Dog Barks At Boy’s Dreads, Mom Finds This

Melanie's dog kept barking at her son's dreads for over a week. Something just wasn't right. 

Then, one day, she finally decided to chop them off. But she wasn't prepared for what she would discover on her son's head. 

Jordan Reynolds 

Jordan Reynolds was a 14-year-old teen who had been wearing his dreadlocks for over nine years. 

His parents always encouraged him and his siblings to find their own way of expressing themselves. 


Jordan's father, Max, was a popular musician and Youtuber that made music for many commercials and movies. 

He was the one who encouraged his son to get the dreadlocks he always wanted. Little did he know how much he would regret this. 

Strange Behavior 

One sunny morning, Jordan took his dog on a walk when he suddenly started barking at him. 

Jordan was confused. His dog had never barked at him before. He would eventually learn the truth behind his strange behavior. 

He Felt Uncomfortable 

Jordan's dog Henry kept barking at him all day. It made him feel uncomfortable, and he wondered if something was wrong with his dog. 

Jordan feared that Henry didn't like him anymore. 

Nothing Seemed To Work

He tried spending more time with Henry and giving him treats, but he would still bark at him. 

It took him a few days to realize that his dog wasn't barking at him. He was barking at his dreadlocks. 

Something Was Wrong

Henry was barking at the smell of Jordan's hair. When Melanie heard about this, she knew that the dog was alarmed for a reason. 

Something was wrong, and she needed to get to the bottom of it. But, little did she know, her son was hiding something. 

New Hair

One day, when Melanie was out grocery shopping, Jordan asked his dad to cut his dreadlocks. He finally felt ready to show his mom what he had been hiding in his hair. 

When Melanie saw her son's new hair, she was shocked. She couldn't understand why he would suddenly chop them off. 

A Surprise 

Jordan told Melanie to follow him to the table and pointed at the dreads. Then, he asked her to look inside. 

As Melanie cut her son's dreads, she watched a collage of small photos appear. 

An Emotional Moment 

The photos showed her son from when he first got his dreadlocks until now. 

Melanie burst into tears at how much her son had grown up. 

She Will Miss Them

She loved his dreadlocks, and she was sad to see them go, but she was grateful for the beautiful gift that he created for her. 

But what about the dog?

A Mystery

Jordan and his parents never figured out why Henry was barking at his hair.

 Perhaps he just didn't like the smell of the dreadlocks, or maybe he could smell the rolled-up photos in his hair. 

Home Alone

Jordan believed it was his way of getting attention from his owners. Both of his parents worked a lot, and he was at school until 2 PM. 

Henry was home alone for the first half of the day. 

They Still Don't Know

Henry hasn't barked at Jordan since he chopped his dreadlocks off. So, they figured it was connected to his hair. 

Jordan's dad filmed Melanie's reaction to her son's new hair and posted it online. 

Positive Reactions

His video received thousands of likes and comments!

People were happy that Jordan's parents allowed him to express himself freely.