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During Vows, Groom Turns To Bride’s Sister Instead

A family he could call he is all he ever wanted. With her, he could get just that. Their wedding day was coming up, and he couldn’t be happier. 

But being with her presented something he’d ever imagined. He’d met her sister, who now held a special place in his heart. When he looked at her in her bridesmaid dress, he knew he’d have to do right by her too.

Malcolm met Denise at a charity event in Houston, Texas. The pair liked each other from the get-go, finding out they had a lot in common.

For Malcolm, Denise was an extraordinary woman. She was not only intelligent and witty but beautiful. She also had the best inside jokes. Well, that was until Malcolm met Mara, her sister. 

With Mara, Malcolm couldn’t hold a straight face in conversations. If Denise was funny, Mara deserved a comedy special in one of those extensive streaming services. 

Malcolm and Mara hit it off immediately. Even though Malcolm was dating Denise, he couldn’t deny his strong bond with Mara. His relationship with the sisters would follow him to the altar.

Denise and Mara had been inseparable since they were kids. Although they were two years apart in age, everyone could agree that they looked like twins. 

Mara had down syndrome, a condition which Malcolm didn’t pick up on until days later after they’d met. Mara was the happiest and most engaging person Malcolm knew despite her condition. Would he cut their bond because of it?

Malcolm’s relationship with Mara was similar to his relationship with Denise on many fundamental levels. Yet it differed in one. He was not romantically involved with Mara.

For Malcolm, a person who grew up a single child with little to no friends, Mara was the perfect sister and best friend. As he went out to buy a ring for Denise, he knew he couldn’t leave his best friend out of the picture. 

Malcolm bought the best rings in the jewelry store and asked the sisters to a candle-lit dinner in their favorite restaurant. Seemingly unaware of what was happening, the sisters agreed to his request, and they all had a wonderful evening.

After their meal, Malcolm invited the sisters to a special place in the city’s park overlooking a lake. He got on his knees and proposed to Denise. As soon as she said yes, he did the unthinkable.

Malcolm proposed to Mara, asking her if she would be his best friend and sister for life. “I can’t begin to imagine a life without you in it,” he confessed. 

“You are a kind and beautiful soul, and you bring joy to our lives. Mara O’Conner, will you make me the happiest man by being my best friend and sister forever?”

Mara’s eyes gleamed with tears. Behind her, Denise’s lips parted. The sisters looked at each other before settling on Malcolm. Did they think this was a joke? It was undoubtedly unheard of. 

Malcolm stayed on his knee as they shared looks again. Mara’s hand was trembling in his. Her cheeks, like Denise’s, were awash in tears. But would she say yes?

“Yes,” Mara whispered, seemingly unsure at first. Then her lips curved into a beautiful smile, and she yelled her answer. Denise hugged her tight before Malcolm could slip the ring on, and they all embraced against the beautiful lake vista. 

The days after that blurred into one, and before the trio knew it, their wedding was around the corner. Would Malcolm break up the engagements before everything got out of control?

As the wedding day loomed closer, Malcolm never felt like he’d done the wrong thing. He’d seen the photos of the sisters when they were young, seeing how inseparable they were. 

Denise and Mara did everything together. From birthdays, fairs, and Halloween to first days at school. Who was Malcolm to break that beautiful bond?

A day before the wedding, Malcolm drove down to the parish alone. He still had one more thing he needed to do before the big day.

He spent the afternoon with the priest, and soon after, he was standing on the altar looking at Denise as she walked down the aisle. But something else happened.

After Denise joined him on the altar, the wedding song began playing again. Mara appeared at the door with her dad beside her. 

She had the brightest smile on her face, a smile that would get brighter as the day continued. Malcolm and Denise received her, and the next part of this lovely ceremony commenced. 

The priest gave a short sermon and soon after called the loved ones to exchange their vows. But instead of taking Denise’s hand, Malcolm reached out for Mara’s.

The congregation melted as he said his vows to her, promising to take care of her, always listen to her jokes, and go fishing. Mara did the same, and the congregation cheered as the priest declared them best friends. But it only got better. 

After Malcolm and Denise shared their sweet vows and were officially married, Malcolm took Mara on the first dance. He’d grown up alone with no sibling to make him feel whole. 

Now he had the sweetest sister and best friend blissfully dancing with him. He looked at Denise, who was in tears at the head table. She nodded at him, and he knew he’d made her more than happy that day. 

The wedding day came to a beautiful close. Malcolm and Denise went on their honeymoon and soon returned home. Of course, they live a stone’s throw away from Mara’s place. 

Whenever the young couple can, they go to Mara’s to keep her company. Mara also visits often, and the three are nigh impossible to separate. 


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