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Family Adopts A Rescued Dog, He Ends Up Saving Their Daughter

Adopting a rescued dog is a huge commitment, but it is also rewarding. Thousands of dogs are abandoned at animal shelters in the United States each year, with the vast majority being euthanized before finding a home. 

While adopting a rescued dog can be a life-changing event, it can also be a risky one. You never know what the dog has been through in the past. When one Australian family adopted their first dog, they had no idea what to expect.

This Australian family made the decision to adopt a dog in 2007. Rather than buying a puppy from a breeder or shop, the family wanted to do a selfless act and aid an animal in need. 

So, when a cute Doberman Pinscher caught their attention, they knew they had to get him.

The family was told that the Doberman, Khan, had come from a highly abusive background. He had been hungry and tortured to the point of having shattered ribs when he was discovered. Fortunately, he had been saved by the Doberling Boarding Kennels.

Because of his abusive history, the kennel considered euthanizing him. If the family, pursued by mother Catherine, had not opted to save him, his fate could have been quite different.

Despite the challenges that lay ahead, the family was ecstatic to meet Khan. Catherine was eager to see how the dog would interact with her 17-month-old daughter Charlotte.

But the question remained… Will the dog with an abused history behave safely?

The first meeting, thankfully, went down without a hitch. Khan approached Charlotte, gave her a gentle nudge, and the two sat in the grass for hours, enjoying each other’s company. The family hoped that this link would strengthen and that Khan would become Charlotte’s protector.

With Khan’s past so empty of affection, Catherine believed Charlotte might provide him with the tenderness, love, and care he had lacked at the start of his life. However, while Charlotte and Khan were playing in their garden one day, he began to act strangely.

Catherine noticed Khan became aggressive towards Charlotte, his usual kind manner fading. This was something she had dreaded would happen because of his previous abuse. 

She became even more concerned when Khan began pushing Charlotte away from where she was playing. What was going on? What triggered the dog?

While keeping an eye on Khan, Catherine observed something in the grass that had caught the dog’s attention. She was shocked to find a King Brown snake creeping close to Charlotte.

Catherine realized then what was actually happening. Her curiosity suddenly changed to shock.

Khan was not attacking Charlotte, but rather attempting to keep her away from the snake. Charlotte and her husband were shocked to discover that their daughter’s life was in dire jeopardy.

King brown snakes are extremely venomous snakes. Their venom could be very dangerous to humans and for a small kid, it could be fatal.

Khan tried several times to push Charlotte away from the snake, but the snake was in full assault mode. The snake wanted to get to Charlotte and tried several times to get past the dog.

Will Khan be able to keep the young girl safe?

Khan had had enough, desperate to save the tiny girl. He grabbed her by the back of her shirt and slung her over his shoulder, where she fell shocked and startled about three feet away.

The backyard had devolved into complete chaos, with Charlotte’s screams and Khan’s barking. At that moment, Catherine knew Khan was trying everything he could to save Charlotte from being bitten by the deadly threat. Khan yelped in anguish at that point…

Khan dashed into the house and collapsed once he was inside. Catherine realized he’d bitten her. The family hurried him to the vet, where he was given anti-venom.

Despite the fact that he was in a lot of pain, the vet believed he would be alright.

Khan slept well that night and had a hearty breakfast the next morning. The family was overjoyed that he was okay. The dog had put his life in danger for their daughter. This was something very huge and can never be forgotten.

They knew they would never be able to repay him.

“It was the most heroic thing he could have ever done,” Catherine said. “If Khan survives this ordeal, he will spend the rest of his life in luxury.”

While Khan was still in the hospital, the media picked up on his heroism. They couldn’t believe it when they heard about an abused dog who protected a toddler from a venomous snake. It was absolutely motivating.

Khan, who had been through so much during the experience, was greatly appreciated by the family.  With constant care and love, he was back on his feet and ready to return home in just a few days.

Catherine doesn’t take the fact that Khan and Charlotte escaped the frightening tragedy unscathed for granted. She is aware that if her kid had been bitten, the outcome may have been quite different.

Charlotte would not have survived a King Snake bite, according to local experts. As a result of Khan’s unselfish act, he will be known as the “king of the household” for the rest of his life.

He is called Khan The Wonder Dog now. And rightly so. This dog is a real-life superhero!


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