Dog Refuses To Listen, Ends Up Solving Mystery

Pursuit Of Trouble

He tried to call Spot back but he wouldn’t listen. He darted into the park, his nose furiously sniffing. His paws kicked up dirt behind him. 

There was no way that what he found was actually real. Sam’s heart pounded as he reached for his phone. He could only think of one person to call at a time like this. 

A Loyal Partner

It’s not every day that your close friend has a dog as a co-worker. But that’s exactly the situation Sam found himself in when his best friend, David became an officer.

Spot was David’s partner. He had been on countless missions with him and was one of the best canines’s on the team but now, he was getting old and needed to retire. 

Finding A Home

David couldn’t provide enough attention for his work buddy to live with him so he asked his best friend Sam to take him in. 

They already knew each other and Sam loved him. It was a no-brainer for Sam. After David told him he needed to retire, Sam practically leaped to sign the pet adoption papers. It seemed to be a match made in heaven.