Dog Missing For 6 Weeks Found 900 Miles Away

When Jared and Kristi Owens returned from their weekend getaway, they discovered that their chihuahua, Lucy, had gone missing. 

The couple searched for their beloved dog for weeks but with no luck. Then, one day, they received a strange call from someone 900 miles away. They weren't prepared for what happened next. 

A Short Vacation

The Owens went on a short vacation in Las Vegas and left their dog with a sitter. 

They were looking forward to taking a break from their busy lives and catching up with their friends. 

Packing For The Trip

Jared and Kristi worked as advertisers in Texas, and their shifts were pretty hectic. As a result, they only had a couple of hours to pack before their flight in the early morning. 

They left plenty of food and water for Lucy before driving to the airport. 

Amazing Time

The Owens landed in Vegas in the morning and had a fantastic time hanging out with friends and playing in casinos. 

But when they returned home, they would have the shock of their lives. 

Sad News

The couple was greeted by their sitter, who looked very sad. With tears in her eyes, she explained that Lucy had vanished while they were away.

The sitter also told them she tried calling them several times, but they weren't answering their phones. 


It turns out that Lucy wasn't even at the house when the sitter arrived. She believed the dog escaped the morning they left for the airport. 

She searched for Lucy all over the neighborhood and still couldn't find her. 

Searching For Lucy

The Owens called all of their neighbors, hoping someone would know where their dog was. 

But no one had any idea where Lucy was. Their dog had never run away from home before. So was their sitter really telling the truth?

The Realization

The Owens couldn't believe their dog had run away from home. She loved them both so much and followed them everywhere around the house. 

The more they thought about it, the more they felt like their sitter wasn't telling the truth. 

Calling The Shelters

The couple had a feeling that someone had stolen their dog. So they called every dog shelter in town to ensure Lucy wasn't found or handed in. 

And just when they were about to distribute some flyers, they got a strange call. 

A Strange Call

It was a man calling from Las Vegas. He asked Jared if he owned a dog. 

“Yes. Who am I speaking to?” Jared responded. 


Who was this man? And how did he know Jared had a dog?

Jared listened carefully to what the stranger said next. Then, he asked his wife for a pen and paper and wrote down an address. 

Back To Las Vegas

Once he hung up the phone, he told Kristi to pack a bag because they were going back to Las Vegas. 

As soon as they landed at the airport, they rushed to the security holding area, where Lucy was already waiting for them. 


“I bet you’re wondering how she got here, huh?” the woman at the front desk said. As soon as Lucy saw her owners, she raced into their arms. 

“You’re finally here! Lucy!” Kristi said. So how did their dog end up at the airport?

Inside The Luggage 

The airport security detected movement in the couple's luggage. When they opened it, they found Lucy hiding inside. 

Fortunately, she didn't suffer any injuries. 

Sneaking In

The Owens believe Lucy hopped in the suitcase while they were packing for their Las Vegas trip. 

Because it was so dark and Lucy was so tiny, they didn't realize she was inside the suitcase. "I'm sorry, Lucy!" Jared said as he hugged his beloved dog.