days, inconveniencing their grandma.

When he did it the second time, they started to study him carefully. Perhaps he had a medical condition that warranted him parking his car there. But the sisters couldn’t deduce anything.


The sisters, alongside their friends, approached the man to try and explain the situation. It had been two weeks of the same, with the man constantly parking his vehicle in an area their grandma needed.

He was nonchalant about everything, even mocking their grandma’s condition and calling her names. The girls listened quietly. But under their skin, their blood was starting to boil. They would teach the man a lesson.


Ana and Maria went to their apartment to plan out their attack. After an hour of bouncing back ideas, they decided they would visit the local market for a few war supplies.

Their lesson would be swift and easy to digest. They would show the man that some people in their town are not to be crossed.


Ana and Maria waited for the cover of darkness before setting their plan in motion. The neighborhood was asleep when they snuck out of their apartment to join their crew downstairs.

They had bought several bags of Post-It notes from the market, and they were about to give the man’s car an excellent paint job. It would all be free of charge.


The sisters stuck the notes all over the car, including the tires. They had blue and white ones and had arranged them in the motif of a handicap sign.

With their revenge set, they went to sleep. But they woke up to a scream in the morning. Peeking out of their bedroom window, they saw the man yell and curse as he tugged on his hair. That was the last time he ever parked in that spot.


People are fed up with illegal parking, so they are coming up with hilarious and creative solutions to the problem, like Davao, Ana, and Maria did.

Most of us will just simmer quietly and get on with our day, but there are some who will not stand for these infractions any longer. Lazy and inconsiderate parkers, beware!

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author's imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.