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Family Thought They’d Adopted A Rare Pet Dog, But It Turned Out To Be Something Else Altogether

Every family wishes for a cute puppy. Welcoming an animal into the house as a family member is one of the happiest moments. When one family adopted a new puppy, they were super excited to raise him.

However, their happiness was short-lived as they began to notice something peculiar about the newest member of their family.

Su Yun was a hardworking and dedicated mother. Her life was pretty good, despite being always preoccupied with one thing or the other. She was busy raising her two children and spending time with her husband.

The family was living in China, in the southwest province of Kunming City. They had been thinking of adding a new member to their family for a very long time. A pet. But when they actually did it their lives were turned upside down.

Taking care of children and a whole family can be a handful for anyone. Su Yun was tired of her routine, so she decided to go on a vacation with her family. She had absolutely no idea how it would affect her life.

So they planned the trip, packed their bags and went to a quaint little place in Asia. They were so excited about this trip. One day they went out for a walk. On the way, Su Yun came across a group of puppies up for adoption.

Su Yun’s children had been begging their parents for a dog for a long time. Despite her past refusals, Su Yun was falling in love with one of the young puppies.

She realized that a puppy would bring her and their children true joy, therefore she had no doubt that it was the right decision.

They eventually got a puppy. Because he had black fur, the family named him “Little Black.” They had no idea that this small animal would become a major issue for them in the near future.

According to the seller, this dog was a Tibetan Mastiff that may grow up to 180 pounds.

The family contemplated where their puppy, Little Black, would live. The backyard of their house or inside their house with them?

Su Yun made the decision to keep the dog indoors so that he could be close to the family.

The puppy immediately became adjusted to his new surroundings. His appetite was a different story. He had a healthy but very big appetite. But that didn’t affect the family. Instead, seeing the puppy eat made them happy.

The kids were happy and would spend the entire day playing with the dog. However, after some time, they began to observe that there was something strange in the dog’s behaviour.

The puppy’s appetite was growing by each day. He once devoured a whole carton of fruits and two buckets of noodles.

They were concerned that Little Black was ill, but such a large amount of food was normal for him. With days going by they had to spend a fortune of money on dog food.

When Lucky Black turned two-year-old, he weighed about 250 pounds. He towered over with a height of three feet tall. No one anticipated that he would grow this big.

He was just so huge. But, as time went on, his size would not be the only source of concern for this family, as they began to notice other oddities in their adopted pet.

One afternoon, Su Yun noticed something strange about her pet. He went into the kitchen and suddenly stood on his hind legs. Many dogs can do this for a short time, but Little Black stood as if he were a person. This was very strange.

The family also noted some peculiarities in the dog’s appearance. He had grown massive teeth and strange facial features that were not normal for a dog, even for a Tibetan Mastiff.

Su Yun decided to lookup more information about Tibetan mastiffs on the internet. She had an inkling that their Little Black was something different entirely. 

What she discovered about this dog startled and terrified her. 

Su Yun’s pet was a giant black bear! She couldn’t believe what she was reading, but each word confirmed it. She was at a loss for what to do.

Su Yun continued to gather information. Little Black was an Asiatic Black Bear, sometimes known as a Tibetan Bear or a Himalayan Bear. This kind of black bear is considered medium in size, but they can weigh up to 440 pounds and stand more than six feet tall.

Su Yun had grown to adore Little Black, but she realised he had to be removed from her house. It was dangerous to live with him. The first idea they came up with was contacting the zoo. 

The zoo wanted to help, but they needed a birth certificate to take Little Black in. Which they didn’t have.

The next and only option they had was to call the police. The police and the wildlife experts were at their home in a few minutes. When the wildlife experts saw the “dog” in the backyard, they were taken aback.

Little Black was taken to the wildlife centre where it would be decided how he would be rehabilitated. National Geographic captured the whole shocking story.

This bear-dog was relocated to a nearby preserve. Despite all, the family missed their beloved pet.

This story teaches people to exercise caution when adopting dogs and other unfamiliar animals from strangers.  Fortunately, for Su Yun’s family, their story had a happy end.


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