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Dog Doesn’t Let People Touch Him, Then This Happens

There is a significant number of stray dogs wandering around the streets. The majority of stray dogs is in a terrible state. Emaciated, starving, injured and begging for scraps of food. Most of them will never get fresh food or shelter. However, some of them are extremely lucky when people or organizations find them and rescue the poor dogs. Kong, the Border Collie was one of these lucky dogs…

Curtis Hartsell is a bike maniac and works in cybersecurity. Although he is an animal person and especially a dog lover, his lifestyle hasn’t given him the chance to own his own dog… But little did he know what would happen as he one day saw Kong’s photo on social media…

Curtis has been a successful man and his life has been more than he could ever ask for. However, he always had that feeling that something was missing. He really wanted a dog but wasn’t sure if he could have enough time for this kind of responsibility, considering that his lifestyle was quite active.

Kong, a male Border Collie, caught Curtis’ eye on a social media post. The poor dog had serious sunburns and was suffering from some skin infections. That made it extremely hard for him to get adopted. Curtis thought about adopting this dog, still wondering whether he had enough time to care for a pet…

Kong used to be a stray dog, wandering around the streets of Claremore in Oklahoma. The dog was in a very bad condition but fortunately, he was picked up and rescued from the Border Collie Rescue & Rehab from Texas. Now living in a shelter, all he needed was time to get well and then a loving family!

The Border Collie Rescue & Rehab is a network of volunteer foster homes who valuate, rescue and rehabilitate abandoned Border Collies. Kong was safe and ready for a new life. However, the organization had already too many dogs so to keep track of him, they added to Kong’s name this number #387!

Kong was just a number now but thankfully he was treated as more than that. People from the association took good care of him and even tried to get him a new home. But that was really hard, considering he looked sickly…

The people from the shelter knew Kong needed a home more than any dog there, so they decided to share Kong’s story on social media. Curtis Hartsell saw that post and instantly liked Kong. He was really moved by the poor dog’s story and he was willing to help. What did he do next?

“He was described to me by his foster mom and I described my life to her. She thought that we were a perfect match for each other,” said Curtis. He couldn’t wait to see the pooch. But for that, he had to wait a little longer…

Curtis really wanted to help Kong and visited him at the Border Collie Rescue & Rehab. Kong would not let anyone pet him because his skin hurt. That was until Curtis showed up! His reaction when seeing Curtis was part of what made the man ask to adopt Kong!

“I looked through his profile and just immediately fell in love with his single picture and the description they put on the page,” said Curtis.

The dog seemed to really like him and everyone from the shelter was amazed, including the foster mom! Curtis was now sure that he was taking Kong home. He knew this dog needed it the most and he would not let Kong stay at the shelter anymore. And that’s when a strong friendship was born…

This dog’s transformation is amazing!

Before getting Kong to his house, he had to wait for the adoption process to end: “I asked for daily updates through the adoption process and felt as if he were mine from the very beginning and these people were just helping us get reunited,” he said.
To get so much love from a dog that only knew you for a few minutes is an indescribable feeling! Curtis knew that Kong will be his best friend for the years to come, and he was not mistaken!

Curtis went through several interviews and a home visit after finally being able to come get Kong. Here was Kong’s first ride to his new home. As you can see, this pooch was more than happy to go out of the shelter and into a new home. He’s going to get spoilt rotten, and we can see it all from the next photos. His birthday photos are absolutely adorable!

Kong instantly felt the love with his new owner Curtis and he wanted to show that he loved him too. The dog hugged Curtis and would not let him go away! But this story gets even better:

“I was handed his leash … I got down in front of him and gave him his new name and asked if he wanted to come home with me,” said Curtis. What was Kong’s new name?

Kong got to his new home and immediately adjusted from living on the streets to living in a shelter and then at a new home. He’s a well-mannered pup and looks pretty pleased to have a family that loves him very much! There’s so much more about Kong you don’t know yet…

Kong and Curtis’ first meeting was a success and just by looking at them, you’d say that this is the beginning of a great friendship. Can this story get even better? Yes it can, and you’ll see what we’re talking about…

The happy dog has now a new safe and cozy home. Curtis wanted to completely change the dog’s life and even renamed Kong into ZIB. They were both ready to live a whole new life. But why did Curtis chose the name ZIB?

ZIB was a Russian dog that went to space. That dog was very special and made history. ZIB had a story which was pretty similar to Kong’s and that’s why Curtis wanted to name his dog ZIB, he said:

“The original was just a lost dog running around base that they sent to space for successful flight. I felt this was fitting for my ZIB because he was just a lost dog until someone picked him up and helped nurture him back to health. Now he and I are off to the stars together!”

Curtis Hartsell and his new dog ZIB truly loved each other and became best friends. Curtis would even take ZIB to his job. They literally spend every moment of the day together and that’s what makes them inseparable!

ZIB used to live on the streets so sleeping was a big issue for him. He really needed some good quality sleep and that’s exactly what he did when he first got home. Curtis had managed to create a unique, cozy and chill place for ZIB to enjoy his sleep.

ZIB not only has a great dad and mom, but he also has a lot of doggie friends. Here he was at his birthday, posing like a superstar! Look at how great his fur is now that he has fully healed. Curtis also took ZIB to a very special event…

Curtis and ZIB love to spend time together and they do multiple activities. They go for walks, they play games or just chill on the couch. They naturally enjoy each other’s company and they are both happier than ever.

While ZIB is not a lapdog, his father lets him stay in his arms and they fall asleep like that on the couch! If these two are not BFFs, then we’re at a loss! “I truly feel saved by him and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him,” he said. “Our lives revolve around each other now and I wouldn’t have it any other way,” said Curtis to The Dodo.

Both Curtis and ZIB are now living their best life together, enjoying every single day. The unconditional love and companionship they offer to each other are priceless. Curtis will never forget the moment when ZIB sat in front of him as he took the leash: “He was sitting in front of me, looked into my eyes and then hugged me and bowed his head. It was adorable; I’ll never forget that moment.”

We’ve seen a lot of cuddling around in the house, but Border Collies are very energetic dogs since they’re a herding breed. This means ZIB goes for very long walks and plays with a bunch of dogs to spend all of his energy!

Curtis is very attached to ZIB and feels extremely proud of him being healthy and happy. That makes him want to take lots of pictures of ZIB who is quite a photogenic dog! “I cannot even begin to describe how much happier and fulfilled I feel,” said Curtis, adding that he cannot recall who rescued whom.

ZIB walks around his new house with a big smile on his face while wagging his tail. He is happy and he can’t hide it at all! What is ZIB doing today after nearly two years from being adopted?

Looking back to the time when he was brought to the shelter and at the photos taken by Curtis, we see a completely transformed dog! He’s happy, lively and his coat is magnificent! He’s also a spoiled furbaby and a celebrity on Instagram!

This pup’s journey has a happy ending, but his adventures don’t stop here! There’s a lot more goodness coming ZIB’s way! Recently, he’s even been one of Curtis’ best men at the most important event of his human’s life…

Now ZIB is the happy furbaby of these newlyweds that wanted to tie the knot with their pooch by their side. You can even check his Instagram account – zibstar_spacedoggo. There, you will see the wedding cake, which of course, on top of it, there was a small pooch next to the bride and groom!

“Knowing that this poor puppy was once neglected and all he wanted was to be loved — and that I get to give him that love every day now, it’s incredible,” concluded the happy father of an adorable pooch. Who could ever imagine that a sick stray dog would turn out to live a life full of pure love, warmth, good food and fun!?


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