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Mom Hides Camera To Find Out Why Doctor Insists On Alone Time With Kids

Molly watches Dr. Smith whisper something into her daughter’s ear and an uneasy feeling hits the pit of her stomach. She thought it was strange when he started requesting ‘alone time” with her daughter Lola, but doctors know best, right? 

“Don’t worry,” Dr. Smith said to Molly, his tone soft and calm. “I’ll look after her,” he said with his Hollywood smile sparkling in the light. She didn’t know why but an uneasy feeling shivered up her spine. When Molly finally found out the truth about this ‘doctor’, she was lost for words. There was no coming back from this.

If you asked anybody about Molly Jones, they’d say first and foremost she was a devoted and dedicated mom to her 10-year-old daughter Lola. The mom-and-daughter-duo were inseparable, they were best friends. 

But this devoted mom had no idea what was coming to her, when her daughter ended up in a hospital bed, one cold winter night.

Molly knew all too well how much of a struggle being a single parent could be. She was working 3 jobs a week, all while trying to balance motherhood.

Being a single parent was hard work; there was no denying it. But not even Molly could have predicted what was going to happen when she put the safety and well-being of her own daughter, in the hands of a so-called “doctor.”  

It was a cold day in winter when Molly woke up to find Lola crying at the bottom of the stairs. With tears rolling down her face, she was cradling her stomach, complaining of pains. Molly knew something was up, so she dialed 911 and the hospital told her to come in immediately. 

While on the way, Molly looked at her daughter and saw a sadness in her eyes. “The hospital will take good care of you,” she told her daughter. But Molly was so wrong.

As soon as Molly arrived at the hospital she saw Dr. Smith standing in the corner. He was a handsome doctor with a Hollywood smile, that made butterflies flutter around in her stomach.

But Molly had no idea something sinister was behind this doctor’s fake cheery smile.

Dr. Smith took Lola away for checks, tests, and x-rays, meanwhile, Molly had to sit in the waiting area. Molly flicked through the decade-old magazines and watched the hands on the clock go-round as slow as a snail.

She had no idea what Dr. Smith’s hidden agenda was. 

After coming back from tests with Dr. Smith, Molly was expecting her daughter to be happier, but instead, she seemed even quieter and reserved. 

In fact, she seemed even lower than before. What had Dr. Smith done? What was wrong with her? Hundreds of questions ran through Molly’s mind. But when she found out the truth about this doctor, she was lost for words. 

Dr. Smith concluded that Lola had a stomach infection and needed to be kept in overnight so they could monitor her. 

Like any worried mom, Molly agreed to whatever was best for her daughter. Be she had no idea that leaving her daughter with a “doctor” would turn her world upside down.

Throughout the afternoon, Lola was still quiet and moody. She seemed troubled, and whenever Dr. Smith came near her, for ‘alone time’ she clammed up as if she was hiding a terrible secret. 

Nighttime soon arrived and it was time for Molly to leave her daughter overnight at the hospital. “I’ll look after her, don’t worry,” Dr. Smith said, his white teeth sparkling in the light. Molly was soon going to regret her decision.

Molly kissed her daughter goodbye and walked out of the ward. She turned around and saw that Dr. Smith was whispering something in Lola’s ear. 

Molly didn’t know why, but a terrible feeling hit the pit of her stomach.

The following day Molly, functioning on around 4 hours sleep, arrived at the hospital to see her daughter Lola. Throughout the night Molly was restless, worried about her daughter 20 miles away lying in a hospital bed.

But when Molly walked into her daughter’s hospital ward, Lola was nowhere to be found. Neither was Dr. Smith. Where were they?

Molly was getting more worried by the second. Then suddenly, in the corner of her eye, Molly saw Dr. Smith wheeling her daughter into the room. Molly lets out a sigh of relief. She asked where they had been, and Dr. Smith merely replied “alone time.” 

Something strange was going on and Molly knew she had to get to the bottom of it. But when she did, she was lost for words.

Molly was stumped. Why did this Doctor keep on insisting on alone time with Lola? Was he up to something? Surely he wasn’t? He’s a doctor after all, right? 

Nobody – not even fellow doctors and nurses – knew what Dr. Smith liked to do when he had “alone time” with his patients.

Molly’s maternal instinct kicked in, and she knew she had to find out the truth. So the following day, this mom-on-a-mission set up a secret camera that would record the doctor’s “alone time” with her daughter. 

When Molly watched the footage back, her life turned upside down.

Molly set up a camera on her daughter’s bed, hidden between a cushion and a super fluffy throw. This plan was fool-proof. Not only would she be able to see her daughter, but she’d also get to see what Dr. Smith was up to.

But never in a million years did Molly expect to see what she saw.

Once the camera was set up, Molly sat back and waited for Dr. Smith to arrive. Like clockwork, he did and he soon whisked Lola (and the secret camera) off for “alone time,” in another room.

Unbeknownst to this doctor, Molly was watching his every move.

Around 20 minutes passed and Dr. Smith arrived back with Molly. As expected Molly didn’t have a smile on her face, in fact, her eyes were watery as if she had been crying. 

When Dr.Smith dropped Lola off, he went to see another patient so Molly quickly retrieved the camera and sat back to watch the footage. She wasn’t prepared for why she would find. 

Molly watches the footage, and at first, it’s just Dr. Smith wheeling her daughter Lola into another room. Once inside, he pushes Lola (lying on the bed) up to the wall and turns on the light. Molly can see her daughter’s face washed with fear and confusion.

Then within a matter of seconds, this doctor did something truly unimaginable.

You see, on the footage, it showed Dr. Smith pacing around the room. He turned some music on using his cellphone, and then, right in front of Lola, he started dancing!

With every move he gave, Lola broke out in laughter at the silly doctor dancing in front of her. Molly watched this footage with a tear in her eye, she knew she had to share it online. But she never could have expected the response she got. 

As soon as Molly posted the funny video of the doctor dancing, it racked up hundreds, then thousands of views! 

Many people, all across the globe, were touched by the doctor’s attitude and willingness to turn Lola’s hospital visit into a positive experience filled with laughter and smiles. But then somebody super famous came across the video. 

Worldwide star and legendary talk show host Ellen DeGeneres came across the video and shared it with her millions of followers online!

In the end, the video of Dr. Smith dancing reached over 5 million views. But it’s no surprise, right? After all, Dr. Smith clearly loves his job, and we commend him for it.


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