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Expectant Father-to-be of Quintuplets Gets the Biggest Shock of His Life on His Most Awaited Day

Among the greatest feelings in the world are the amazing feeling of becoming a dad. The feeling of being able to bring in a new life into this world is totally overwhelming. Most of the times, even big and strong men can’t help but get emotional once they see their babies for the very first time. When it comes to fatherly excitement, one man from Canada can say that he felt more than any other dad-to-be in the world. He was waiting to see not only his first baby but five! His heart was filled with desire and excitement to kiss and hold his Quintuplets. But when the most awaited day of his life came, he had never prepared for the news that hit him so hard in the face.

Paul Servat is a man in his mid-thirties. He was living in Montreal with his family and friends. Due to his busy schedule, he never realized that he was growing old. Looking at his friends happy and content with their own families, Paul had realized he wanted to build a family of his own. He was at the height of his career, fit and healthy and he knew that it’s time for him to look for his other half. Of course, there’s an accessible place to do so.

At the age of technology, Paul had easily found his match on a dating site. It was 2013 when a woman named Barbara Bienvenue caught his attention. He was two years her junior and he can easily make her laugh. At their age, there was no time for long courtship. After a few weeks of chatting with each other, they decided to meet in Montreal. The two clicked together and they started dating. Soon enough, the whirlwind romance had blossomed into something else.

Barely two months after dating exclusively, Barbara called Paul and told him that she had something to say. As they were only at the earliest stage of their relationship, Paul had no idea what his girlfriend would say. When they met, Barbara was smiling from ear to ear. And when she told him the good news, there was a quick moment of shock for Paul. But when the news synced in, a big grin formed on his face as well. At last, he’s going to be a father!

Paul was swept away by the news. Just a few months ago, he had longed to build a family of his own. Before he knew it, all that he ever prayed was being handed to him. He couldn’t be any happier. When his family and friends found out about the good news, they all felt happy for the couple. They even held a celebration to express how much delighted they are for what was happening in their lives. From that day on, the excited father-to-be began his countdown.

Soon enough, Barbara began to gain weight. To be able to watch over her, Paul had asked her to move with him to his house. He had her family to watch over her as well whenever he goes to work. Her morning sickness was such a terrible time for Barbara. Although he was feeling worried, Paul knew that it was a natural part of pregnancy. As weeks passed by, the couple began to notice that Barbara’s tummy was unusually big. Realizing they might be expecting twins, Barbara went to undergo checkup and when she returned, Paul couldn’t help but jump for joy. They are going to have more than one child, and even more than two. In the begining Paul couldn’t believe it, but they were going to have no less than five children!

Barbara was one of the lucky women in the world who had conceived quintuplets. Paul couldn’t believe his ears at first. Unlike his friends who had fathered children in their twenties, he was past his prime of becoming a father. But when it was finally given to him, he had it big time! However, there also came his worries. Paul was earning an average income. It was enough to start a family but wouldn’t be sufficient for five. Lucky for them, they had family, friends, and neighbors who were more than willing to lend a helping hand. The preparation for the quintuplets’ arrival has begun.

Since the inception of social media platforms, getting help had never been easier. With the help of his friends and co-workers, Paul had set up a Facebook page. He shared their story and used the page to document Barbara’s pregnancy. From his personal to professional contacts, Paul humbly asked for sponsorships. Aside from their neighbors, help from the local businesses in their community had arrived. To be able to show how grateful they are, they took photos of the gifts and posted them on the Facebook page. They want everyone to know that their efforts are paying off.

With each passing day, Paul grew more and more excited. He was always on Barbara’s side whenever she asked for something. He had been so patient of her mood swings and was careful to her like she’s a baby herself. He never wanted anything bad to happen to the mother of his children. So that Barbara wouldn’t get bored in the house, they started arranging the room of their babies. It was such an unforgettable moment for Paul and he felt younger than ever. If only he could, he would pull the days. But for the meantime, he had to be patient. As they say, all good things are worth the wait.

All throughout the waiting ordeal, Paul felt extremely happy. Even the happiness of his parents who are longing for grandchildren was evident. Her mother was always with Barbara, assisting her in her needs whenever he’s away. Aside from updating the generous people on Facebook, Paul and Barbara had solemn moments as well. His girlfriend had given him the opportunity to pick the names for their babies and he deeply appreciates it. A month before the due date, Paul was confident that they were ready.

Barbara was on her 34th week when it happened. She was hysterical as she told Paul that her water broke. Usually, a full-term pregnancy consists of 37 weeks. It was his first time to deal with this kind of situation. However, he knew from his research that he needed to stay calm. As fast as he could, he prepared the things and took his girlfriend to the hospital. His family accompanied them as well. Finally, the most awaited day of his life has arrived.

When they arrived at the hospital, the doctors attended to Barbara right away. Since she was not yet in the pain of labor, the necessary processes were done. She was checked up and the doctor performed an ultrasound. Paul was nervous and excited at the same time. He was waiting outside for great news. When the doctor finally went out, Paul was quite surprised at the expression on his face. He’s looking confused. Could there be a problem with the babies? His heart skipped a beat.

Judging by the frown on his face, Paul can sense that something was wrong. The staff nurses were clearly uneasy as well. He can’t wait for answers any longer. He approached the doctor. Paul was then taken aside. The doctor was unsure where to start. Perhaps he was even contemplating on the fact that he discovered. Then, like a sword, his words hit Paul’s heart and mind.

In his excitement, Paul had a hard time accepting what the doctor was saying. His girlfriend was still inside the emergency room. His family was around him, all were eagerly waiting for Barbara’s safe delivery.
However, the doctor was explaining there were no babies to expect at all. Barbara was not pregnant in the first place. For the love of God, Paul couldn’t understand what was happening. How on Earth could this happen?

For almost nine months, Paul had been with Barbara. He saw her belly grew and he was there when her morning sickness was on its height. She was starting to make milk as well. Even his mom had never sensed that there’s something weird that’s going on. Then like a clap of thunder, it hit him. He was never there when Barbara went to the clinic for checkups. At first, she told him they were expecting twins. Then the next time it became triplets. The following she told her she was carrying four babies. Then it became five. Paul was beginning to feel like a fool. It was then that the doctor told her about Barbara’s condition.

After months of joy, excitement, thrill, and preparations, Paul was shocked to the core. They were living under one roof and he never had the slightest idea that Barbara was faking her pregnancy. He saw the signs with his own eyes. From time to time, they took photos and uploaded them on their Facebook page in hopes of getting sponsorship. No one close to them had even suspected that there was no baby at all. At that moment, he became unsure whether there was someone close to them who had the idea that Barbara was lying all along. And then there was one.

Genevieve Laflamme is the first person to sense that something weird was happening. She recently gave birth to triplets. Although she had some suspicions in her mind, she just can’t barge in and tell Paul. He was too happy and excited. Instead of trusting her intuition, she just convinced herself to believe that Barbara was indeed carrying quintuplets. Moreover, she provided her with tips on where they can get financial support. Genevieve even connected Paul and Barbara to the generous folks who sponsored the diapers for her triplets. Upon learning the news, she quite regretted her decision of keeping silent about her suspicions.

Paul was not the only one who was brokenhearted with the news. His parents, relatives, and friends were all shocked as well. Even the friend who helped him set up the Facebook page for sponsorship couldn’t help but get annoyed and disappointed with all of Barbara’s lies. He was so in love and caught up with the idea of becoming a father. He couldn’t think of any reason why the woman she loved and trusted with all his heart would make a fool out of him. Then he found out it was not the first time.

During their brief relationship, Paul never had the chance to ask Barbara about her family. All that he knew about his girlfriend was that she was from Quebec as well. Barbara didn’t want to talk about her relatives so he respected her silence. When the hoax came out, a relative of Barbara came forward and told Paul that it was not the first time Barbara fooled people. She had long cut ties with them because of her unusual behavior. They were devastated to know that she did again.

The relative, who didn’t want to mention his name, told Paul that Barbara had an ex-boyfriend in the past who suffered the same fate as him. She told the man that she was pregnant with twins. Like Paul, the ex-couple had raised funds to prepare for the coming of the babies. But in the end, Barbara’s lies were exposed as well. When Barbara left her hometown, the relatives were pretty sure she will never live in lies again. Her honor had been compromised and she promised them that she will lead a better life. But did Barbara really deserve to be condemned or was she a victim as well.

Although Paul was angry at the deception, his family had talked to him about how to handle his emotions. The doctors were empathetic. In his mind, he was thinking about the friends and sponsors that are all waiting for their announcement. He had plenty of explanations to do.
At the hospital, the doctor talked about phantom pregnancy. Based on the explanation, what happened wasn’t totally under Barbara’s control. The woman he loved needs deeper understanding. Moreover, she needs medical attention.

Pseudocyesis or commonly known as phantom pregnancy is a condition wherein a woman convinces herself that she’s actually pregnant. It’s easy to fall trap as the signs and symptoms of a real pregnancy can be seen and experienced. According to WebMD, the exact cause of phantom pregnancy is yet unknown. However, they have found out that the extreme desire of a woman to become pregnant is one of the psychological factors. It even causes changes in the body. This condition is really hard to differentiate from real pregnancy.

Paul was confused because he had seen different signs that his girlfriend was really pregnant. Although he wasn’t able to accompany her during checkups, he had seen all the possible signs of pregnancy with his own eyes. However, the doctor had confirmed that a woman who’s experiencing phantom pregnancy exhibits similar signs and symptoms. She will undergo morning sickness and weight gain. Even lactation can occur. What’s more puzzling is that 18 percent of women with pseudocyesis were diagnosed as pregnant by a medical professional at one time.

As much as he wanted, Paul wanted to give his utmost understanding to Barbara. She might have been a victim as well of psychological circumstances. However, she had told him that she went to the doctor for her monthly checkup. There’s no way the medical professionals won’t find out that she’s experiencing a phantom pregnancy. According to the doctor, although the physical symptoms can often fool people, the medical tests won’t lie. In pseudocyesis, there will be no baby on the ultrasound. The doctor won’t be able to hear any heartbeat. Urine tests will also reveal whether a woman is pregnant or not. So did Barbara hid the truth?

Since a woman who’s experiencing phantom pregnancy would be shocked to know that there is no baby in her womb, the doctors are advising the people around them to take in charge of the situation. The best suggestion they can give is to make them feel their support and understanding. Also, they encouraged anyone who knows women with this condition to convince them to get psychological help and support. Moreover, they asked for everyone not to judge Barbara as a complete liar. The rare mental condition she has could have been the culprit.

When Paul went home, he knew what he had to do first. He almost cried to himself when he saw the nursery. Together, they prepared the room for their coming babies. In the corner, he can see babies’ stuff and more. Those things were gifts from their relatives, friends and generous individuals. Paul knew he had an explanation to make. So one by one, he told the devastating news about the pregnancy. His friend also helped him explain the condition to everyone who donated gifts to the couple. Paul promised that everything will be returned to the donor.

Dr. Kimberly Gecsi is an obstetrician from the University Hospitals in Cleveland. She said that in over a decade of her career; she had seen five cases of a phantom pregnancy. The doctor shared the case of a brunette woman from Pittsburgh. When she was brought into the delivery ward one late evening, everyone believed that she was about to deliver a baby. Her belly was swelling and her husband carried a bulging overnight bag. However, when a nurse put a stethoscope over the abdomen of the woman, she struggled to find the baby’s heartbeat. Dr. Gecsi then performed an ultrasound and declared that the woman was not pregnant. Needless to say, her husband was shocked. Their whole family and even their house were more than prepared for the arrival of the baby.

Women suffering from false pregnancy can get help from psychological and medical experts. However, it seemed that not at all times, the medical professionals are sure of what they are doing. In North Carolina, two physicians were disciplined when they performed an emergency c-section on a woman only to find out she wasn’t pregnant at all. They even tried to induce her for two days!

Extremely broken at what happened, Paul felt that he can never trust Barbara again. He wanted to understand her situation but his heart won’t lie. He would never be able to start a new life with her again. However, he was glad to know that Barbara’s relatives had taken her to a psychiatric institution. After all, what she needs in a moment like this is the love, guidance, and support of her family. For the meantime, he would focus on returning the gifts and in rebuilding his life. Fortunately, no one wanted to pursue legal actions. It’s the last thing they need in this kind of situation anyway. 


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