Elevator Camera Recorded People Doing The Most Bizarre Acts Imaginable

A Boring Elevator

We’ve all felt bored while in the elevator, waiting to reach the top floor. Usually, you just look at the door or the floor, waiting patiently. Others, however, are more inclined to do stuff that would be unimaginable to most of us, probably not knowing there’s cameras recording them.

We've gathered some of the weirdest and mysterious elevator moments that were ever captured on camera. Let's see if we can understand what they were doing and why.

Who Is That Guy?

Take this guy for example. Most high-tier hotels have a worker in the elevator to assist you. This guy probably decided to mimic that, with a twist straight out of a horror movie. That many will ask for assistance from him is doubtful…

Romantic Or Vandalism?

These two young ladies decided to create a visual display of their romantic feelings by spraying over the elevator’s wall. Little did they know there was a security camera recording them. Whether or not that’s excusable due to love or not, we’ll leave it up to you. But it’s hardly the most bizarre thing cameras recorded…

Got The Munchies?

This is definitely one for the ages: a delivery man eating out of the pizza he’s going to deliver! Even if he didn’t notice the camera, how would the customers not understand a piece or two are missing from the pie? Did he think he’d stay out of trouble? 

Dance Time 

Whether or not this policeman had a dream of becoming a dancer, we don’t know. What’s clear though is that he needed some time to relax and showcase his great skills. We can only imagine how many jokes were made the following day in the office…

On The Star Wars Frontline

This man was minding his own business, talking casually with his friend, when a host of surreal characters emerged into the elevator. First came Darth Vader, whose dark presence scared the man. Then followed the Stormtroopers and even Yoda. The best part? They started dancing, making this man think he’s in a dream. He won’t be watching these movies again in a long time probably…

Is This A Musical?

These policemen had just left the bar after a long week of work and frankly, we can understand their enthusiasm. But the way they started dancing in perfection sync made us think it must’ve been choreographed. We hope they can keep the same enthusiasm come Monday…

A Fight For The Ages?

This quite sturdy man is dressed like Sub-zero, a character from the Mortal Kombat franchise of fighting games. Not exactly the most reassuring image for someone who wants to share the elevator with him. This woman however seems unfazed by his fist. Maybe she has a few tricks up her sleeve as well…

A Reconciliation Kiss

Whatever had happened before, this couple seemed to overcome it with a passionate kiss. They seemed not to know there’s a security camera, or maybe they just didn’t care. We’re just happy we weren’t there to ruin their intimate moment…

Is Everything Alright?

This young man apparently really needed a break and decided to bury his face in the corner of the elevator. The older man in the other corner looked at him concerned. Is everything alright? The poor guy probably needed some time off…

Last-Minute Savior

While most dogs are okay with being in an elevator, it’s extremely dangerous if you don’t take care of the leash. This woman forgot it and the puppy would have met a gruesome end had it not been for this man who reacted quickly and saved it.

A Comfortable Spot

The next one is quite funny: a man relaxing on the floor of the elevator while grabbing the handle. To the confusion of the other passengers, the man looks calm and relaxed. We’d hate to ruin his comfort, that’s for sure!


When one thinks of places where he can practice, the elevator is hardly the first thing that springs to mind. Not for this young woman though, who performs a quite impressive set of vertical splits, while speaking on the phone! The look on the face of the other girl is priceless. She probably couldn’t wait to get it over with…

Should I Do Something?

In the next recording, this man is seen alone in an elevator when a bunch of men wearing robber face masks come in and surround him. The shocked look on his face says it all. Thankfully for him, it was nothing more than a prank.

A Casual Sight

In this unbelievable footage, we see this man alone in the elevator when a beekeeper storms in! The man immediately retreats to the corner of the elevator, unable to believe what he’s seeing. This has to be one of the most random experiences of his life… 


This woman was alone in her elevator when it started speeding up and suddenly, the power was cut off. The poor woman was seen on camera screaming, terrorized by the experience. Fortunately for her, everything turned out fine as it was just another harsh prank…

Trapped In An Elevator

This man was trapped in the elevator for hours when the doors opened. To his misfortune, they had opened towards a cement wall. This brave man punched through the wall and climbed down towards the elevator door, where he got help and escaped. What a courageous man!

A Disgusting Joke

This woman actually noticed the camera and chose to mock it instead of being shy. She took off her gum and stuck it on the camera, looking unfazed into it. Surely that must be illegal? She didn’t seem to care at all…

Losing Your Ground

How would it feel if you pressed the button to go up using the elevator, then the floor collapses and you’re falling in the abyss? Not very fun, right? That’s exactly what happened to this woman but, thankfully, it was just a prank.

What A Mess

This delivery guy waited patiently until he was inside the elevator, to uncover the packages and try each food he was supposed to deliver. He even tried the soup! We wonder what the repercussions will be and we hope he wasn’t sick…

Shake It Off

While the old man sits patiently at his corner, we see a younger man come in, grooving to Taylor Shift and dancing as if no one is watching. And, apart from the camera that was recording him the whole time, the look on the other passenger’s face is priceless.

Unfortunate Ending

Not every prank ends on a positive note, however. This woman, tired of this prankster’s antics, pushed him out of the elevator with the first chance she got. We can only imagine what kind of prank did he dry to pull off on her…


This woman was patiently waiting for the elevator doors to open when she saw it full of people dressed in 80’s disco attire. They even had a disco ball there! The funniest part is how the woman didn’t even react while walking silently towards the stairs…

A Common Theme

It seems that the elevator is an excellent space for people to relax via dancing. This man though was special: not only was he dancing using spectacular moves, but he also continued undeterred by others coming into the elevator. He even moonwalked out of it. Now that’s a star!

Terrifying Stuff

This woman was the victim of another prank. While the elevator was going up, the walls appeared to be breaking down. The woman felt lost and immediately reached the opposite cornered, terrified. 

Come On Guys

These guys tried to fit a glass panel into an elevator that clearly was smaller. The result was obvious: the doors closed, and the panel shattered. Let’s just hope that everyone is ok…

Not A Great Idea

While this young boy was waiting for his father to enter the elevator, the doors started shutting. Instead of pressing the button to keep them open, he decided to extend his umbrella so that the gates close automatically. Instead, the elevator broke down and he was trapped there for hours. Welp…

How Sweet

This couple felt an instant connection when they saw each other inside the elevator. They initially felt shy of each other but after they exchanged a few looks, they kiss once and leave the elevator together. Love At First Sight?

Stuck There

This woman was recorded trying to save her high heel from the elevator as the stiletto was stuck in the small opening. Fortunately, she managed to do it, but she got on her knees to do that, seemingly not caring about the camera.

In Love?

This is straight out of a movie: a woman visibly excited as if no one looks at her. We can only imagine what got her so happy in the first place. Could she be in love?


As two passengers are already inside, this couple comes in and starts kissing passionately. While the two were actors, pulling off a prank, the awkwardness the other passengers felt was priceless.